After what felt hours but couldn't have been more than a few minutes, Mamoru reluctantly rolled off of a very worn out Usa and quickly disposed of the condom. Crawling back onto the bed he found a radiant smile shining up at him. "That was amazing Mamo-chan. I can't wait to do it again! How long do we have to wait?"

Mamoru couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm as he pulled her limp body over the mussed covers to cradle her body to his own. "Sorry, but I have to have some recovery time here Usa-ko. Why don't we take a nap and regain our strength for round 2?" Usagi definitely liked the sound of that so she assisted her Mamo-chan in getting them both under the covers and readily fell into his arms already half asleep.


Chapter 10

Several hours later after round 5 or 6, the exhausted couple was spooning on the bed, covers just barely clinging to the mattress underneath their sweaty bodies.

"Come on sweetheart, let's go take a shower." Mamoru gently ran his tongue over the back of Usagi's neck. With his arm draped over her and her back fully fused to his front, he felt the quiver move through the muscles along her back, thus sending another sharp jolt of desire straight to his cock.

"I can't move. I'm tired and sticky. Can't I just stay here and you can bathe me in bed or something?" The words were almost impossible to decipher due to Usagi's face being buried in a pillow.

Mamoru's only reply was a sarcastic, "Tsukino Usagi tired? Now that's something new."

That definitely got her attention. Her head turned so that half of her beautiful face was once again visible to him. He saw that she was giving him a cute little glare that totally lost its affect considering that the glarer was butt naked and bone tired from too much sex from yours truly. "Come on sweetheart; let's get you clean so that you can sleep more comfortably. I promise that you will feel much better after a nice warm shower. I'll even clean your, ahem, back for you."

"Oh alright, you big bully, but since you are the main reason that I am the way that I am right now, you can carry me to the bathroom."

With a grin and a shake of his head, Mamoru bent down and scooped her lithe body into his arms. He was exceptionally pleased when she sighed, wrapping her arms around him and snuggling her head under his chin.

When he entered the bathroom, instead of setting her on her feet, he sat her down on the counter. With a jolt Usagi snapped to attention with a small shriek. "That's freezing! This marble is gonna freeze by butt to it!" With another glare she went to scramble down.

Mamoru chuckled as he held her in place with his naked body. "I'm sorry. Here, let me warm you up a bit. I've been remiss." His body still pinning her in place, he leaned down and slowly laved at her nipple. As her breast began to awaken at his ministrations he switched to the other breast and began to stroke his hands up and down her thighs.

Just as his fingers began to brush her distended clit the sound of her head hitting the vanity mirror behind her made him look up from her breasts. She was quite a site to behold, one hand gripping the edge of the counter, head tilted back leaving her hickey-marked neck exposed, aroused breasts thrust out as if looking for more affections and legs spread wantonly.

And just seeing her like that, so young and beautiful and open to her desires, he knew that he would treasure this day and every day he had with her.

Usagi was fast becoming aware of the lack of Mamoru's touch and coming out of the fog of lust that had quickly submerged her. Opening her eyes she saw the love and need in the gaze of the man dwarfing her. She could get used to this couldn't she? Having Mamoru in her life as a lover and a friend, instead of a terrorist and arrogant Neanderthal, couldn't be bad, right? Shaking herself free of her thoughts, she slid off the counter, pushing his body back to give her room, and walked over to the shower.

The water was cold when she first turned the water on, but after a moment it warmed and invited her under its relaxing spray. Glancing over her shoulder she gave Mamoru a significant look and said, "You coming in or not?" Usagi had never seen a man move so fast. Before she knew what hit her, they were caught together under the soft pounding of the spray.

After taking their time washing one another, Mamoru decided that he had had enough time to recover and was up for another round. Determined to make their first shower together erotic as well as romantic, he unhooked the showerhead and held the instrument in his hand for a moment before taking action.

After adjusting the showerhead nozzle so that it was a smaller spray he angled it to hit Usagi between her legs. The shock of the hot water on her sensitive skin caused Usa to let out a low, deep moan of pleasure. "Spread your legs, Usa." His hand brought the stream of water to beat against her throbbing clitoris. With her back pressed to his chest, Mamoru could feel the shiver run through her figure. And slowly Usagi began to thrust her hips towards the spray of hot water. The blast of water, so strong and hot on her clit, caused her to throw her head back and come without warning.

Watching her orgasm again, Mamoru began to pump his fist faster over his own arousal. Although his pleasure was immense, Mamoru never once let the spray of the showerhead leave her aroused flesh. With a jerk of his hand, he moved the showerhead to spray up and down her labia, exciting her once more. And just as he felt himself about to come yet again, he brought the spray up to her clitoris and moved it in little circles around and over her pink and swollen flesh. With a shriek from her and a moan from him, they both came. Watching her face pinch with pleasure so good that it verged on pain, Mamoru continued to pump his fist over his jerking erection, the pleasure never ending.

He had never had sex so good. Never had he taken a woman and needed to have her again and again. They both had reached multiple orgasms over the last few hours, and yet, he couldn't seem to stop himself. He looked down at her and saw her eyes closed and mouth open invitingly. Her breasts were puckered, drawn tight with arousal. He wanted nothing more than to make her lose all of her inhibitions over and over.

"Lean forward and brace your hands against the wall." His voice was barely recognizable, deep, husky, and hoarse as he commanded her to rearrange her body for their pleasure. Usagi complied readily, desperately wanting Mamoru to take her again, any way he desired her. Mamoru adjusted the showerhead so that it was on the massage setting, rhythmically spouting water. With his other, unoccupied hand, he held his erection and rubbed it along the seam of Usagi's sweet little ass. And just as he guided himself into her warm, wet embrace, he focused the spray onto her hard clit once more.

