#Time change#


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Warning: Yaoi/slash Harry/Draco

Disclaimer: This is not mine, just the plot…and this is the only time I'm saying it, so please pay attention!

Chapter 1:

"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up." –James Baldwin

"It was a dark and stormy night…"

"No, it's not, it's morning!"

"Ron!" Hermione scolded.

"Ow…" Ron moaned, rubbing his head where she'd hit him. The rest of the carriage burst into laughter.

Harry smiled, and shook his head. Ron would never learn…

He looked out of the compartment's window, his cheek pressing gently against the cool glass. Behind him, he could hear giggles and peals of laughter, as Seamus and Dean took turns telling the muggle version of vampires.

He sighed.

He wondered how long it would take to reach the castle. It'd seemed to take abnormally long today. He looked at his watch, and realized it had only been an hour. Annoyed, he blew upwards in irritation, tossing his raven bangs into disarray.

He watched idly as tree after tree after tree zoomed by. He watched as they became a blur, became the same as any forest.

The Forbidden Forest.


He rode on the back of an anxious Firenze yet again, as he unwillingly left a dying Remus.

"Go, Harry! Tell Dumbledore…

Forget about me!"

-Flashback ends-

Harry had obeyed the order.


They'd found the corpse later that night. Golden hair splayed in the grass, tired brown eyes finally closed. He'd stabbed himself with a knife, more willing to die than to risk being turned into the enemy.

Harry blinked. His vision had become clouded. Self-disgust rose. He knew the tears had come again.

He grimaced. The glass his cheek seeked solace from, did not bring him any comfort. Staying in here wouldn't do him any good.

Abruptly, he stood up, his long legs swinging to the floor.

Immediately, all eyes were on his visage.

"Uh, guys? I need some…uh…fresh air…I…um, just want to…uh…head out for a moment?"

He laughed weakly.

Then reproached himself bitterly on just exactly how weak it had sounded.

Most of his mates nodded, quickly returning to Seamus' dramatic, and –as far as Harry could tell– highly entertaining act.

Ron turned suspicious eyes on him. Almost imperceptibly, Harry tensed.

Then, the eyes softened, and he gave Harry a microscopic nod. Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

They had not needed to communicate in words.

Instead, Harry turned to Hermione. She had turned back to the story, but almost immediately leaned back on her arms, giving him a casual loose smile.

Harry smiled gratefully. In a flash, he was out the door.

And the two friends reverted back to worry once more…

Closing the door quietly, Draco slipped out of his carriage. Although he knew he had to spend some time with his Slytherin 'comrades', he didn't have to spend all his waking time with them.

He rolled his eyes, as Pansy's extreme high-pitched voice echoed painfully throughout the corridor.

He winced at the echoes.

He walked, not knowing where he was going, but walking anyway.

Suddenly, he felt cool air whip at his face. Looking around him, he was surprised to find a clear sky above him.

'Strange. I've never seen this part of the train before.'

He walked onto the mini-bridge, leaning over the side. Blond strands moved gently in the wind.

A shimmering lake appeared on the horizon.


Draco whirled around.

Grayish silver met emerald green.

Harry had been drawn to the front of the train. With nothing to lose, he'd followed his instincts.

Which had led him directly to where he was now.

Right in front of Draconis Lucius Malfoy, fellow classmate and resident Slytherin king.

Silently, he approached the silver-eyed prince.

They stood together in silence. It was not a hostile one, but one where the stillness was one of respect and companionship.

They stood there for many minutes.

Soon the sun began to fall, it's fiery blaze setting the sky alight in colours of rose and gold. It was as of the lake itself had come alive, the bright light illuminating the water with shining glory.

Calm eyes viewed the scene. To other viewers, the faces of those who were watching would be too cold; but their friends would have known better.

But their friends were not there, so the two former rivals let alone…

Both Harry and Draco had gone back to their respective compartments. They had arrived at the threstals safely.

Harry dreaded looking at the threstals. Their shadows reminded him of those who were gone. Those he had lost.

His friends looked at him worriedly, as he did not say a thing.

"Pumpkin pie!"

Ron yelled joyfully, doing a full run to the loaded table. Both Hermione and Harry shook their heads at Ron's childish antics as they took their seats.

The entire table grinned with good humor. It was well known that 'Ronnie-kins' –as Fred and George still called him– loved food.

As Harry tucked into the chicken, he noticed that Draco still sat opposite him –or rather in his line of vision.

He wondered…


"I'm on your side."

Draco Malfoy stood in the rooms of Grimmauld Place no. 12. He stood straight and tall, in the dining room in front of the table. His eyes pierced theirs with certainty and power.

"But you can't be!" Ron's voice echoed the words in everybody's minds.

"But he is." Dumbledore's voice sounded throughout the room. "He has proven himself."

Everyone sat in silence. A few moments later, Ron stomped from the room. Hermione followed him quietly.

Harry studied the person in front of him.

The Malfoys' heir stood in before him, with an almost regal air. He turned; and their eyes locked.

He could feel the sincerity in those eyes. The serenity…

-Flashback ends-

From that moment on, Harry Potter trusted Draco Malfoy.

Harry got up.

He realized he was not hungry. He was never hungry these days.

He started for the dorm.

He did not feel the eyes that were watching him as he left.

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