Night terror By: suekosa

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One shot

Bang!. Thunder filled the sky as rain poured down in the town of Smallville. 4 year old Clark Kent had been in Smallville for over a year now and had known that Smallville had thunderstorms but he didn't like them.

Clark's dream

Clark was sitting on the cold ground wondering what was going on. 'Where am I?' Clark thought. Soon Clark stood up and found out where he was, he was in the barn on the ground. Suddenly 2 people were on the ground covered in blood. Clark reconized these 2 people as his parents. Clark was in a panic he wasn't sure what to do. " Mommy wake up!" little Clark yelled. He did the same to his father but he didn't wake up either. "Mommy don't go I need you!. Don't leave me daddy!" Clark sobbed.

End dream back to reality and Jonathan's POV

I heard noises coming from Clark's room and I thought I would check out what was going on. "Martha, Martha wake up I think Clark's having another nightmare" I whisperd to her. " Okay honey lets check this out" she said to me.

When we got to Clark's room I noticed the smell of urine. "He must of had another accident" Martha said to me. I walked over to Clark and shook him gently. " Clark wake up" I said gently. He moaned and opened his eyes were covered with tears. " Daddy I'm scared,I had another nightmare" Clark said. " It's okay buddy we're here now nothing bad can happen it's just a dream" I said softly.

Clark's POV

' Uh oh I had an accident again. What if daddy and mommy get angry?' I thought.

Martha's POV

" I'm sorry mommy I had an accident again" Clark said as he hung his head in shame. I picked Clark up. I noticed his pajama bottoms were soaked. " Honey it's okay we'll just get you cleaned up and then we can all go back to bed" I said to reassure him. Jonathan took him and gave him a bath and I changed his bed sheets. When Clark got back he looked cleaner but not happier. " You okay, Clark?" I asked noticing his clammy skin. Clark shook his head and said " My tummy feels sick". I went and got the thermometer and grabbed a towel. I put the thermometer in his mouth and waited. When it was done it read 100.1.

Normal POV

"Honey you got quite a fever" Martha explained. Jonathan walked him over to our bedroom and had him lay down. After an hour Clark felt sicker. "M-M-Mommy I think I gonna throw up" Clark said as his voice became shaky.Martha put a towel under Clark's mouth. Clark threw up all over the towel and his shirt. After he threw up Martha guided him into the bathroom and once again cleaned him up and then Clark went back into his parents bedroom and fell fast asleep. Jonathan was a bit shocked that Clark got sick but then again he wasn't because he knew there was a bug going around the town, picking toddlers off one by one.

Clark never forgot that night. He threw up once in the morning but that was it.

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