They both thrust their hips, coming together with the squelching of the water between their two bodies. All that could be heard throughout the apartment was the couple's grunts and the sound of running water as they rode each other to another climax. Mamoru reached around to stroke his fingers over her hard nipples, setting both of them off again.

"Mamo-chan, I want you in my mouth." The innocent look in her gaze as she glanced at him over her shoulder was his undoing and with a groan Mamoru pulled free from her warm embrace and reached around her to turn off the water. With the only sound being of the remaining water trickling down the drain, he pulled her out of the shower stall and onto the floor with him. Lying down on his back, it was unnecessary for Mamoru to prompt Usagi, for she was already straddling his thighs. Her head came down and he could feel her lips and tongue caressing his nipples and gradually moving down over his body; his abdominal muscles flexing as she licked her tongue into his navel before moving lower. Just as her hot little mouth wrapped around his hard flesh they heard the entry door slam open, followed by Motoki yelling Mamoru's name. Usagi's mouth slipped off his erection with a slight pop and she looked up into Mamoru's own startled gaze. All at once, the two of them jumped to their feet and scrambled for something to cover themselves with.

Mamoru was exiting the bathroom in his robe just as a seething Motoki entered his bedroom. "Motoki, what's the matter? Did something happen?" Both men noticed that his voice was unusually rough and that he was speaking rather quickly.

"Where is she, Mamoru? What are you doing with Usagi? I swear to god, if you so much as laid a hand on her, I am going to kick your ass." Mamoru had never seen his friend so wound up, and to tell the truth, he was a little worried about what Motoki might do should he find out what he and Usa had been doing for the last few hours.

"Motoki, I don't know what you're talking about. Usagi isn't here."

"I found her bra in the storage room Mamoru. You both ran out of there so fast, I didn't have time to think about what the two of you had been doing." At Mamoru's still innocent expression, Motoki exploded. "It reeks of sex in here."

Finally, Usagi was unable to resist the call to peak out of the bathroom and look into the dark bedroom beyond. The door squeaked loudly and both men's heads swung around to face her. A nervous giggle escaped Usagi's lips and she gave Motoki a small smile and two-fingered wave. "Hi 'Toki."

"Usagi! Get dressed and come out here immediately, I am escorting you home." Motoki yelled while pointing a commanding finger in her direction.

Clutching at her towel, Usagi took a step back as if worried that Motoki would walk over and drag her away. "What? No! I'm staying here with Mamo-chan, and you can't stop me!"

"Usa, couldn't you find anything other than a towel to use?" Mamoru asked with chagrin.

"No I couldn't! You took the robe and all of our clothes are out here so…" As soon as the words left her mouth, Usagi knew that they were poorly chosen. Mamoru winced as he realized there mistake and was knocked off his feet as Motoki rounded on him and gave him a swift punch to the face. Usagi screamed, not knowing what to do as Motoki jumped on the prone figure of Mamoru. And as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom, in nothing but a towel, watching a fully-clothed Motoki straddling a barely covered Mamoru, Usagi began to laugh. Soon, the teenager was doubled over laughing, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

As the two wresting men heard the giggles coming from Usagi, they rolled away from each other and looked over at her. Seeing Usagi crouched on the floor, a hand to her stomach and her face wet with tears of mirth, Mamoru began to laugh as well.

Motoki had known Mamoru for most of their lives and never had he seen his friend laugh like that. It was unrestrained and…and real. Usually when Mamoru was amused he would smirk or chuckle, but never laugh wholeheartedly. Okay, so maybe the two of them were good for one another, he thought but Motoki still didn't like the fact that his little Usa might have been 'getting it on' with his best friend, who was 5 years her senior.

After a few minutes the laughing couple seemed to gather some control and pulled themselves together. As Motoki looked at Usa he was embarrassed to find her still only clad in a towel, which he had not really noticed upon his entrance being so enraged and all. She was quite stunning actually with a knowing twinkle in her eye and he could tell that she was exhausted. Here was a woman who was clearly sexually satisfied. It bothered him immensely to see her in such a way.

As both Mamoru and Usagi cautiously watched Motoki there was an awkward silence that stretched on until at last Motoki relented. "Alright, I'll leave you two alone, but I swear to god Mamoru if you hurt her in any way or get her pregnant, give her a STD or cheat on her I will come after you and castrate you myself!"

"Motoki! Don't say stuff like that," cried Usa with a bright red face.

With her embarrassment obvious and his own beginning to show, Mamoru dropped his smile and with all seriousness replied, "I won't hurt her in any way man. And I give you the right to knock sense into me should I do anything dumb in the future."

For a brief moment Mamoru was unsure if Motoki would accept his declaration, but then his friend gave a stiff nod to him, a strained smile to Usa and promptly turned to leave. Just as he reached the door to the bedroom, Motoki called back, "And you better stock up on condoms because by the look of this apartment you guys can't seem to get enough of one another!" And then he was gone, leaving the horrified couple behind.

At the sound of the outer door closing, Usagi turned to look at Mamoru and began to giggle yet again as she saw just how red his face was. "Aw, is my wittle Mamo-chan embawassed? Come here and I'll make it better." A scream issued from her mouth as she was suddenly tackled to the bed. As Mamoru once again began to disrobe her, Usagi sighed, a smile on her lips. And as her giggles turned to moans, she thought, "Yeah, I could definitely get used to this."


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