By Sorceress Cassandra 180

"Gimme a gun, Gimme a knife

It's True Crimes, Better run for your life

Hide ya kids, hold yo wife

It's True Crime's, Better tuck ya ice

Clutch yo purse, Stash yo cash

It's True Crimes, I'm about to blast

Call the cops, Lock the doors

It's True Crimes...

And I'm Taking yours!"

-Bishop Lamount's TRUE CRIMES



They've call it the "City of Angels." Funny, in my thirty years here I haven't seen a single one.

My old Friend Henry Wilson said that, "People here dared to dream." He liked that about LA.

I'd always said, "Bull! Dreamin' will get you killed!"

Maybe I was right. Even today nobody knows what happen to Henry all those years ago. But whatever it was, he didn't deserve it.

Well, I ain't walking the beat no more it's all new kids now, kids protecting the fools from the wise guys, the crooks from the psychopaths.

Henry's oldest boy, Nick, (of all people) is one of those kids.

Now I hear he's a hell of a cop. But will he live to see the sunset? I don't know.

There are times that I just want to tell him, "Kid give it up! Go be a lawyer or a doctor or something!"

But it's really not my place. Besides, it would be a disservice to his old man, you see, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. And I know that someday, someone will get to the truth.

What happened to Henry was a true crime.

And if one man deserves to find out the truth, it's his son, Nicholas Kang Wilson.

This is his Story.