Chapter 5

Something to Never Exploit

" Well whoever this new villain is, they've done their homework." Robin contemplated as he paced the room.

"Richard, why is it that you must come to such a conclusion with Victor and his…. Date?" Starfire said as she held him softly by the shoulders.

Beast boy simply sat staring at the screen, watching the scene play over in a constant loop.

Robin turned towards the screen. " Terra wakes up, Raven being understanding, Cyborg gets ambushed while on a date with the enemy. Its just too much of a coincidence."

Beastboy's face lit up with understanding. " Dude, it wasn't a trap bay her. The proof is right here." He pointed at the lips of the pink haired girl reaching out. There was no audio, but the three words she mouthed echoed intheir heads.


Raven and Terra flew in silence. The geomancer effortlessly surfed through the air on a thin slab of rock. Raven flew beside her discomfort plain on her face. She could feel the pain wash of the blonde in waves. Ever spike of grief was a stab to her soul. Yet the blonde showed no external hint of the inner turmoil.

Terra stopped in her flight, noticing that she was flying solo. Turning around she found a flowing flower of purple on a nearby ridge. She went over and floated across form Raven.

"Raven, whats wrong?"

Ravens eyes closed, her face still solmn. " I was thinking of asking you the same thing. What is it the pains you so?"

Terra quickly hid the shock of that question. "What are you talking about?"

" Since you awoke, Ive been feeling your despair. What is it?"

Terra floated away from the purple clad goth. She shook her hair angrily. "Listen, I just need to figure how I fit in now. Things have changed."

Raven opened her eyes. " I know you aren't telling me everything. That's why I brought you out here. You need to talk to me. Im here to help you."

Terra turned, her eyes misting. " this is none of your business. I have to deal. Ive been through a lot. Things change, you have all changed. All I have is the time spent…"

Raven stepped closer and put one hand on her shoulder. " I think I see. That should be enough for now. Lets get back. I hope you understand what you really need."

"Yeah I need to stop somewhere first."


Robin hurled the disk across the room, shattering upon impact. " No! How could he? This has to be joke, or a trap. There is just no way!"

Starfire quickly walked over and broight him into a warm embrace. "Please Richard, you must believe. People of our caliber do not lie about these things. On the side of good. Or the side of evil. Though they may exploit it, they do not lie about it."

Robin melted into her embrace. "I just cant believe they love each other… a titan and a villain."


The alarm went off accompanied with red flashing lights. The screen that had recently shown a steady fall of static snow now prompted a hawkish looking man with a large nose and a purple top hat with a playing card that read 10 7/8 stuck into the hat's band.

"Teen Titans, no to be frightened." The man said in a sing song voice. " A Gem we need to fulfill our greed."

Robin was obviously livid. Raising his fist at the screen, " Who are you, what do you want? How did you trick Cyborg?"

The man on the screen looked simply amused. " Ah… what you seek can be found with but the task at hand. What you see is what is happening and what you think is what you wish. The Gem of Kakistos is what we wish."

The threes teens in the rec room passed confused glances amongst each other. The humor of the man on the screen, throwing all emotions in the opposite direction.

The man on the screen kept his smile then pointed at the screen, " Hickory Dickory Dock, the titans are racing the clock. Scour the city to find the gem or else the tower goes up." With that the screen went blank leaving the titans with the all too real threat.

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