Harry was back to the wretched hellhole he had called home for the last 15yrs. The ride to Privet Drive had been wrought with tension and when they arrived Vernon had help to put the luggage in the room all the while his face looking a curious mix of angry purple and ashen gray.

Once in his room Harry lay down and for once instead of the familiar pangs of grief he started to think on the happenings of the last 5yrs of his life, his time at Hogwarts, his adventures and his enormous luck that seemed to come at the most handy times, but most of all the happenings of last year. Starting with his incarceration at Privet Drive, the block on information for almost all of last year, the namesake teaching of occlumency by Snape which left him weaker then before and most of all the prophesy which seems to have ruled his life almost completely.

As he thought more on them did more questions pop up then answers. Why was he left at Privet Drive for so long with out any supervision? How did Dumbledore miss that Quirrell was not himself or not take notice of the fact that someone was killing off the unicorns? Why were the protections around the philosophers stone having no wards and only protections that even 11yr olds could cross? Why was it that Dumbledore had no idea about the baslisk roaming around the school? Why did he not come into the chamber instead of sending just Fwakes and the sorting hat? How was it that he had no idea about the unregistered animaguses running around the school especially when he held the reins of Hogwarts? How was it that an artifact made by 4 students was powerful enough to detect them but not him? The cake being how was he fooled by a DE under polyjuice for a whole year? How was it that someone like him could not have some thing similar to the map? Why was he sent to Privet Drive after the end 4th yr with out some counseling or any professional help? He was supposed to be safe here yet how was he attacked by dementors so near his home. Why did Dumbledore accept the Ministry interference when he could have some retired order member help with the DADA position? Many students from other houses had been given detention by Umbridge and the quill had been used on them then as Headmaster why did he not interfere? Why was he or his friends given any secure means to communicate with the order? The cream of it was why Dumbledore had not done anything to prepare him in any way for what was coming? And now he was being sent here again without any sought of help or any form of closure?

Questions kept coming to him overloading him until all he could think were what else were being kept from him. He had absolutely no idea what his father did or his mother or who his grandparents were. He knew he was rich but how much he had no idea. Hell he had no proper idea of wizarding traditions or etiquette. In fact his clothes were nothing more then overlarge rags. And now pain and grief tore through at the thought that he could have learnt all that from Sirius but now he too was gone. He thought he could say at once that it was not entirely his fault though he had been rash, Gryfindorish and a bit overconfident over his own abilities. He decided that it was time to drop nobility and use his Slytherin side or he would be dead soon.

But the greatest doubt that assailed him was if the prophesy was real or not? Weather he was the mentioned person or if it was some one else? If it was him then was he capable of the task given to him? Hell he had not been prepared in the least to burden such an awesome responsibility.

With that a confused, grieving Harry went to sleep in his exhaustive musings. Tomorrow he decided, tomorrow he would start a new day as new person. He never knew how right he was.

The next day was one of many surprises considering that he had a good nights sleep, was allowed to lie in and then found himself at the table with aunt petunia giving him a Dudley sized breakfast. Of course they made it up with their expressions which clearly stated their pain at doing something as abnormal as smiling at their nephew. After a hearty breakfast he returned to his room to do some serious thinking and make some decisions concerning his future and how he would face the predicaments coming.

However he stopped short on seeing a wrapped box and a letter addressed to him lying on his bed. Wondering if it was wise or weather he should tell his guard he finally decided to open the letter. At first he saw nothing written on it but then he felt a tingle of magic brush against him and knew instantly that to another's hand it would be nothing more then a blank sheet of parchment. The letter started with-

My Dearest Son,

That startled him and when checked the date of the letter he found it to be 2 days before Halloween on 29th of October. He decided to continue reading the letter.

In two months you will be 16, a very important time for you. I have a gift of sight which at rare moments shows me a very detailed picture of the future. I have in the vision watched you my child lying in a cramped bed in deep pain. I have heard your questions and your many doubts of the future. I know that we will die soon by the folly of our hands or that of others; I know that at this time in your life you have lost Sirius whom it seems you care for deeply and perceive yourself at fault. You have lost your trust in Dumbledore and of the many adults in your life. But more I perceive my son is that you have long hidden your heart and feelings for fear of betrayal. I have felt for a moment your immense pain, both physical and that in your heart along with a touch of your memories. My dearest son, it is not possible for me to change what has happened but I perceive that in this downtrodden time of your life can I offer you some words of advice.

Your father James is the heir and now head of the ancient and prestigious House Potter. The potters are not descendent of Gryffindor but have married into the lines of the founders. We are an extremely wealthy family and you will receive the Potter fortunes when you reach your majority or are emancipated. Your father was one of the best at transfiguration rivaling Dumbledore and Macgonall. He worked in the Dept of Mysteries as a researcher in new methods and spells in transfiguration.

