A Twisted Fairy Tale

CH 1: Prologue - The Ruthless Princess

In most fairy tales, the princess would always be gentle, fair and sweet. Her mother would always be kind, loyal, faithful and caring. Her father, like the king he should be brave, intelligent and kind. Though, in this fairy tale, everything isn't what it is suppose to be.

For the most beautiful demon princess ever known wasn't gentle, fair and sweet. Her mother wasn't loyal, kind and caring. No, her mother was something else, her mother was a beautiful, ruthless, unfaithful and most of all disloyal to her husband, she was a nature and element demon. The king did not rule the kingdom, no the king was nothing more than just a show of head. He was nothing but a pet under the spell of love, which he had been under after marrying his queen.

The demon queen, Kanashi, started out nothing more than just a concubine for many Lords. Until one day she met the black wolf King Hatsumaru, giving her the chance she needed to become what she had always wanted. She loved power and was said to be the most beautiful. And being so beautiful, she use this, seducing, Hatsumaru, the King of the Northern Lands, until he had fallen completely in love with her.

Many years past and the queen enslave her husband using her manipulation of love, until she was able to persuade him to taking over the Southern Land of. With the power the King held within his hands, he conquered this land in no time, making his beautiful queen so happy that she promised to gave him a child.

A year passed after that and the beautiful, nature and element, demon queen gave birth to the most beautiful baby daughter. She had the eyes of her mother, it was the colour of dark green like the deep forest it self. The colour of her hair was just like her father, black as the black wolf Lord's hair was. Her lips between the colour of her mother and father's lips, purer than the colour of crimson, but darker than pink. She had dark an emerald coloured stripe across her each side of her cheeks and a star sign on her forehead, representing that she is the heir of both Southern and Northern lands.

The demon queen had never loved her husband, but she could not help but love her daughter with all her heart. And she made a promise that her dream will come true and she will succeed to do it with her daughter by her side.

So when the beautiful young princess grew the age of a toddler, the queen had given her daughter everything she ever craved, but with a price. The young princess was forced to learn how to fight, how to defend herself and most of all, how to seduce males. The queen taught her to fill her heart with distrust and hate. "For trust and love will only lead to your end." The queen would always murmur to her daughter's ears every night before her daughter would go to sleep.

After a century has passed, the king thought that everything was under as he hoped. For he could see that his beloved queen loved the princess very much. The queen had again asked him to battle to gain more of Japan. Thus the King did what the queen had wished - which had lead to his end.

Being left alone without a husband or a king, the queen did not grief and gained control of both lands. She knew that her husband would not stand a chance against the Demon Lord, Inutaisho, the Lord of the West, she knew this...and she didn't care. She wanted to be the one to rule both the Northern and Southern land. She believe that she would gain the Western and Eastern land...for she had the proper weapon to do so.

Thus begin our story of betrayal, hate, distrust, unfaithfulness, grief, lust, disloyalty and most of all...love.


In the middle of the night a celebration was being held, many drunk male demon play with concubines as they drink more of their sake and toss on how well they have fought the war. Their cheerful laughs could be heard for hundredths of meters away, as some of them dance and chat on how they will finally return to the beautiful kingdom and see their wives.

"You think your wife would even want to be with you!?" One asked, his eyes drowned with tears, as he drank more of what is in his hand.

"Hell, yeah!!" The other said, he was sitting and looked at the man as he held out his cup and laugh. "If she doesn't, I have some other ways of showing my ways!!" He said proudly as his mouth spits the words out.

A woman was thrown to the man's arms. "You sure you won't enjoy yourself with one of these first?" Another asked, it was obvious that he wasn't as drank as the others, but he soon drank some more wine.

The other man smiled as he smiled at the woman in his arms, she gave a seductive smile and he kissed her, and soon pulled away. "Sure, why not?" He asked as he stood up, the human woman in his arms. He turned around and was about to leave, "I'll be finish with her in a second..." His words dissipated as he heard the others stopped laughing and everything had gone quiet.

"So..." A smooth voice whispered, but somehow her voice echoed through every youkai males' ears, as they face their master. "My army, is supposedly guarding this area, yet I see them here, drank?" She turned her eyes towards the youkai male who had just turn around with a concubine in his arms. "With human concubines?" She asked, her voice cynical.

