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Oh also, this story is written through KID's point of view. I'll repeat that for some of the slower people, this is through KID's point of view. Also, this is in present time, PRESENT time, not back in the time when the game took place. And it'll take place in Tokyo!

You Can't Be The One

Chapter One: Tokyo High's Newest Student

I walked slowly down the halls, dragging my feet slowly behind me. Some of the other popular girls walked down the long halls next to me and trudged up the long flight of stairs towards the dingy Enlish room. My English teacher is nice, in the most part, since I'm a cheerleader, but her classroom smells like old, rotted asparagus.

"Kid, don't forget to go over the new routine." Said my friend Keli. I was cheerleading caption and she tried to take charge, it made me sick to my stomach."Sure thing Keli. See ya all lata." I replied, putting on a fake smile to hide my anger, walking into my classroom and dropping my books on my desk. I pushed the blonde strands of hair out of my eyes, that had fallen from my ponytail before sitting on the cold metal seats.

"Hi Kid, wanna go out some time?" Korcha asked me. He was so annoying, he asked me that everyday. He stood in front of me with his goofy grin, wearing his baggy cargo pants. I breathed a sigh of relief, he had finally shaved off his mohawk. Finally being the keyword.

"How many times do I have ta say no 'fore it sinks in Korcha?" I grumbled, usually I was in a better mood and turned him down nicely, but I was pissed off today. That's when Mrs. Kinoski walked in and he walked sadly back to his seat.

"Hello class, we have a new student today. His name is Serge. Everyone try to make him feel comfortable. Kid, raise your hand please." Mrs. Kinoski said smiling. I raised my hand, my white tank top sliding a few inches up, rising just above my belly button.

Mrs. Kinoski walked over to my desk, "Serge this is Kid. You can sit behind her and she'll fill you in." She smiled at me and walked off, leaving the boy standing in front of me. He smiled and extended his hand, "I'm Serge."

I shook his hand, noticing how smooth it was. His smile was bright and wonderful and his eyes colbalt in color. His hair was smoothed down in streaks and was a deep blue in color. "Call me Kid."

He took the empty desk behind mine, the one in the back corner closest to the door. Mrs. Kinoski passed out a pop quiz on the Parts of Speech that I know I failed. And the rest of the time was left for us to chill. So I pulled out the new routine and read over it. "I think I'm going to quit cheerleading. The only reason I joined was for Keli, but when I became more popular than her she started being mean when no one was around." I thought, shredding the routine and pushing it off my desk and into the trash can.

Serge had been incrediably silent, so I just shrugged it off. It wasn't like it was my duty to entertain him. But this new guy was so mysterious that my curiousity got the best of me. "Hey mate," I turned to him, "you're being really quiet. What school did ya come from?" I tried making casual conversation with the colbalt orbed boy.

But he never answered, because the bell rang and I grabbed my books and hurryed towards the door, in hopes of running into Keli to tell her my decision. Many girls would stop and glare at me, muttering things like, "Prep," underneath their breath. I didn't blame them though, I hated preps, although a few people thought I was one. I think it was just cause they are jealous. Who knows?

"Hey Keli, can I talk to ya for a sec?" I said, preparing to tell her the news. She would acted shocked, but I knew she'd be relieved. In fact, I just noticed how many friends I really had...


"Oh hey there Serge, was it? How are you?" The wind was picking up as I stood outside the three story high school. Most people had left already, having their own cars, but I hadn't gotten my license yet.

Serge smiled at me, "Fine." I noticed how shy he could be. Suddenly, a group of girls surrounded him, shouting things like, "Hey Serge, I'll go out with you this weekend," or "Hey handsome, haven't seen you around before."

I had to fake cough to hide the laugh forming in my throat. His colbalt eyes grew huge, and I knew he didn't want to go out with any of them. I had to think of something-fast. Suddenly it hit me, "Oh, didn't Serge tell you, he's gay." I said to the group, everyone falling over and Serge's eyes growing bigger, if at all possible.

No, I'm just kidding, I didn't say that. Although it would be fun!

"Serge already has a girlfriend," I quickly lied, watching all the girls stare at the ground, frowns appearing on their faces.

"Oh I get it Serge. You're like all the guys here, only liking Kid. Even my boyfriend asked her out when we were still a couple." Keli said, stepping from behind the other girls.

Serge and I stared at each other, "No, it's not like that! I'm not his girlfriend, and I never went out with Tier. In fact, despite the rumors, I've never had a boyfriend." I said, my biggest secret coming out. I knew that's what Keli wanted me to admit, so she could become more popular than me because she goes out with 50 guys every year-atleast.

But before anyone could get a word in, a honk indicated that my ride was there. I walked away and got into the front seat of the car, immediatly turning up the sterio really loud so my mother couldn't ask how my day was. I looked out the dirty window at Serge, the girls still surrounded him, wanted to know all about his 'girlfriend.'

I laughed to myself, it was kinda funny, watching him try to fight off angry swarms of girls. I guess in a way, he had become Tokyo High's most popular guy on his first day. But there was just one thing wrong with that: everyone assumed that the most popular guy and girl went out, and I just had to be the most popular girl!


"Kid," my mom said through my door, knocking on it softly. "What?" I grumbled, actually relieved for an excuse to put down my homework. "You have company." I got off my bed and stared at the digital clock on the wall, sighing. Who comes to someone's house at 10:56 at night?

I walked to the door in my pajamas, knowing it was just Keli coming to laugh at me or make up some weird rumors, or Yu, my friend that switched schools last year. I opened the door and walked outside, the porch cold on my cold feet.

"Hey Keil-wait, it's ya, how'd ya get my address? And what are ya doin' here?" The colbalt orbed boy stared at me from the bottom of the porch stairs and cleared his throat at my questions, kind of stalling for time.

"I got it from the Tokyo High's Directory. I needed to talk to you. Sorry I came so late, you're house is kind of hard to find." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Ok, well what'd'ja wanna tell me, mate?" I asked, tapping my foot impatiently.

"I need your help."


I wanna repeat something in the story for those who were skimming or didn't understand it. Kid is not a prep in this series shudders she only joined cheerleading because her friend wanted her too. And all the guys like her so she's popular, but she is NOT a prep. Ok, now that that's taken care of, back to my usual end of chapter A/N

What would Serge need Kid's help with, and why would he show up at her house at 11:00 just to ask her? Find out in Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Other World?

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