"Mom..." The small boy stirred, opening lilic purple eyes. "Where is... Gate... Mom?"

The blond had smiled, setting the tray off water down. "You're awake."

"I'm..." He raised his right hand to shield the light, blinking. "It's... Metal...."

"It's an automail." The girl corrected, taking a seat on the foot of his bed.

"I know that!" He snapped, glaring. "But I don't have an automail arm... I have... Ed's arm... I...." He halted, suddenly trying to sit up. "Where am I?!"

"You're... Just Relax."

"NO! Where am I!?! Tell me where I am!!!" He nearly shrieked, only to be pushed down. "Tell me!!! Where am I?! Why am I here?! Why do I have an automail arm!?!!"

"Damn-it!" The next thing he knew, there was an unusual amount of pain on his head. The girl was looking grumpy, holding a trench in her hand. "Will you just calm down and listen to me?!"


Don't own FullMetal Alchemist


By: Kitori Chiharu

One of Four


Wrath sighed, fixing the screw on his leg. Lina sent him an unamused look, folding her arms together. He got a bad felling that there was a speech coming soon.

"You know..." Very soon.

"Why don't you just go that your stupid mechanic and get that thing fixed?" The older girl demanded, brushing a strand of chestnut hair behind her eyes. "You're gonna be pulling on our leg."

"I'm fine." Wrath rolled his eyes. "And there's nothing wrong with stealing automail parts, it's easier that way."

"No." The female bandit sighed. "It would be much easier to go your mechanic and get a new one. Those spare parts you managed to snag are lose and random, you don't even know how to work it!"

"Fine, you do it then!" The boy let out a sigh and aspiration, spreading his leg out. His back leaned against the wall, mumbling. "Since you're the chief of operation and so smart, I want to see you do it!"

"Damn-it." Lina groaned, kneeing down. She abruptly ruffled his hair. "Listen, we're staying for at least a week or two here for plotting. Your stupid automails are too short for you anyway, so go to your mechanic and get it fixed. I don't see why you're so afraid to go see him."

She just doesn't get it. "First of all, my mechanic is a she, and we're not on the best of terms right now." Wrath grumbled under his hair.

"Don't make that cute face at me!" She demanded. "You know I can't stand it!"

"Fine.... Fine, I'll go see a mechanic. Are you happy now, Kaitou-sama?"

"No, I want you to go see your mechanic." Lina stood up, looking outside the window. The scenery of the busy city reflected back at her. "Those are some fancy parts, I don't want to get it messed up. Besides, it helps when you're on a heist, and I don't want you to change metal."

"Is it your duty to make me miserable or something?!" Wrath rolled his eyes, pulling the leg of his jeans down.


Wrath found himself staring at the train. He turned around, taking one last chance at pegging. "Please don't make me go?"

Clara shook her head as Lina shrugged. "No, just go."

"But I-"

"GO!" She kicked him onto the train.


He wasn't exactly sure what to do. For one thing, he hasn't gone back to been back to the town since... Well, since he left. And besides, how in the world was he suppose to find that crazy girl in the first place?

Wrath groaned in desperation, hand covering his face. "I so don't have time for this."

He took a deep breath, pushing the angst back for a minute or two. The boy calmly walked up to a farmer near the crops, weak smile on his face. "Ah, excuse me. Do you know where I can find an automail mechanic?"

"Ah, you must mean Winry!" The mean beamed. "Here, just keep on walking down the path until-"

He turned right, left again, and found himself standing in front of a crust yellow house. The sigh of 'Rockbell Mechanic' was clearly pasted on the front. He considered knocking, really, but it just wasn't his style.

Lucky enough, he didn't have to. By the time he walked up the third step, the door was opened by a some-what sort women. She eyed him slowly, adjusting the pipe in her mouth. "You're here, I've been waiting."


"She's in the basement, just take the stairs down."

Wrath didn't bother asking, the women was freaky enough. He did as told, and suddenly realize how wrong that decision was. The boy suddenly found himself in deep shit when he entered the basement.

The door behind him closed.

The sound of drilling entered his ear, and he managed to get down the stairs without going deaf. There was a blond girl working at the counter, electric device in hand and google on. She turned around and suddenly turned the machine off, silence registering in his head.

"Eh, hi?" He smiled weakly. "Winry Rockbell, right?"

"And you're Wrath, still alive." The blond grinned, taking her goggle off. "I knew you'd come back, no one can walk away from the amazing beauty of my mechanism."

"I just wanted to know if you can upgrade my automail."

"Ah, but now you're back, it's not that simple." Winry tapped her foot on the cement ground. "First of all, I never ask for payment for your original set. But I see that you've been doing... Well, I'm gonna have to ask you to pay the upgraded pair."

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." He shrugged, then paused. "How did you know I have money?"

SMASH. The screwdriver connected with Wrath's face, he fell backwards on his butt. He looked up, blinking. "What was that for?"

"You think I didn't know about your dayjob?!" Winry was now standing over him, evil smirk on her face. "I saw the last heist and knew it was you. Did you think I wouldn't recognize the balance and sound of my own creation?!" She smacked him in the head with the drill. "How dare you use my automail to steal stuff?!"

"If it makes you feel any better." The boy mumbled, rubbing his face. "I'm stealing the stuff on my own, and your stupid automail is giving me a bunch of problems."

"Is it?!" She tiled her head, hair swinging around. "Good."

"You're just lucky I can't kill you because I need you to fix this thing." Wrath mumbled.

"And since when did you become a thief?" It was a change to the conversation, really. Winry suddenly had an interested on her face. "Of course, I knew my automail was up to the task. After all, it's the best in the country and-"

"Okay, you can shut up now." Wrath got up, jerking the lose ends of his automail off.

"And why did you think I'd help you, being a homunculi and all?"

"Woman, you're the one who added it, I expect you to paying repsonsibility for sacking a pair of metal limbs on me, okay?"

"Hey, thoes automail saved your life! Or at least it made it much easier."

"But they were second-handed from Elric..." Wrath muttered.

He was smacked in the face with her shoe.


This is, obviously, after the anime. I don't know what the heck I was thinking, but in the last episode when Pinako mentioned that Winry gave Wrath automail arm and legs that was originally Ed's, something in my brain just snapped. So the gate took back Ed's arm and leg from Wrath, and Winry only needs to use the same ones she had for Ed.

Okay, that was a bit of spoiler.

Anyways, this may be one of those weird mood-swings in pairings, but Wrath is just sooooo cute.

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