Hey, a second chapter! wohoo! alright, so yes, I'm updating...I'm thinking that I'll have it so that each of the five following chapters has one main voice; this chapter, it'll be Toboe's... Sort of short right now....and a cliffhanger ending again, because I'm evil

Alot of what's going on with Kiba is...well, sort of like his body wasn't used for a while, so he's kinda like a newborn in it; he could run only so far on the memories, so to speak, and now he's going to have to deal with the effects of 'Paradise'. It'd be the same, I imagine (not that I know) that if Al ever got his body back on FMA, it'd be the same deal.

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Toboe blinked at the form of the stranger lying collapsed in the doorway. The kitten he'd found in the alleyway scampered from its perch on a shelf out the door, tail brushing past the stranger. He hadn't gotten the chance to move; Tsume and Blue were already moving the stranger to a spare bed, trying to wake him up gently. Hige fetched a fresh cup of water, and Toboe was standing stock still at the oven, in the midst of quiet chaos. Distantly, he was aware of Gramps muttering something about going back to sleep. Toboe nodded in his direction, and turned off the stove.

Blue whispered something about taking a break, and said that Hige was going with her. The two departed, leaving Tsume and Toboe alone in the small floor level apartment.

Toboe sat down beside the stranger and leaned closer, trying to get a better look. What he got was a noseful of the cigarette smell coming off of Tsume.

"That's so gross, Tsume...," he coughed.

Tsume only chuckled.

"Yeah, well, I choose to do it to myself. It's my fault,"

Tsume's attention turned to the man lying in bed before them.

"If he wakes up," Tsume stood and stretched his long arms above his head, "keep him calm. You're good with that."

"And where are you going!?"

"I hate being confined in one place for too long. Besides, you'll do fine. Is Gramps out?"

"Mhmm. But Tsume..."

"See ya"

Toboe dropped his head to his chest and sighed.

"Man....," he looked at the stranger in front of him. He seemed...familar somehow. What'd Hige call that..oh! Deja vu...
This stranger...the more Toboe looked, the more he could swear he'd seen him before. But no.

The man shifted in his sleep, and Toboe saw how peaceful he looked. The boy smiled; he hoped this guy wasn't a psycho or anything.

The man opened his eyes, startling Toboe. A groggy smile passed over the stranger's face.

"Hey," he muttered sleepily, "sorry about collapsing on your front porch."

"I-it's okay, really," Toboe reached out to pat the stranger's arm reassuringly, and gasped. It was...really warm. Toboe immediatly went to check his forehead for fever, but the man shook his head groggily.

"I'm fine..."

"Okay..you just seem sorta.."

The stranger smiled again.

"Really. I'm fine.

"Alright, um...."

"Kiba. My name is Kiba"

Toboe blinked.

"Kiba? Fang?"

"Mmyep," Kiba yawned widely, " 'least, I think that's what it is."

"Okay," Toboe grew quiet again. It was silent for a while, before Kiba turned to look at him again.

"I remember you...Toboe"