The Point of No Return, Epilogue

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(Five years later)

Raoul de Chagny entered the small music store alone and looked around. He had come to places like this for years, hoping to find Christine again to ask for forgiveness. He had yet to come across her.

A chime tinkled softly as another entered.

Raoul turned to leave, running right into a young, blonde woman.

"Pardon me Mademoiselle," he said flustered. He looked down at her and was startled to see that she was Meg Giry.

"It was my fault Monsieur, I am sorry," she said softly, keeping his gaze.

She recognized him, he was sure, and yet, she did not run.

"Mlle. Giry?" He asked, just to be sure.

"Yes, Monsieur…de Chagny," she said, lowering her eyes.

Raoul was at a loss for words, did she not hate him? Did she not despise the very blood that ran through his veins? Unthinkingly, his thoughts made their way out.

"Why do you not run?" He asked, puzzled.

Meg looked back up to meet his eyes.

"I have not the heart to run from one in need of an Angel."



Christine smiled down at her young daughter as she pulled on her finger.

"Maman, will you and Papa sing for me again?" The young girl asked.

"Of course Angel, what would you like us to sing this time?"

The girl pulled on her mother's hand and Christine leaned down so her daughter could whisper into her ear. She smiled again and they walked hand in hand to the music room where Erik was busy writing another opera.

Christine sat the girl down onto the settee, and she herself took her place next to Erik on the organ bench.

"Erik, Meg wants us to sing to her."

"Does she?" Erik asked, smiling down at his daughter. "What does she want us to sing Christine?"

Christine whispered something into his ear, and then the two began their duet, to the delight of Meg.

"Angel of Music! Guide and guardian! Grant to me your glory! Angel of Music hide no longer! Come to me, strange Angel…"


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