Note: I've actually had this chapter written and sitting on my computer for about two years now. Hadn't touched it in awhile cuz I've been busy with school and stuff. My apologies. Also, I'd like to respond to the comments about Tylor being perverted and being a bit out of character. I noticed in the TV show, at the beginning, Tylor flirts constantly and even uses the clean floor of the Soyokaze to peek up Yuriko's skirt and in one of the music videos, touches her breast when he's drunk. While he does change as the story progresses and flirts a lot less, since this story takes place before the series, he wouldn't have gone through that change quite yet.

Chapter 2

Yasumi Okaido walked down the hall, her school uniform neatly pressed and her organized school bag in her hand. Her well-polished shoes echoed in the empty hall, but she didn't notice. Her focus was completely on the paper in her hand.

"Room 103. Room 103," she kept mumbling to herself. This school was far larger than her last school had been but she had to be prepared for that, she knew. If she really wanted to get the most out of her education, this was the way to go. Now, if only she could find the room that was on that piece of paper. Unfortunately, she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings.



Yasumi hit the ground, hard. Trying to ignore the throbbing on her backside, she glanced up to see who she had bumped into. A boy looked back at her.

"Gee, miss, are you okay?" he asked.

A student? He had to be. He looked far too young to be a teacher or administrator. And what was with that coat? It looked old, certainly not part of the school uniform he wore underneath it. And was that a smiley face on it? Wait, what was a student doing in the halls? Wasn't class going on? And what was with that weird smile on his face? It was almost like he could see up her…

"Eep!" Quickly, the girl pushed her skirt in between her legs, blocking the view.

After getting up and brushing himself off, Justy Ueki Tylor looked down at the girl. "Pardon me, miss, do you need help off the floor?" He extended his hand.

"I'm fine, thank you." Yasumi replied, picking herself up, and grabbing her school bag. "Um, excuse me, but are you a student here?"

Tylor smiled and replied, "Why, yes. I'm Justy Ueki Tylor. Age 18. And you are?" He gave her a flirtatious look.

The school girl glanced down and blushed a little before replying, "I'm Yasumi Okaido."

"Hmm…that's a pretty name."

"Well, anyways, if you're a student, then why are you walking in the halls during class?" Yasumi asked. No answer.

"Hey, are you listening?" she demanded, looking back up. The boy was staring at a piece of paper in his hand. Her paper.

"Is this the room you were trying to find?" he asked.

"Uh, why yes. Yes it is."

"Oh, it's right around the corner there and on the left." Tylor pointed in the direction.

"Thank you so much," Yasumi bowed politely, smiling. He may have been an irresponsible fellow, wandering around during class like this, but he was a sweet boy. She waved as she ran off.

"Oh! And Yasumi!"

She turned to see what the boy had to say. "Yes?"

A mischievous grin on his face, Tylor replied, "And be more careful to pay attention in the halls! Otherwise all the boys will have a peek!"

An dark look passed over the girl's features as she humph'd. On second thought, that clown was just irresponsible. Nothing sweet about him.

Yasumi smiled as she reached her destination. Room 103. At last. But just as she went to open the door, the bell rang, the door opened and kids came rushing out of the classroom. Soon the hall was filled with students.

"What the…?" she knew she had missed the first half of the first class, but had she really been lost in the halls for that long? Oh no, what was her next class? Getting against a wall, she checked her pockets for her paper. Where was it? Last she had seen it…

Is this the room you were trying to find?

That boy! Of course! He still had her paper with all her classes on it! She had to find him.

"Excuse me!" she called to a random student. "Do you know where I can find a student named uh…Taylor, um…" The student gave her a perplexed look.

"He wears a big white coat with a smiley face on it." she tried again. The student's face lit up.

"Oh, you mean Justy Ueki Tylor. He's probably in class now. Room 207. Around that corner and up the stairs at the end of the hall. It should be on your right." came the reply.

"Thanks." Without wasting another moment she raced back the way she had just come. Yes, this is the way he was going. Quickly, squeezed through the students, rushed up the stairs and ran to the room. Room 207.

"Hopefully this is where he's hiding," she thought as she opened the door, still breathing hard from running.

"Ah, Yasumi! Glad to see you made it!" the ever-cheerful Tylor called from his seat, "You forgot your paper…eh? Is something wrong? You look angry."

"You distracted me and made me miss my first class, then you took my paper so now I'm gonna be late for my second class!" she cried.

"But Yasumi…"

"Oh, don't give me that. Just give me back that paper so I can go to at least one class on my first day of school."

"But, Yasumi, you are in your next class."

"What?" she quickly grabbed the paper from Tylor's hand. Sure enough her second class was in room 207.

"Oh, you must be the new transfer student." Yasumi turned around to see an elderly gentleman walk into the class. "This must be the teacher," she thought.

"Class, this is Yazumi Okaido, our new transfer student. I want you all to make her feel very welcome here at Keian High School. Miss Okaido, I am Professor Sellers." the older man replied. "You may take a seat right next to Mr. Tylor there."

"But, sir, I--"

"Now, now. That's the only seat we have available."

Yasumi took a quick look around the class. "BUT THERE ARE FOUR OTHER EMPTY SEATS!!"

The professor nodded. "But I said the one we have available, not the only empty seat we have. Now then, take your seat."

The girl sighed. It was bad enough she was going to share a class with that boy but now she was going to sit next to him too?! So long as he didn't distract her from her school work. Sighing again, Yasumi sat at the empty desk and looked over at Tylor.

"Glad you found your class okay," he smiled, "This school's just so big and has so many rooms…"

"Look. I don't want to seem rude, but I'm here to study and learn, not to chat," Yasumi interrupted. "Now, if you would please be quiet and let me hear the lecture."

"But, Yasumi, he hasn't started the lecture yet." Tylor protested. Yasumi clenched her teeth. Just ignore him. Just ignore him.

"Now then, class. Let's begin today's lesson. If you'll just…Oh yes, Mr. Tylor?" the professor said, pointing to Tylor, who had his hand raised.

Well, professor," Tylor began, looking slyly over at Yasumi who gave him a look of contempt back. Don't you dare. Whatever you're thinking, don't do it. "I think we should have a celebration for Yasumi's arrival. After all, it's not everyday we get a new student. And besides, she missed all the school celebrations at the beginning of the year for the students. And we can't have that, can we?"

"Idiot. Like any teacher will seriously do that," she mumbled under her breath.

"Excellent idea, Tylor!" the professor exclaimed. A look of pure shock passed over the girl's face. She couldn't have heard right. A teacher agreeing to have a party instead of class? Was this school full of idiots?

"Miss Okaido!" the professor chimed, looking at the surprised girl. "You are our guest of honor at this party. Feel free to do as you like."

"Wha-- I-I don't understand!"

"It's easy, Yasumi. You missed out on the welcoming festival at the beginning of the year," Tylor explained, pulling party hats out of his school bag, "Now, that's not very fair. We need to welcome you to Keian High School properly!"

Smiling, the boy handed her a hat. Yasumi looked at it, then at the rest of the class, who were already pulling out snacks and singing. It--it was like the whole class was in on Tylor's idea somehow! None of them seemed to find it strange at all.

Sighing, Yasumi took the hat and looked at the grinning boy next to her. Justy Ueki Tylor. Somehow, she felt this was gonna be a looong year…