Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and that jerk Joss Wheldon better get his act together and bring Buffy and Angel back together

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and that jerk Joss Whedon better get his act together and bring Buffy and Angel back together

Author's Notes: This is a major B/A fic because that's the only good kind isn't it. Well not to much bad language but there has to be some to make it good. There kissing basically and that's it so R/R. PLEASE!

Note: Also if you want to post this some where else that's fine just tell me where is going so I can check it out.

Four months earlier:

"I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future, I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how this is going to begin. I am going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I am going to show them a world without rules and controls, without borders, or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you."- Neo

Buffy walked through the cemetery and was alert to everything. Buffy walked around a grave. The grave belonged to Tyler Wyatt, recently departed but a sever amount of blood loss for two puncture wounds. The cause of the puncture wounds unknown. Buffy had just arrived in time. A hand came ripping through the earth. Buffy waited for the chest to emerge. When it did Buffy drove a stake through his heart. The Vampire was no more then mere dust in seconds. Buffy nodded complimenting her self on a job well done. Buffy quickly jerked her head up as the hair on her neck went up. It had been almost a year and a half sense this had happened. Buffy whipped around looking in all directions for him. Buffy knew he was there but where. The feeling got fainter and fainter. Buffy was still whirling around in circles. When Riley walked up, he touched Buffy's shoulder, Buffy jumped whirling around ready to fight.

" Buffy? Are you okay?" Riley asked sincerely worried. Buffy relaxed when she saw it was Riley.

" I'm… Fine," Buffy said at last. " Just don't scare me like that okay."

Riley could tell she was upset. Riley took her hand.

"Think it's time you get some rest." Riley instructed Buffy. She nodded and walked home.

Once home Buffy said good night to Riley and left him standing there on the front steps. Buffy ran up stairs to her room and slammed the door. Buffy flicked on the light and grabbed the phone and started dialing. The phone rang in Willow's dorm room. Willow grabbed it, before Tara could get there.

" Hello" was all Willow got out.

" Will, he back, but not evil back…I think." Buffy blurted out.

" Buffy, hold on whose back?" Willow asked

" Will, who do you know that can be good and evil?" Buffy asked exasperated. Suddenly the Buffy felt it again the tingle on the neck. Buffy whipped around and looked out the window. There he stood his face being half lit up by the porch light. Once he noticed she was starring at him he quickly turned to leave. Buffy put the phone to her ear.

" He's here I got to go." Was all Buffy said, she hung up quickly and then climbed out the window, she yelled.

"Freeze!" He stopped. Buffy climbed off the roof. She walked over to him. They stood face to face for a few moments.

Willow was already half out he door before Tara could ask were she was going. Willow simple replied "he maybe back, call Xander he'll know." Tara only starred after Willow. She picked up the phone and dialed Xander's number. Xander picked up half asleep.

" Hello?" Xander asked.

" Xander it's Tara, Willow gone to Buffy's she said to tell you he may be back, do you know what the means?" Xander had already hung up the phone and was out the door.

Angel and Buffy's gaze had been locked for a while before either of them spoke.

" Were you stocking me tonight?" Buffy demanded to know.

" More like watching you, not stocking, admiring maybe, but not stocking." Angel said with a smile.

" What are you doing back here? I thought you left, remember the whole leaving for LA thing." Buffy retorted

" I came to see you. I do it more often then you think." Angel said looking down at the ground. Buffy just stood there in utter surprise.

" How often, and you are stocking me then." Buffy stated

" I been back eight times maybe more. If I were stocking you you'd have known." Angel answered. By this time Willow and Xander came running out the back door. Buffy turned her head to look at them, when she looked back he was gone. Willow walked up next to her.

"Was it him?" She asked

" Eight times?" was all Buffy said, Willow looked at her in bewilderment.

" What about eight times?" Willow asked, Buffy looked up at her almost as if she didn't even now she was there. Buffy shook her head.

" It was Angel, good Angel." Buffy said as she could hear Xander sigh in relief. Buffy bowed her head and said

" It makes sense I could feel him every time now that I think of it I just though I was sensing something else." Willow was still in the dark.

" Buffy, what are you talking about?" Willow asked.

" Nothing Will just the pieces falling in to place." Buffy said and turned to the shadows and looked in to the dark she sighed final submitting to the truth Angel's back and she's happy about it. Buffy let out another sigh and left the two in the backyard. Buffy crawled back up to the roof and through her window. Willow and Xander just stood there in bewilderment. Buffy sat on her bed and took in what she had just see and heard. Xander and Willow left and Buffy sat there thinking about what to do. After about and hour of contemplating Buffy felt the urge to scream. She stood up and headed for the window, there was three hours till sunrise he might still be out but she didn't think so. Buffy climbed out the window and ran in to the darkness, heading for the mansion.

