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Warning: This will contain shonen-ai, which means boy x boy relationships. If you do not like shonen-ai, do not read this and do not flame me for it. There will be some OOC and I will make Risa into a bitch because I hate her. If you like Risa this is not something you should read. There will also be drug use, violence, and language.

Pairings: Future Dark X Daisuke

Note: This is an AU and Daisuke and Dark are two separate people. Krad and Satoshi are also two separate people.



Japanese terms:

Sensei – Teacher.

Tenshi – Angel.

Anyway on with the story.

My Tenshi: Chapter 1

"Oh, my god he's hot!"

"He looked at me!"

"I hear he's filthy rich!"

"No way!"

"I wish he'd ask me out!"

Dumb whores. A moody, purple haired teen made his way down Azumano High School. Sixteen- year old Dark Mousey was used to all the attention from the female population as well as the male.

He mostly just ignored them; unless he wanted to get laid then he just picked a random girl and screwed her. He could have any girl, or guy, he wanted without even trying, yet, Dark had never fallen in love.

People were always trying to use him so he used them before they could use him. Girls wanted him for his money, or to help their social standing. That was it. No one cared about his feeling or ideas. He was just an accessory to them.

His father was always away on business and his mother didn't even know he existed. To his father, the company was more important than his own son was. He was always alone. He was used to it, but that didn't make it hurt any less.


Dark made his way to class as the bell rang. He hated school. It was just a stupid place full of stupid people. He only bothered to come because he had nothing better to do.

"Hey Dark."

Dark turned his head to watch his friend come running towards him.

"Did you do the history assignment?'

"Fuck no."

"Shit. My dad's going to kill me if my grades don't improve."

"Ask Satoshi or Krad. Anyway, I have to get to class. Se ya Takeshi."

Dark then went up the stairs to his first class. English. Takeshi had been Dark's friend since freshmen year, he was now a junior.

No, that wasn't right. They knew each other and did things together. But friends? No, they weren't really friends.

He wasn't that close with Takeshi, he was just someone to hang out with. Dark had never had a real friend. Satoshi and Krad were Takeshi's friends; he just hung out with them sometimes when he was bored.

Satoshi was never friendly though. In fact, he was sure Satoshi hated his guts and only hung out with him because Takeshi made him.

Satoshi was class president and the perfect student. He never broke the rules and everyone loved him. This pissed Dark off a lot.

He suspected Satoshi thought he was better than he was. Sometimes Satoshi could be such a snob.

Krad was okay. He was kind of quiet sometimes, but he could be pretty fun. Dark suspected that Krad had some sort of crush on Satoshi, but he wasn't sure.

I didn't matter, though, if Krad had a crush on Satoshi. He didn't care.

Dark made his way to his seat and ignored his teacher as she droned on about some crap he didn't care about. The school day had officially begun.

"Mr. Mousey"

"Mr. Mousey"


Dark woke up to face his angry sensei.

"What!" Dark responded.

"This is the fifth time this week you have fallen asleep in my class. It better not happen again or I'll be speaking to your parents."

Like they'd care. Dark thought as his sensei continued talking about something. He was currently in his second class, Math.

He decided to listen to what the old hag, or his sensei, was saying. From what he understood, they were getting a new student tomorrow.

Who the hell would want to come to this dump? It's probably another stuck-up snob. Who cares? Maybe it's someone cute. I haven't gotten laid in a while.

Dark smiled at the thought of getting into some hot girl's skirt. Even though knew the person he had sex with didn't love him, and he didn't love her, sex was sex. He had had sex before; there just had never been love in it.

Dark thought about this for a moment. Someday he wanted to make love to someone. He didn't want to just screw someone, he wanted to give his body to the person he loved and become one with them.

Sex, for now, would have to do because no one loved him and he didn't love anyone either. He wanted to find his tenshi.


Dark cringed when he heard a girl call out his name.

"Hello Harada-san."

"Please call me Risa-chan."

"No thank you Harada-san."

Risa looked hurt for a moment. Dark-kun can't you see I'm in love with you? Why won't you be with me? Risa gave Dark a smile.

"Will you go out with me Dark-kun?" Please say yes . Please say yes. Please say yes.

"No," said Dark coldly. Why she wouldn't stop asking him out was a mystery to him. He would never say yes.

"Okay…..Maybe next time. Se ya later!" I can't believe he said no. You WILL be mine Dark. We're destined to be together.

Dark watched as Risa left. She was the biggest whore in this hell hole, also referred to as Azumano High School. She went after a guy, dated him, screwed him, and then dumped him in a humiliating way.

She also kind of freaked him out. He was sure she had memorized his schedule and that she was stalking him, not that Dark cared.

She was just like all the other girls. They annoyed him and asked him out on dates. No matter how many times he rejected them, they never gave up.

