Mrs. Norris led the way

By Come to bed 69

The only sound that could be heard was the soft pitter patter of his moldy leather shoes. Mrs. Norris was nowhere to be found, and he was getting quite worried. She never left him for more than a couple hours, and she had been missing all day. It was 11:00pm now, and if he couldn't find her now, he would have to find her in the morning. No doubt it was a prankster who took her, he thought scornfully, but gave one last hopeful glance down the deserted hallway. When he was no one, or no cat for that matter, he sadly made his way back to his office, and then into the back where he slept. When he got there, however, he received the shock of his life.

A dozen candles were set on the various small coffee tables, and the lights were dim and romantic. A solitary figure was sitting on the bed, but it was not a human sillouette. It was Mrs. Norris.

"Mrs. Norris?" Argus gasped, stepping backwards in shock.

"You're half right," said a seductive voice from behind him.

Gasping, he turned around to face Cho Chang, his secret crush from the first day she came to Hogwarts. She was wearing a bra with holes in them, showing off the dark centers, and crotch-less panties. Argus felt his pants tighten.

"Wha – what are you doing in my office?" he croaked, trying to string words together.

"You know," she said huskily, making her way towards him. Argus tried to move but his legs were stuck to the floor.

"You were driving me crazy," she said, tracing a little circle on his arm. "Always keeping up the macho guy act, it was so sexy I almost couldn't bear it. So I decided to take matters into my own hands." She finished off her sentence by pressing her lean figure to him, directly in the spot that was getting increasingly larger.

Argus couldn't take it anymore – with a low growl, he picked her up and tossed her on the bed, throwing off his robes and boxers. He then made love to her right then and there, without even bothering to take her undergarments off first. Mrs. Norris, not wanting to be forgotten, hopped on the bed after they were finished and Argus made love to her as well. A few months later, Argus was the proud father of 5 healthy (and furry) babies. Soon after that his wife Cho had another less furry baby which they named Chilch. Together, they cleaned the floors by making love on them and scolded students by doing the same. Soon enough, the whole school was misbehaving, waiting for their punishment, and Cho, Argus, Chilch, and the 5 kitten/babies were happy to dish them out.