Angel sat down in the chair in his room and thought about their discussion, 'was she mad at me?' he thought. He had been sitting there a while when he felt it…Buffy. They had always had closeness, always knowing that the other was near by. The sense was getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly the door was kicked open, Buffy came in running up stairs and through his bed room door. Buffy grabbed him and punched him in the face. Angel tumbled over and then stood and said,

" I guess I deserved that." Angel said rubbing his jaw.

" Why did you come here? Why couldn't you just leave me alone? You said to move on, why are you here?" Buffy said with distress.

" Buffy, listen I couldn't stay away. I thought that you had come to see me a couple of times only you stood outside the door." Angel said cupping Buffy's cheek in his hand. Buffy could only look in to his eyes.

" How did you know I was there?" Buffy asked softly

" The same way you knew I was outside your house, you sensed me." Angel said.

" Wait… You knew I was there but didn't come out to see me?" Buffy questioned.

" You had a feeling I was in Sunnydale yet did you seek me out?" Angel retorted.

" Okay… But why are you here?" Buffy questioned.

" Just visiting and beating the crap out of Spike, same old same old." Angel carelessly answered. Buffy quickly punched him. " Hey, I didn't come here for you to beat me up I came here to see you."

"I know you already told me, just venting a little." Buffy stated with a smirk. Angel smiled at her, not just any smile her smile the smile that curls at the very tips and slightly shows his white teeth. Her smile. He only smiled like that for her. Buffy was so mesmerized by that smile that she didn't notice she body moving toward Angel. When they stood only inches away from each other Buffy stood on the tip of the toes and slowly and ever so softly brushed he's lips with hers. A lightning bolt of energy shot through them when their lips touched. Angel thought that Buffy was going to immediately pull away, only to find her intensifying the kiss. Angel kissed her back just as hard and soon the kiss had enveloped them. Buffy suddenly pulled away gasping for breath, Angel amazingly drew in a gasping breath even though he didn't need to.

" I'm sorry, I didn't…" Buffy stammered. Angel quickly pulled Buffy to him capturing her in a passionate kiss. The kiss lasted for what seemed like eternity both Buffy and Angel would have been quite content to stay in that moment forever. Buffy felt safer in Angel's arms right then than she had in the time sense he left. Buffy always felt safe with Angel, they could face anything together. Buffy was enveloped again by the love she felt for Angel, the best part was he felt the same love for her and she knew it. Angel slowly pulled away looking in to Buffy's eyes he whispered to her

" I'm not, never have been when it comes to loving you" Buffy smiled grabbing Angel in to another kiss. Little did they know who was watching them from the garden, Angels room always had to have a view. But who's doing the viewing. Riley stood below the window watching Angel ease Buffy slowly on to the bed.

Angel could feel his love coming to the surface after all he had done to bury it. Angel slow kissed along Buffy's neck slowly moving down her shoulder. Suddenly the window broke as huge rock came flying through Angel grabbed Buffy and hauled her off the bed before it hit the same spot where she had been laying. Buffy gasped as she stood up.

" Saved by the rock." Buffy said sarcastically.

" We almost took that to far." Angel said with his eye's cast down to the floor.

" What about never being sorry for loving me?" Buffy asked quizzically. Angel looked up and smiled

" I never said I was sorry just saying I don't want to make that mistake again." That statement sent Buffy in to a furry.

" Oh so my seventeenth birthday was a mistake huh?!" Buffy accused.

" Never, I'm never sorry about our love just wished it hadn't had repercussions." Angel said gently cupping Buffy cheek in his hand.

Buffy smiled and knew he meant it.

" Angel I… I love you." Buffy slipped out

" I love you more then any thing in the world Buffy." Angel whispered before brushing her lips with his. Buffy finally came to her senses for a moment.

" Who throw the…" Buffy said but before she could finish Riley walked through the door.

" I did," Riley stated, " Now get away from her so help I beat the crap out of you." Riley was fuming and quite hurt at the same time. Buffy stood there stunned and in shock knowing that Riley had seen Buffy pretty much making out with Angel. Angel. Buffy quickly hurried over to Riley trying to explain.

" Riley… It's not what you think you…" Buffy stammered

" What you were just saying hello, I don't think so Buffy." Riley accused. Buffy was quite taking back by his attitude. Angel placed a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her. In that second she realized something Angel loved her more then words if he could still care about her when her boyfriend was standing there ready to kill him. She also knew that Angel would kill Riley if he hurt her. Buffy turned to Angel looking in to his eyes the dark black eyes that so could lose herself in, she spoke but four words that would go straight in to his heart.

" I'll wait for you."