Risa was a man-eater. Sure he practically did the same thing, but lately, he had stopped. He didn't want those girls anymore. They no longer satisfied him. He wanted his tenshi.

Dark saw no reason to go out with Risa. She wasn't that hot anyway. Her twin sister Riku was okay.

She wasn't a whore, but Dark didn't want to go out with her either. She thought he was a pervert anyway. That was the first thing she had said to him when she first met him.

He admired Riku for being her own person and not worshiping him. They hung out sometimes. He was closer to her than with Takeshi, but she still wasn't his friend.

He didn't tell her about his pain or how he was searching for his tenshi. She would probably think it was weird.

Dark had never had a true friend. That thought made him depressed whenever he thought about it.

Lately Dark had been feeling more alone than usual. He was looking harder and harder for his tenshi. If he didn't find his tenshi soon, he would die.

He wanted to find someone that loved him. He wanted to find someone that liked him for who he was. He wanted to find someone who could take the loneliness away. He wanted to find his most precious person.

I want to find my tenshi.

"You're late," said Takeshi as he saw Dark heading towards him.

"Risa asked me out again," said Dark.

"Did you brush her off again?" asked Takeshi.

"Yup," replied Dark in a casual tone. He had gone out with several girls before but he usually dumped them as soon as he got what he wanted from them, mainly sex.

The girls didn't seem to mind though. He got sex and they got to brag that they went out with Dark. Dark thought that was weird.

Who brags about sleeping with a guy who doesn't care shit about them? Have they no shame?

"Are we going to the party or what?"

Dark looked at the speaker only to find Satoshi standing by the school's fence.

"Hell yeah!" said Dark.

"Let's go," said another boy, who turned out to be Krad, sitting next to Satoshi.

The four boys had been invited to Masahiro's birthday party. His parties were well known by the high school students. They were wild and only the popular were invited.

His parties usually had all the things Dark loved: sex, drugs, and alcohol. This was going to be one hell of a night.

When the boys arrived, the party was already very wild. You could see people making out in bedrooms and kids getting high in corners. It was a regular teenage party.

The group immediately split up. Takeshi went to find some food; Satoshi went to dance with a bunch of girls; Krad went to find his friend Masahiro; and Dark left to go get drunk and high.

Dark had been using drugs since he was about thirteen, he couldn't remember how he started, but now, he couldn't stop.

It was the only thing that made him feel good. When he was high, the loneliness, even if it was only for a little while, went away.

He hated what he was, though, when the drugs wore off. Everyone at school knew he was on drugs but didn't say anything about.

All his family had to do was contribute a ton of money to the school and no one would ask questions about what he was doing. He got away with everything.

The girls knew, but somehow doing drugs made him more attractive to them. He did lots of bad things and Dark guessed girls at his school liked bad boys.

Sometimes he was worried that his tenshi would be ashamed of him and want to leave him when they found each other, that thought always scared him.

He wished he wasn't the way he was, but he couldn't change no matter how tried. He found no other way to get rid of the pain.

Dark was snapped out of his thoughts as someone offered him a beer. He took the beer and decided to go find something stronger to ease his pain.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Dark felt good and for some reason, he couldn't stop laughing. He couldn't remember what he had taken but he felt great. For some reason, he found everything funny right now.

He must be really wasted. He only felt this good when he got wasted.

Dark saw Takeshi looking around the crowd. It looked like Takeshi was looking for someone.

"Dark!" cried out Takeshi as he looked at his stoned friend.

"What?" replied Dark. Guess he was looking for me.

"We're leaving," stated Takeshi. He's drunk and I'm sure he's on some drug AGAIN. Sometimes I wish I could help him, but I can't. I don't know how.

"Then go because I'm staying," said Dark. I want to feel good for a little while longer.

"It's a school night and my dad will be worried if I'm not home. Come on Dark lets go," Takeshi pleaded to his friend. He'll argue like always and then we'll just end up leaving him here.

"No way now leave me the fuck alone," said Dark. Why do we even bother with the same routine? He should have just left.

"Fine," said Takeshi. He hated it when Dark got high. He got cranky and never cooperated. He got real bitchy for some reason. He looks more out of it than usual. Can I really just leave him here like this?

"I thought you were leaving. GO!" yelled a pissed off Dark. He doesn't care! I feel great here. Why won't he just leave?

You know what screw him. I'm just trying to be nice and has to be nice but forget it. "You can get home yourself asshole," said Takeshi as he went to get Satoshi and Krad.

"Whatever," was Dark's only response. Finally, I thought he'd never leave. I'm going to get another drink.

Takeshi easily found Satoshi and Krad. Satoshi and Krad never got wasted. They never drank or did drugs of any kind. Satoshi never did anything wrong and Krad, well none of them really knew anything about Krad.

