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A/N: Okay, this is my first Teen Titans fanfic, and it's not much of that. You put in whichever Titan you want for the point of view. Actually, it wasn't written as a fanfic at first. -


Enough was enough. Years of being here had taught me to control myself, to keep it all, to do as I was told. No more, I thought, letting the tears fall unchecked as I ran uncaring down the street. Where it was that I was going didn't seem to matter, as long as it was away from there, away from everything. Nobody can put me through more than I have dealt with. Physical abuse wasn't necessary, it never had been. Words hurt so much more then a broken arm. To say that you loved, and then state my ignorance was too much. I had pleased you for so many years, how could you turn on me each time?

And now, I'm down and unfeeling. The tears have dried, only to be replaced by new ones. It's over, I can't take you're shameful words anymore. I have fallen.

Now, it's done, I know, it's short, but...Just deal with it. Please R/R!