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Chapter One

Summary of Events- Dumbledore asked the Teen Titans to come to Hogwarts this year to help protect Harry against the rising threat of Voldemort. He put a spell on Cyborg and Beast Boy so they would look normal and so that Cyborg could function, (what with the magic preventing technology and such). Dumbledore also gave each of the Teen Titans a fake wand, spelled to effectively do a spell when called upon. Robin- Dick Grayson, Beast Boy- Garfield Logan, Cyborg- Victor Stone, Starfire- Kory Anders, and Raven- Raven Azar.

The five Titans stood looking at the train labeled The Hogwarts Express. They were each wearing robes and Dick had a pair of dark sunglasses covering his eyes.

"I guess we should split up," Dick was saying, "We don't want to look like we know each other. Kory, you come with me, Vic and Gar go together, and Raven, I assume you would be happiest going on your own."

"I don't do happy." Raven muttered darkly before the group separated.

Raven went to the back of the train, found an empty compartment, pulled out a book and started reading.

She was only allowed a few minuets of peace however as the compartment door slid open revealing none other that Harry Potter and company, (who would have guessed, hehe).

"Why does this always happen to us." Ron grumbled as the three of them found themselves nearing the back of the train without finding any seats.

"Because Ron, you're to lazy to get here on time so we always get stuck with the last possible compartment." Hermione said.

"You can say that again." Harry said as he turned to look in the last compartment.

"Like you're any better." Hermione retorted.

She was cut short in her lecture by the sight of the only occupant of the last compartment. The girl looked about their age, but she had short purple hair and purple eyes, grayish skin, and a gem embedded into her forehead. She also had a somewhat gothic look about her.

Hermione noticed that Ron and Harry were stunned by the girls strange appearance, so she shoved them out of the way, "Hi, do you mind if we sit here? Everywhere else is full."

The girl simply nodded and went back to reading a large book that Hermione hadn't noticed before.

"My name is Hermione, that's Harry, and that's Ron." Hermione said pointing out each person. The girl glanced up from her book and said, "Call me Raven." And then went back to ignoring them.

Hermione looked at Harry and Ron to see similar shocked expressions on their faces. They, like her were taken aback by the voice of the girl, Raven's voice was completely devoid of emotion, as was everything else about her.

The four of them sat in silence for several minuets, Harry, Ron, and Hermione trying to think of a way to break the ice, and Raven continuing to read hoping they would just leave her alone.

Hermione, who was sitting next to Raven glanced at the book she was reading, a word caught her eye and soon she was as engrossed in the book as Raven was. Ron, seeing the two girls reading nudged Harry and whispered something in his ear. Both boys burst out laughing causing Raven to notice that Hermione was reading over her shoulder.

"Oh, sorry." Hermione said stammering, "I-I just glanced at what you were reading and I couldn't stop, sorry." She added again.

"That's ok, you can read it if you want," Raven said handing it to her, "I've read it five times, and besides, there was another book I wanted to read."

"Really! Thanks!" Hermione said, and then as an after thought, "So what other book are you going to read?"

"Well, I finished all my school books, but I wanted to re-read Hogwarts; A History, I'm hoping that if I read it again I'll pick up on some of the things that I missed the first time."

Hermione was practically glowing, though Raven showed no expression whatsoever, and soon the two of them were deep into a conversation, debating some of the details in the book that could mean several things.

Harry turned to Ron, "Does this mean we have to survive with two of them now?"

Ron groaned, "I don't know if I'll make it."

Dick and Kory wandered along the train looking for a place to sit. A door slid open to their right and a tall blond-haired boy looked out, "You can sit in here if you want." He offered. Inside the compartment were two other boys, both were large and stupid looking. "Go wander some." The first boy told them. They obediently got up and walked into the hall. The boy closed the door and turned to them, "I'm Malfoy by the way, Draco Malfoy."

Dick introduced himself and Kory, then added, "Who were those people?"

(For those of you who are wondering, Kory is not talking because the Team figured that it was best if she refrained from asking questions while adapting to yet another new life, you know, like she had to when she came to Earth. Just have to see how long that lasts.)

"They were the thugs that follow me around, I'm glad to have someone else to talk to other than those stupid idiots." Malfoy responded, "So, what's your Quiddich team?"

"What's Quiddich?" Dick asked.

Malfoy's face instantly darkened, "You're not a pure blood?" He inwardly cursed himself. He had assumed that the boy was a pure blood by the way he held himself, like he was a leader or something.

"Oh no, I am," Dick quickly lied, he was already living a lie, but in his new life he didn't want to be some half rate wizard. "I don't know if I could handle not being a pure blood, I always go for the best, and being a half blood just isn't up to par in my book."

Malfoy smiled, "My thoughts exactly, but how can you not know about Quiddich then?"

