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Chapter 1 :Epilogue

Life is nothing without love; love is nothing without hope; hope is knowing you'll be there every day. –Unknown

The door creaked open.

Giggles echoed across the wooden floor, sinking into the straw. A few of the older birds shuffled crossly along the beams –they'd had a heavy night, and wanted to rest.

The young ones blinked sleepily –some stealing a glance at a potential mate.

Wooden boards squeaked, as two boys crept across the room. A few birds watched, interested, as the two traveled on brooms, laughing softly towards the rafters.

On closer looks, the boys were holding hands, each sparkling with an identical ring. It glowed with an ethereal glow, reflecting the sunlight and a warmth that only loved ones would identify.

A tousled black head rested on a pale blonde's shoulder, as they focused their attentions on two birds in particular…

"Do you think we're disturbing them?" said Harry quietly, his warm breath tickling Draco s chin.

Draco paused in thinking. "Nah," he said, just as softly, tucking his love's head underneath his chin. Lips curled upwards, than a butterfly kiss pressed against a pale throat.

In front of them, two owls perched, looking fondly into a soft, feathery nest. In the nest itself, were three eggs. Holding their breaths, the owls, and humans began to watch, as one crack…then two…started to take place on the right egg.

As a little chipping could be heard from inside the egg, the second one, the one situated most to the left, also began to break. Hearts stopped as two beaks began to emerge slowly, ever so slowly from the hard remains of an egg.

Black and white feathers fanned out –the left being black with gold eyes, the right being white with blue.

Harry, overcome with emotion (although he didn't know why), squeezed Draco s hand in delight, nuzzling into his boyfriend's shoulder.

Suddenly, they heard a keen cry. A cry only sounded by a wounded animal. They turned around.

Hedwig's eyes shimmered almost as if they were going to shed tears. With sadness, they noticed that the centre egg had not hatched.

Slowly, Draco s owl (called Midnight) stroked Hedwig's feathers with his beak. The caress was tender, soft, but heartrending. The two human beings floating on broomsticks looked at each other, worriedly.

All of a sudden, Harry bought his hands together, rubbing them gently. Looking at Draco, he sent a message through their eyes. Pale hands imitated tan ones, and they did so for several minutes.

Eventually, as each owl's eyes turned to their hands, they bought their hands up, palms facing towards each other.

Love flowed through their eyes, as they whispered long forgotten words. Sparks flew from identical rings in between the small gap, creating a ball of energy. Closing their eyes, they focused the ball of energy onto the egg.

There was a flash of light.

Then slowly, ever so slowly, little cracks throughout the room were heard. Feathers emerged from the shell, as a little beak slipped into view.

Hedwig and Midnight cooed over their new hatchling.

The chick opened its eyes.

Harry and Draco gasped. The eyes were green, emeralds, with a tint of silver surrounding the pupils.

They leaned their heads together and smiled.

Life was finally going well after all.

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