It was obvious that everyone feared her, for her mere presence felt was something very threatening; yet all the while, they all find it quite arousing. She was beautiful, gaining her mother and father's beauty. Her deep dark green eyes shown so little with only the fire light to shine upon it. Her pure black raven hair cascaded down to her back, while her body, full of curves stood up with elegance and pride. By the way the fire lit on her form amaze them as how it showed every single part of her curves down to the size of her breasts.

She wore navy blue clothing around her legs, with something underneath tightly around her well define legs. She had thin armour around her wrist and shoulders, but not covering her body enough to not show her beautiful curves that would surely distract any male in battle. But they all knew that she was only wearing this attire for they had just been in battle, a battle that had lasted a few months and now they are to return home and it was because of her brains. Just like her mother they say.

The man with the concubine in his arms walked a little closer to the woman, bowing. "Princess, you must forgive us..." But before the male was able to finish his words, his and the concubine's head dropped to the floor. They all knew to well what had happened, the Princess was in a bad mood and she didn't want any explanation.

They all watched in fear as she looked around, her eyes piercing them to stay frozen. "I do not have to forgive anything. If any of you ever disobey me again, you will not have a chance to even say a word." To emphasize what she had said, she grabbed the head of the dead youkai and dropped it in the bowl of their food. "I trust you have a nice dinner." She said as she walk away into the dark, they all guessed that she was going to try and cool down after all.

"I guess he won't get to see his wife ever again..." A man said, his head slightly down. "What are we going to tell her?"

The other glanced up and lowered his head again. "Nothing..."

"I guess so..."


The princess jumped from tree to tree as she tried to find the highest one, then as she was just about to land on the hard ground, a tree branch moved to catch her. It wasn't quite like her to lose her control like that. No it wasn't quite like her at all. She wasn't guilty on the fact that she had just killed another one of her army youkai, but she was guilty that she was loosing more and more of her control.

Sitting down on the branch she looked up at the crescent moon. Why did he still haunt her? Her mother, Kanashi, has taught her many things and she knew that her mother had told her not to be like this...like this is what her mother had told her weaklings are made of. Then as she closed her eyes, she could still perfectly remembered of what had happened.

She was just meant to be there to assassinate him, and then claim his lands.

Flashbacks of memories flash through her mind as she remembered a particular memory.


Kagome walked in the halls of the Eastern Palace as she roamed around the palace. God it was beautiful...but soon she would have this beauty underneath her hands. She let a twisted smile cross her face. "All mine..." She whispered, as she open was just about to open another door.

"All yours?" A masculine voice asked from behind her, she quickly turned around as she faced the one who dared to intrude on her. She was met with the man that had promised to marry her and become her mate. But deep within, she knew that she would never be be someone's.

His hair was slightly messed up, his eyes the colour of deep blue, while his hair tied back to a high ponytail. He had pointed ears and his fangs could be seen from the side of his lips. "Yes, all mine, isn't it?" She asked, her voice sweet in a seductive way, that would make any men crawl for her.

She saw his lips move upward to a smile, as he let out a chuckle. "Of course, this is all yours the sooner you mate with me and let me mark you as mine."

"That would be...when?" She asked, her lips forming to a smile.

"How about tonight?" He asked, hope can be heard and Kagome was able to see the emotions that ran through his eyes.

"Fine," she answered.

She moved closer towards him her arm wrapping around him. She could feel smell his arousal spiking up as she pulled him towards a room. It was better this way. There are currently no guards and no on would suspect their king to die inside the palace. As she opened the door, she felt his arms wrap around her body as he nuzzled her neck.

"I have waited for decades for this, my queen." She heard him whisper. "I have waited for you..."

It made her want to laugh. How could he wait for her? She was never his, but he seem to don't know that and she had the perfect way to tell him. She let a whimper pass her lips, as she felt him start to remove her clothes gently, but she stopped him, by placing her hands on his.

"You...first." She said, as she pushed him on the bed and land on his back on the bed. She moved up towards him, as she removed every piece of his clothing, the last being the clothing were his shaft was hidden in. She watched as he looked up at her, his eyes showing lust and some emotion she actually didn't know. Never mind, she gently wrapped her hands around his erected shaft as she watched him close his eyes.

