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Chapter1: "Eyes Upon Her"

Dark Purple stared down at the limp body laying before them. They slightly quivered at the thought of the job ahead. These Dark purple eyes could not believe they would have to do. They stared, still quivering at the body before them.

The body still simply laid there. With eyes closed trying not to wake from a timeless sleep. Her skin was waxy from the breathes of air that has slowly revitalized it's inner works. Her body was so thin, so frail looking. This is the body supermodels dreamed of. Yes, frail and thin, almost mistakable for a boy were it not for facial features and a small set of golden yellow hair, reaching for life to give back to the poor creature which it beautifies.

Yet the purple eyes took more of this in, they concentrated on a breastplate of technological armor wrapped around her chest. No not really a breastplate, for that would be considered protection. No, more like a metal tube top with wires and circuits.

Slowly the Midnight orbs trailed down the crotch, where in place is a device much like a chastity belt. Circuitry running over it. They quivered again, at the thought of what the metal, computerized under garment must do.

Then shooting up taking hold of the sterile white ceiling those eyes relaxed. "Ahhhhhhh" she exhaled trying to relieve some tension. None of them would go with it though.

"Terra…." Said a throaty and grating voice. Yet with a soothing sound broke the silence with that unemotional word. "Why did you have to come back to us now. Things were…… and you had to come back."

The dark purple eyes shot down to take in the scene, a thin pale white hand closing around a small knife, it's metal glistening in the light. The knife was held up to eye level, flat. The eyes stared into themselves in the reflection. Nothing, the same as they have been for so long. Then the same they will be for from here on. The desperation could be seen in those purple orbs. Desperation not to go back to nothingness. The knife moved away as the hand started too bring the sharp object towards the blonde girls chest. "Wake"