Alright, this is a post series Wolf's Rain fanfic, meaning, if you've not seen all the episodes, you do not want to read this. It doesn't contain spoilers's just..well, one big spoiler to the ending of the series. So, if you've seen all of it, read on. It won't be a one shot, I think, but don't expect constant updates; it'll only be a few chapters long.
And don't flame, please, if you don't like it. The idea won't leave me alone, honest to God. My opinions on what happened to the wolves after the end of the show are probably alot different than most everyone elses.

I debated with myself whether to change the wolves names; in the end, I...well, you'll see.

Oh, and standard disclaimers apply. Enjoy!

Kiba ran.

He felt as if he were struggling to hold onto those memories. He had fallen, down into darkness...what had come before? What?

He stopped, and slumped against the brick wall of an alleyway. His eyes fell upon a snow white flower. It was so familiar...

"Cheza," he breathed, and a shard of memory froze; the others, and he....they were wolves.


Hige heard footsteps. He turned his head, then passed it off as deja vu. He took a bite of his hamburger and moved on.

"Hige...Hige...where are you?"

Hige smiled and hid next to a food cart. He watched as they walked past him, slowly and deliberately. He pounced...knocking his friend off his balance.

"Hige! Don't do that!" Toboe lifted the small kitten up to show him why. Hige leaned close, staring at the kitten. The goof scratched his nose and sighed.

"Will Gramps let you keep that?"

Toboe cradled the kitten close, and his eyes, as they often did, focused on the pavement.

"Well, I...I really don't know...Hige. I.."

Hige smiled and patted Toboe's head.

"You've got a sweet heart kid. I'm sure he'll agree," Hige straightened, "even though he is a bit of a hardass."

"Hige! That isn't nice!"

Hige laughed.

"Come on, runt, you should take that kitten home. Tsume's waiting for us"

Toboe nodded, and the two headed off.

Tsume was indeed waiting for them. He held his helmet under his arm, relaxing against his motorcycle. He took a long drag from his cigarette and grinned with his eyes closed when he saw Hige and Toboe approach. Hige forced a cough and waved a hand in front of his face.

"Damn man..that stuff'll kill you!"

Tsume laughed, and put out the cigarette.

For as long as Tsume and Hige could remember, they'd been living with a man they called Gramps. He had taken them in when they were only young. Toboe was only a kid, so Gramps had taken him in only recently.

'Gramps' had a daughter too, but it was clear that she was an orphan too; she looked nothing like Gramps, and besides, Gramps had told them all that his family was dead, and the man himself was well past being able to father children.

They were brothers, so to speak, because this man had taken them in. Child Services was fine with it; though they were always checking to make sure they weren't being mistreated or anything. Hige and Tsume had no reason to stay with Gramps, and neither did his daughter, but they couldn't bring themselves to leave the old man-- he'd become an alchoholic in recent years, and it was in everyone's best interest to help him recover from it.
There was really only one reason that Gramps drank; he missed his old family. When the boys had been old enough to handle it, he'd told them that the woman he'd married, and his young son, were murdered. He was unable to move on, and drank before, but he'd come out of it. was just a mess.

None of the boys knew their real names-- those had dissapeared long ago, when they'd showed up on Gramps' doorsteps. Instead, Gramps' had given them names to match their personalities--Hige(who was a goofball), Tsume(who liked to fight), and Toboe(who was quite the sensitve boy). It was always odd that their names meant Wisker, Claw, and Howling, respectively, but Gramps had chosen them, and they weren't going to change their names now. Not like they could, anyhow. Besides, it was fun to imagine that they were actually something other than human; a wolf, running free across the endless expanse.

The trio headed inside, taking their usual places. Gramps was curled up on his bed, the daughter tending to him.

"Hey Blue," Hige whispered. Blue smiled back. Hige had never really considered Blue much of a sister, but that was expected. They really weren't-- just two children Gramps had adopted.

Tsume pulled the teapot from the stove and steeped the tea, muttering something about prarie oysters. Toboe prepared a bit of food (after setting the kitten down) , and Hige pulled the first aid kit from its place; Gramps had the habit now of going into rages and hurting himself.

Blue and Hige tended Gramps' wounds, and Tsume handed the cup of tea to him. Gramps stared off into the distance, slowly sipping the tea.

There was a pounding on the door, and Gramps dropped his head to his chest in pain. Toboe jumped, nearly knocking over the soup he'd made.

No one was even able to open up the door-- a ragged stranger dressed in clothing that was impractical for the weather-- burst in, panting. His gazed passed over all the occupants of the room, finally locking on Gramps.

"Quent...Quent Yaiden?" he muttered, before collapsing. His eyelids fluttered for a moment, and he whispered his name,