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If you liked Miss. Hero then you'll like Miss. Fabulous. You should read Miss. Hero first though.

It had been 1 month since Raven and Star had participated in the Miss. Hero pageant and everything seemed to go on very well. Raven and Beast Boy were cuddled up together watching TV, and Star and Robin were making pudding, and Cyborg was on the phone with his new girl friend Bumble Bee.

"Ok I'll call you later baby." said Cyborg before hanging up.

Suddenly the door to Titans tower burst open revealing 2 man and a women.

"YO! What are ya'll doing in the tower? You better get out before I bust your butt!" yelled Cyborg.

The group in the door way walked in. One of the men was on his cellular phone and was wearing a black suit with an open light purple shirt. The other man wore a sleeved shirt with a tee shirt on top that read 'Fab Magazine' and had on dark sunglasses and the girl who looked like the first man's assistant had silver hair and an ice blue suit. She looked at her two brunette colleagues and then to Raven.

The man on his cell turned it off and waltzed up to Raven and shook her hand. "Oh Miss. Hero pleased to meet you this is my assistant Ice and the photographer of 'Fab Magazine' Mr. Mika Star. And I am Rex Hale. Of course you already know why we're here."

"Excuse me," said Raven standing up, "I'm sure I do not know why you barraged into our house." She was obviously close to blowing them up.

"Well of course who is the person who signed you up for the Miss. Hero pageant?"

Beast Boy started t sink down in his seat.

"Well Beast Boy what is he talking about?" asked Rae but before anyone could answer Rex pulled out Raven's contract with Miss. Hero.

"Well yeah," began the goth girl, "It says I have to be present at next year's show, so?"

"Look closer." said Rex pulling out a magnifier glass.

"This year's Miss. Hero must model for 1 month AT 'FAB MAGAZINE'!" she screamed as she read the fine print.

"Honestly Rae I didn't know1" said Beast Boy in his defense.

"I know because I need a magnifier glass to see It." she agreed. "But do I …"

"…Have to." said Mika finishing her sentence, "Yes because you signed it." He was right she did.