Every day seems to pass by very slowly when you're waiting for something. More particularly, someone. It consumes you; a panicky feeling resonating deep within your lungs and ascending your spine until it reaches the very tip of your head, and then washes down all over you. And then it happens again.

The clouds move like molasses. And still you wait.

Isaac sat on a stump in front of his Valean house, attempting to sharpen the blade of his sword. The morning sun glinted off it; it was actually quite pretty. But Isaac did not notice. He stared into the treetops, his Prussian eyes squinting in the light. He was not sure of what exactly he was waiting for. But he knew it had something to do with the return of a certain water adept.

Even if she did return, that did not mean she would feel for him as he did for her. It would merely mean she was back. But was that truly good enough for him? He had been selfish about very few things in his life.

Why not start now?

He leaned back and rested his chin on his hands, his elbows on his knees, and imagined a world of only him and Mia. The thought warmed his whole body and he couldn't help but smile. The hairs on the back of his neck raised and he slumped further, imagining that the deep blue sky traced with cirrus clouds was Mia's hair, fanned out all over the sky.

He could now remember what it was like to see one of her rare smiles, remember what it was like to hear her voice. A flash of blue curtain could have been her skirt; a flute's melody carried on the wind could have been her singing. The treetops, black in contrast with the bright sky, were her eyelashes. The snow on top of the mountain could have been her skin. She was everywhere. He felt his heart swell up and his throat tightened; his eyes watered. Everywhere.

He set back to work, sharpening the sword, ignoring the tears that snuck down his cheeks and splashed onto the sword. They were tears of neither sadness nor joy. They were tears of relief. So no one would think that Mia had returned. It didn't matter. He would see her wherever he went; she was everywhere.