This was her chance. He was completely naked and laying before her. She had her legs wrapped around him. She leaned down, unwrapping her hand away from his shaft as her hands made it's way towards his chest and to the side. She captured his mouth in a kiss. Her left hand caress his smooth face, while her other secretly reaching for the pure silver knife laced with poison that could kill so quick that most youkai would not have the time to take there one last breath before they die. She felt two of his hands pulled her towards him much closer and started to remove the kimono she wore.

She grasped the silver knife in her free hand, as she deepened the kiss. This was all too easy. She knew that not only are full wolf youkais allergic to silver, but he will be dead before he could even realized it. Moving her free hand up to her stomach to stab him, she was surprised when he pulled away from the kiss, grasped her right wrist and looked deeply into her eyes. His eyes showed so many emotions. She knew that he felt betrayed, sorrow and something else...she didn't know what it was.

"As much as I waited for you...is as much as I knew that it would end this way." He said, his eyes deep and for some reason she couldn't see any hate. "I thought that I could make you love me, the way I had love you after our first encounter...but I guess I was a fool." Her eyes widened as he kissed her again passionately and then pulled away. "I love you...and if this is the only way to gain your trust..." The grasped on her wrist got tighter, as she felt him move her hand.

Kagome closed her eyes tightly, expecting the pain of the silver knife cut through her. But after a few minutes, she realized that Kouga couldn't hurt her. She could smell blood, but it wasn't hers...it was his. She opened her eyes wide, as she looked down at his face, pale and lonely, yet still trying to smile. "T-trust m-me," he choked out the words, as tears spilled over his face, as his eyes started to be clouded by grey and his smile disappear.

Quickly getting off of him, she pulled up her clothes as she stared up at his now dead face. It made her wonder at that time why he did it, but it didn't matter now, did it? Now, she had to get out of her, for here scent is still all over him and she knew that the soldiers would want to fight the death of their Lord. She should at least now try to leave and prepare for war.

At least now, the moral of the enemy has dropped, because most would lose the courage to go on. She smiled wickedly. This was something interesting. For once she didn't end the life of which she was meant, now only to win this war and fight another. Then the whole Japan would exist only in the hands of her and her mother's.

---End Of Flashback---

It was a foolish act he had made and she should have forgotten it a long time ago. But as days passed it only made her wonder, what is it that made him do such things? Mentally trying to kick the thought away. She just ignored the feeling.

As her gaze never left the stars, Kagome saw a shooting star past by. It made her wonder all these years why the stars fascinated her so. She then lifted her hand to touch her forehead, but the star mark on her forehead was covered by the clothing she had use to wrap around it so no one would know who she really is, expect for the people that already know.


In a castle to the far west, a male youkai jumped from roofs to roofs, as he landed in one large balcony entered and made his way to his Lord's room. He entered, unknown by the other entire youkai soldier.

"My Lord," a deep young male youkai's voice echoed through the dark room. He could see his Lord standing near by the large window. His lord made a 'Hn,' telling him to continue. "Lord Kouga, Lord of the Eastern, has been assassinated a few weeks ago." He said, knowing that his Lord would be interested on this subject.

The Lord looks over his left shoulder. "Who is the one who had assassinated him?" he asked, his voice calm as it is deep.

"His future mate."

The ninja could only watched as his Lord look back up the night sky again and he could see from where he stood that a shooting star had just pass. Shooting stars for demons did not indicate that you make a wish. Usually it indicated that something either good or bad would happen.

"Tell me more information on this future mate of his."

He could only nod as he continued. "His future mate is the princess of the southern and northern lands." He said, simply that is all the information that is needed. For the soldier knew that the princess of the Southern and Northern land was an enigma to all. For when people would describe her, they only say on how beautiful she is, and how even after all the storied you have heard about her, you wouldn't believe that such beauty could kill a single fly.

"Do you want us to make any move, my Lord?"

"No," his Lord says. "If the princess is foolish enough to travel here, then she will. And she will face the same death as her father have faced."

"Yes, Lord Sesshoumaru."

END OF CH 1 - A Twisted Fairy Tale

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