"My parents died when I was about five, and I got shipped off to some muggle orphanage. I always knew I was a pure blood wizard, and that sometime I would come here, but other than that, everything was a mystery."

Malfoy looked at him in sympathy, "Well, I guess I'll just have to explain."

About fifteen minutes later Kory pulled Dick's sleeve, "Hun?" he asked, engrossed in his conversation.

"I do not follow the game of the Quiddich, I will wander the halls." Kory said, Dick nodded and Kory got up to leave, glad to get away.

Kory stepped out into the hallway and proceeded to get thoroughly lost.

"Need help?" a girl asked her coming up behind her.

Kory nodded, "I am in search of conversation with friends."

"Why don't you come in here," the girl said opening her compartment which was filled with smiling people, "We're all Hufflepuffs, in other words, anyone is welcome."

"Oh joyous Puffs of the Huffle!" Kory said smiling. (I think I can leave Kory now, as you probably get the picture, now let's move on to the explorations of Vic and Gar.)

Vic and Gar had found an empty compartment about halfway along the train. They went inside and started to argue over video games. Just then the door to the compartment slid open and several students came in.

"Hi." One of them said, "Me and my friends were trying to find a compartment when we clearly heard video games being discussed and-"

Gar cut him off, "No need to explain, come in my fellow game freaks, help me convince this buffoon over here that Halo is indeed better than Ragnarok."

They needed no second bidding as four students filled into the compartment, each choosing a side and soon they had a heated argument in full force. (I'm sorry, I don't know any video games so I'm taking Ragnarok Online, which is like the best computer game and using it here.)

Later as the train pulled into the station, Hermione asked Raven, "So are you a transfer student?"

"Ya, there are five of us, we are going to be sorted into houses with the first years." Raven replied, her voice indicating displeasure, but it was barely notable.

"Hope you're in Gryfindor then." Hermione, Harry, and Ron said. They really meant it too, after Hermione's conversation with Raven, she had started grow on them. In fact, when Malfoy had come to pay his annual visit, she had sent one glare at him and had him running. Not that any of them blamed him, they would probably run if Raven had trained her gaze on them like that. (Malfoy left Dick in the compartment while he went to see Harry just incase you're wondering.)

Raven blinked as she realized that she wanted to be in Gryfindor with them. She had figured that she would come here, do her job, and then go home with her friends. But now she had friends here too. She knew no one would ever truly understand her, but Hermione shared her interest in reading, something none of the Titans every really understood.

Raven's thoughts carried her all the way into the great hall along with the Titans and first years. She might have been impressed with the sky-like ceiling, but her mental abilities allowed her to see through the illusion, dispelling any wonders it might have had.

The first years were sorted into houses first, and then she and her fellow Titans were called out. Normally students would be called in order of their name, but as Robin was the leader he want first, and after him there was no real need to go in order.

Raven tapped into the hat's conversation to listen as her friends got sorted.

Robin (Dick Grayson)- "Well, there is no doubt about where you belong, Mr. Grayson, while you are very brave, smart, and loyal, your greatest qualities are in your ambition. Therefore, I will put you in Slythern!"

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)- "Now this is really very hard, you're not that smart, all your ambition is set toward making up pranks, and you're more just in the hero business for fun rather than bravery. I guess that leaves me only one option, Hufflepuff!"

Starfire (Kory Anders)- "You're another easy placement, there is no need to go through each house and rule them out one by one as you are clearly a Hufflepuff!"

Cyborg (Victor Stone)- "Let's see, I am going to have to judge using your greatest love, your car, it takes a lot of concentration and brilliance to build something like that baby." (The hat pulled up a picture of the car and he and Cyborg spent several minutes talking about it, Raven was forced to make her presence known to remind them of where they were.) "Ok, ok fine, Ravenclaw!"

Finally it was Raven's turn to step up to the podium. Before the hat fell over her eyes she sent her mind out questing and found that Harry, Ron, and Hermione had grown tense. "Um," a voice said in her ear, "It's kind of hard to sort you if I can't get into your mind." Raven realized that she was blocking her mind, "Sorry." She started to lower her guard when she changed her mind, she didn't want anyone or anything in her mind, it might bring up some memories that would cause disaster, "Put me in Gryfindor." She told the hat, lowering her mental shields just enough for the hat to brush her suffice thoughts. "What!" the hat protested, "But how do I know if you're suited to that house?" "Listen, either put me in Gryfindor, or I'll do if for you." Raven retorted. She started to push her way into the hats intelligence. "Fine," it mumbled, clearly not pleased with the prospect, "Gryfindor!"

The Gryfindor table applauded, but it was more because they had to then because they wanted to. Brushing the students' minds, Raven found that most of the students had thought she would be in Slythern for sure because of her gothic appearance. Only Harry, Ron, and Hermione applauded with any real enthusiasm as Raven made her way toward them.

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