I am not exactly a muggle born. This maybe surprising to you in the extreme since we decided to keep it secret even from Dumbledore. Your great great grandfather on my side was an extremely power full wizard of a very rare and powerful blood line from Europe. During a war he was killed and his son was cursed by a dark wizard to bind his powers before he came into his magical inheritance. The curse was hereditary that all children born of the line would be under the curse. All sorts of cures and counter curses were done but to no avail. He then shifted to England and married a squib descendent of one of the founder's line and had your grandfather who too carried the curse. However when Petunia was born with same curse they had thought that they would be having only one child and more than surprised to have me. But they had a greater surprise in store for them when they found that the curse only worked for the first born lines. Therefore where I was magical and so would my children be, Petunia and her children would not.

You my child are extremely special and not because of that stupid prophesy given by Trelawney or even due to our wealth. Your father's line has the blood of the elder wolves. During one of the raids against Voldemorts hold your father was accidentally bitten by a young werewolf whom he was trying to rescue. We met the parents of the young one and found to our surprise that he was the heir to the elder werewolf in Transylvania. The bite should have made him into an alpha werewolf at least however due to the dormant elder blood in him he too became an elder. But he did not want it or try to understand it and held back any magical transformation that should have taken place. A month later you were conceived. I suppose that would have been all that there was to it and you would have been born as a full elder wolf yourself.

However at that point my father called on us and gave out the family secret. You see we were not from England and that great great grandfather whom I spoke of was not completely human but rather a LYTHER (I have sent you some books about them for you). However since for two generations our powers had been bound their manifestation had been incomplete in me but it would be complete in you.

When we found this we called on the werewolf elder and he advised us that either you would be an elder wolf or a lyther or in an extremely improbable case you would be both. However even if you were either you would have some power of the other. Due to this your baby body would not be able to handle both powers and so we bound your powers when you were in me in such a way that you would start to receive it around a months time of your 16th birthday and completely on your 16th birthday.

This time my son is very important for you as you must prepare yourself to receive the inheritance. To help you I also sent the box along. This is a sorcerer's trunk. It is a multi-compartment trunk which is attuned to you and to open it place your hand on it command it to open. It has a lot of features which you will find on opening the trunk. This will help you prepare for the coming time. I have also sent along a number of books that I feel will be helpful to you.

The other matter is that of your wand. Until now you would have found that the current wand you have been using is quite good for you. However it will not be so from now since you are not completely human and will soon receive your magical inheritance. This means that you would need a multi cored wand attuned to you. Thus your father and I made secret arrangements with Olivander and performed a powerful blood spell whereby every year a small vial of your blood and a bit of you hair would be received by him until your 15th birthday. He would use these to find matching magical cores for a wand for you. More over should you come in contact or kill a magical creature then the parts compatible with you would be received by him. Thus today you will receive your wand and the remaining magical items not used in the wand.

You will need to get used to using this wand and to help you with that I have sent along a pair of magical gloves in the trunk. These are Potter family heirlooms. They have many properties you will find when you read about them but first and foremost they completely muffle the signature of the person wearing it. Thus no tracking spell will find you and also it can duplicate completely another's magical signature and form even better than polyjuice potion can. Once you wear it, it will merge into your skin and will not be visible. As it is a potter family artifact and can only be seen or touched by a potter and those you give express permission to. Use it wisely my son. Along with this I have sent along a pensive of memories, books I felt would be useful for both your magical and mental preparations including our spell journals and those we took from the Dept of Mysteries. We also have sent our diaries and family photo albums.

And now that I have finished my letter to you I want to tell you my precious son, you are the apple our eyes and we both love you with every thing we have. Your coming was like a lightning to us bringing us closer than ever. We loved you the moment we laid our eyes on you. You are the proof of our love and we would do anything to keep you our beloved child alive. You my dearest son and heir are our legacy. Be proud & be strong, think like a Slytherin whose blood you hold and stand bold like Gryffindor whose legacy you are. Be happy and grieve no more for you my child are born to be a leader. You are destined to bring a new light to our world. Our world needs a change my son and I believe that you shall bring it to them. Let go of your doubts my child and look at the world and plan its future. You are unique my son and be proud of that. Do not wait down on your life and be a claimant for normalcy. Most wish all their lives for something to be unique in, or wish that their children are so, and you my son have given us that. Use your gifts my son, to give our world a new light. But do not let this be your life. Choose carefully your friends, helpers, and acquaintances that may be able to help you. Do be blind to possibilities and view every thing and every one with an eye to your goal. But most of all, my son be happy, smile again, put yourself forward and plan for the future. We are proud of you and we love you always sweet heart.

With all the love & joy,

Lily & James Potter

Wow! He couldn't believe the letter. His had gone right to the bud cutting through all the doubts, half truths, and lies Dumbledore had woven around him. He had always wished to be normal and perhaps a small part of him still desired for it but now he looked forward to using his power with a desire to excel at it, to try make use of it and show the world that he was capable of the awesome power he held. For once in the last few weeks, for once in all his years he felt a genuine smile lighting up his face. The laughter bubbled up from inside him and the confusion, the doubts and questions, the disconsolate grief that overwhelmed him at every thought of Sirius was gone and in its place was determination, a determination to prove to himself and to his parents that he could raise up to the challenge and he could be the leader they expected him to be.