"We're leaving," stated Takeshi. I hope Dark is all right. We're not really close and we're not really friends, but I still worry about him.

He seems to be in a lot of pain and he doesn't seem to have anyone. Even though he isn't my friend, I still worry. He's still a person and I wish I could help him.

"He's staying again,"

"Yes." Takeshi didn't look Satoshi in the eye when he responded.

"Let's go," Krad said as he walked past the two.

The three went outside and got into their car. Dark usually got a cab and went home when the party was over.

Takeshi always worried about him, Satoshi didn't care and hated his guts, and you could never tell what Krad was thinking.

Krad, at seventeen, was the oldest of the group. Dark, Satoshi, and Takeshi were all sixteen. Krad, though, was still a junior, like them, because he failed his freshmen year; he skipped to many classes.

You would never guess Krad was a delinquent if you met him now. He was a good student and never did anything bad.

Krad dropped Takeshi off first and drove in silence with Satoshi. He had had a crush on Satoshi since Takeshi had first introduced them.

He tried his hardest to become someone Satoshi would be honored to call a friend. But, that wasn't the only reason he had changed, he wanted to have a better life. He changed for himself. When he stared into the mirror, he hated what he saw.

He use to be an angry delinquent, but he was now a good kid. He had changed.

He was sure Dark knew about his crush on Satoshi but that he just never said anything about it. Krad kind of liked Dark, but as a friend and as nothing more. He wanted to help Dark with his drug addiction, but Dark never opened up to anyone.

He could tell Dark was hiding pain, but never wanted to talk about it. Krad couldn't help Dark, he knew this. But maybe, Dark would someday find someone that could help him.

Krad looked over to Satoshi. He was so beautiful. How he wished he could have him. Krad hardly talked. He was afraid he would say something stupid in front of Satoshi.

He really wanted Satoshi to like him. He wanted to be more than friends than Satoshi but he knew he didn't have a chance. Satoshi would never go for someone like him.

He'd dated before and people chased after him like they did Dark, but this was different. He hadn't cared about the other people, it didn't matter if they rejected him or not.

With Satoshi, it was different, he was afraid of being rejected. He wouldn't be able to handle it.

"We're here," said Satoshi as they stopped in front of his house. "See you at school tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye," said Krad as he drove away. Stupid. I should have said something else. God, I'm such a dork.

Dark walked out the house as he saw the party was ending. He usually called a cab but today, he decided to walk home. He lived only a couple of blocks away anyway.

Masahiro lived in the rich part of town, like him. Both their fathers owned huge companies. Dark wasn't sure what his father's company did but he made a ton of money.

Masahiro's father, though, spent time with him and would do things with his son all the time. Sometimes Dark became jealous of this, but the feeling didn't last long.

He didn't want to know his father. He didn't want to know a man who would neglect his only child to make money.

Dark's vision started to get blurrier. He couldn't walk strait and his head hurt. He thought he was going to black out at any moment.

"Hey. Are you all right?"

Dark looked up to tell the speaker to fuck off, but he found that he had lost his voice.

There in front of him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The person had spiky red hair and big red eyes. Her voice was clear and made the most wonderful sounds he had ever heard.

The girl was wearing a pair of jeans and a clean black shirt. Even though she was wearing plain clothing, she looked beautiful.

Dark knew that he had found his tenshi. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl.

"I'm fine," replied Dark. My first meeting with my tenshi and I'm wasted. What if she decides to leave me?

"Are you sure?" said the tenshi. "I'll walk you home. Where do you live?"

"One more block, tenshi." said Dark.

His tenshi started blushing at his comment. It made her look cuter than she already was.

"Daisuke, my name is Niwa Daisuke," said the tenshi.

Isn't Daisuke a boy's name? It's a pretty name though and my tenshi should have a pretty name. A beautiful name, for a beautiful tenshi.

"Do you live around here tenshi?" asked Dark.

Again, his tenshi blushed.

"I just moved here," replied Daisuke, "I'll be starting school at Azumano High School tomorrow. I'm a sophomore."

He goes to my school. Yay! I'll get to see my tenshi almost every day! Dark started to smile as he thought of being with his tenshi.

Daisuke thought the purple haired teen was a little weird. He had this goofy grin on his face, and Daisuke was sure the boy thought he was a girl.

The boy kept calling him tenshi and he was sure he was extremely drunk and on some sort of drug.

"My name's Dark Mousey and this is my house right over there," said the purple haired teen.

"I'll help you open the door," said Daisuke.

"Do you want to come in tenshi?" Always stay with me.

"Um…no….that's okay. Well bye," said Daisuke as he left. What a weirdo and a PERVERT! He's inviting a stranger into his home? That's pretty stupid.

Dark walked threw the front door. He made sure to lock the door. Dark took a couple of steps and then proceeded to collapse on the living room floor.