Disclaimer: I have no right to this characters for they are Joss Whedon and company's and only hope they like what I have written, though the story is mine

Disclaimer: I have no right to this characters for they are Joss Whedon and company's and only hope they like what I have written, though the story is mine.

Buffy had just climbed in her window so to not wake her mother and Dawn. She stumbled in to her window hitting he boots on the window still. She started to unpack her patrol bag putting three out to the five stakes in to her dresser. Her was bed looking oh so good. Buffy began to untie her boots while sitting on her bed.

Mean while Angel is tying his boots sitting on his bed, think what Buffy was doing at that moment then looking at the clock and thought just getting in from patrolling. Angel slipped on a black shirt and the long black duster. Never once glancing at the picture of Buffy by his bed, until he was ready to leave. His only thought was to once see her in the sunlight.

Buffy climbed into bed slowly leaned back on the pillow and was asleep before she actually hit the pillow. The moment she fell asleep the dream began. Angel stood in a dark hallway leading to the room which the ritual would take place and found a place to hide behind a dark wall drape. The Shanshu and Lindsey walked in to the room and were discussing how to capture Angel. They devised a plan to lore him to them by taking Cordelia. The only problem was they Lindsey and the Shanshu knew Angel was in the room.

Riley stood just in side Buffy's window starring at her and feeling his heart beat to the rhythm of his. Buffy's Dream continued the two left the room and Angel came out of his hiding place to find a demon call Altorus. Altorus wore a green slimy shirt his skin was made of the green slime. He was seven feet tall and about 350 pounds rushing at Angel, he ducted the first charge only to find the huge beast running at him again. Angel tried to move but couldn't and Altorus charged Angel knocking him down ready to stake. Angel only said "Buffy I love you."

Buffy woke scream her love back to Angel. Buffy was startled to find a once smiling Riley standing there dumb struck by her outburst.

" Riley your back," was all Buffy could say.

Angel actually tried to enter the room, but was attack by Vampires and once done dusting them he noticed the time and it was to close to sunrise to stay. Angel turned to leave having made no progress.

Buffy sat up and was starring at Riley.

"Well, um... I... you look good for being gone so long." Buffy stuttered.

" Well, that's not what I expected to hear while I was standing there." replied Riley.

"Well I didn't know you were there and why are you here? If I remember you left me for some Government trip!" Buffy said in a huff

" I came back to see you and I need to know if I made the right choice, and I see that I did. Sorry." Riley said with a stern voice.

Riley started to climb out the window and said

" If Angel was human who would you chose to love?' Buffy was silent.

" Think about it, I'll be around."

With that said Riley walked out the window and jumped to the ground. Without hesitation Buffy picked up the phone and called Willow.

"Hello" Willow said in her early morning voice.

" Will, um... Riley is back and I kinda sorta screamed out in my sleep that I love Angel." Declared Buffy.

" WHOA, you did what?" inquired Willow.

" I know, he snuck in my window and I was dreaming that this guys named Lindsey and Shanshu, who is a demon where going to kill Angel and right before they did the said he loved me. Then of course I woke up screaming that I loved him too, and that were I saw Riley." Stated Buffy

" Well, it's easy just go find Riley and tell him you don't love Angel." answered Willow.

" Will, I can't." Buffy said sheepishly.

" Why not you love Riley don't you?" asked Willow.

" I can't because Riley said if I had to choose between him and Angel. Who would I choose to love?" admitted Buffy.

" You said him right?" retorted Willow

" I don't know, Willow if Angel was human I would choose him. Yet I can't love Riley he left me and so did Angel but. Willow I don't know I just have this feeling Angel needs me." Answered Buffy.

" Buffy... I know you loved Angel and you also love Riley but what makes you think Angel is in trouble?" asked Willow.

" Willow meet me and Giles and the Magic Box I'll explain. Like lets say half and hour." requested Buffy

" Okay" replied Willow.

Buffy quietly climbed out of bed and got dressed and called Giles who agreed to go to the Magic Box. Buffy took two stakes and started to open the door to find Joyce, Buffy's mom to be standing out side the door. Buffy could tell she'd been out there since she woke up. All Joyce could do was shake her head at Buffy and walk back to her room. Buffy tried to say something but knew it would not help. Joyce thought that Buffy had gotten over any love she had with Angel. Buffy shook her head and walked down the stairs and out the door.

Angel walked in to the Hotel and half-expected Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia to be there but after he fired them he thought they must hate him. He walked in to his room, pondered the idea of opening a pint of blood but decided to got straight to bed. Picked up a piece of paper under his bed and flipped it over to see a drawing of Darla and the looked up in dispair to see Buffy's picture. Angel crumpled the picture of Darla and through it away. Angel fell asleep looking at Buffy's picture which was something he didn't do a lot because it hurt to know how much he had hurt her.

Angel slept dreaming of the first time that he had seen her and knew she was the only one he ever truly loved she was his one true love.

Buffy walked in to the Magic Box and saw Giles and Willow sitting there and so Buffy Explained the dream to Giles who for once didn't chastise her for loving Angel, instead he said simply said " What danger?" Buffy told him that the demon that was performing some ritual was named Shanshu. When Buffy said the name Giles went running to the bookcases with in a minute he had found the book he was looking for. Reading the book and handing it to Buffy he only nodded his head and signaling for her to read the page. Buffy read the book starting with a smile and slowly turning to a frown and then in to tears streaming down her cheek. The ritual she had just read was to bring evil to the world and the main ingredient was the Vampire with a soul, Angel. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and wishing she hadn't read the book. Willow sat down beside her trying to comfort her. Buffy wiped he cheeks and solemnly said " I'm going to LA" Willow and Giles knew it would do no go to try and talk her out of going so Giles simple said.

" Willow can you an Anya open up tomorrow. Buffy and I are going on a road trip."