Warning: Shonen-ai and a lot of swearing

Pairings: Dark X Daisuke, Satoshi X Daisuke, Krad X Satoshi

Disclaimer: I do not own D.N.Angel.



Japanese Terms:

Arigatou - Thank you.

Seme – The dominant one in the relationship. The one on "top," usually the older

and manlier person.

Sensei – Teacher.

Tenshi – Angel.

Uke – The passive one in the relationship. In short the one on the "bottom," usually

the younger one.

My Tenshi: Chapter Six

Daisuke laid on his bed thinking about his date with Satoshi. It had been uncomfortable and awkward. He just couldn't bring himself to feel about Satoshi the same way he felt about Dark. He shouldn't have agreed to go out with the blue haired boy in the first place. Satoshi seemed to have enjoyed the date, though. He looked crushed when he rejected him.

The red haired teenager was confused. He decided he needed to talk with Dark. It was the only way he could clear things up. Daisuke rose from his bed and headed towards the front door. He considered staying home and talking to Dark tomorrow, but decided against it. It was better to talk to him now.

Daisuke walked down the street. It was very late and he hoped Dark was still up. Daisuke felt his courage faltering as he neared Dark's home. He had no idea what he was going to say or do. What if Dark didn't like him? Would they not be able to be friends anymore?

Daisuke was trembling by the time he reached his friend's house. He slowly walked up to the front door. His shaky hand pressed the doorbell. There was no answer. Daisuke was worried. Where could Dark be at this hour? The frightened boy decided to check if the door was unlocked; it was. He stepped inside the house and looked around. The house seemed empty.

Daisuke had been over at Dark's house a couple of times. Usually the house was full of servants. He never realized how deserted the place was at night. Come to think of it, Daisuke had never seen Dark's parents around. The house was kind of creepy at night.

"I-Is anyone there?" Daisuke called out in a shaky voice.

He was scared now. He kept remembering scenes from horror movies and the horrible things that happened to people in creepy houses. Of course, the young teen tried to convince himself he wasn't scared, but that was a lie. He was terrified. Daisuke heard a noise in the living room and decided to see what it was.

I-I'm n-not s-scared. I-I'm not!


The teen felt himself trip over something. He fell face down on the floor. The "something" was warm and soft. It almost felt like a leg… Daisuke's eyes widened. It was a leg! He had tripped over a…body… Daisuke felt like he was going to be sick. He opened his mouth and screamed.


Daisuke got up and reached for the light switch. It wasn't a corpse he had tripped over…it was Dark! Daisuke started to panic. Dark wasn't moving or breathing. He had no clue what to do. He ran to the phone and called an ambulance. He hoped he wasn't too late. By the time the ambulance arrived, Daisuke had lost consciousness.

When Daisuke woke up, he was in the hospital. The room he had been placed in was white and bare. His head hurt a lot and he felt a bit dizzy. A nurse entered his room.

"Doctor, the patient is awake!" The woman shouted.

A man came into the room. He had a frown on his face and was studying a clipboard.

"Now young man, can you tell me what your name is?" He asked.

"N-Niwa Daisuke," the boy replied.

"Can you tell me anything about your friend's condition?" The doctor asked.

"N-No," Daisuke shakily stated.

"I see," muttered the older man.

"How's Dark?" Daisuke asked in a worried tone.

"The boy that came with you still hasn't woken up," stated the doctor.

"What's wrong with him?" The red head quietly asked.

"Drug overdose," the man said as he left the room. "We've contacted your aunt, she'll be here soon."

Daisuke began to think about what the doctor had just said. The words finally sunk in. Dark was on drugs. His best friend was on drugs! How could he have not noticed? Dark was having problems and he hadn't bee there for him! Daisuke felt horrible. He needed to see Dark now.

The little red head got out of his bed and searched for his clothes. When he finally found them, he got dressed and walked out the door. He asked the nurse at the front desk which room Dark was in, he was afraid she'd ask questions or not let him see his friend, but she didn't do either of those things. The nurse barely glanced at him and just gave him a room number.

When Daisuke reached Dark's room, he was shocked at what he saw. Dark looked awful. His hair was a mess, he was as pale as a ghost and he looked very thin and sickly. Daisuke wanted to cry, he should have noticed Dark wasn't all right. He felt like a bad friend. The younger teen sat down in the chair next to the bed.

"It's not your fault."

Daisuke turned to face Takeshi.

"Yes, it is," Daisuke muttered.

"No, it's not," stated Takeshi.

"I'm supposed to be his best friend…but I didn't even notice…" Daisuke sobbed.

Takeshi sat down in the chair next to Daisuke.

"He'd been doing this kind of thing since…well…since I fist met him," Takeshi told Daisuke with a sad smile.

"W-What!" Exclaimed Daisuke.

"Yeah…we all knew about it…but we just kind of…ignored it…" whispered Takeshi. "He was always sad. You couldn't tell just by looking at him, but when you got to know him a little, you could tell he was very sad and lonely."

"Sad and lonely?" Repeated Daisuke.


"Oh, how did you know Dark was in the hospital?"

"Dark's maid called me."

"His maid? What about his parents?"

"Who knows, I've never met them."



Takeshi rose from the chair and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" The younger boy asked.

"I'm sure Dark would much rather wake up to your face than mine," grinned Takeshi.

He exited the room, leaving Daisuke very confused.


Daisuke awoke to the sound of his name. He watched the purple haired teen toss and turn in his bed. Dark was waking up.

"Daisuke?" Dark asked, as he turned to face his friend.

"Dark! You're…hic...alive!" Exclaimed Daisuke in between sobs.

Daisuke looked as awful as Dark. His face was stained with tears, his clothes were rumpled, his once spiky hair was now flat and his eyes had bangs under then from loss of sleep. Daisuke had been sitting in that same chair for the past seven hours.

"Where am I?" The older teen asked.


You scared me stupid…

"Why are you here?" Dark coldly asked.

"What are you talking about? I'm your friend," Daisuke told Dark, confused by his friend's attitude.

"Really?" Sneered Dark.

"Yeah…what's wrong?" Daisuke asked, concerned.

"Shouldn't you be whoring yourself off to Satoshi?"


"I saw you two on your date."

"You were spying on me!"

"I wasn't spying…I just happen to be passing by… That's not the point!"

I wasn't spying!

Daisuke glared at Dark, who glared back.

"Oh? What is the point, Dark?" Asked Daisuke.

"The point is that you chose that bastard over me…" Dark mumbled.

There was an awkward silence after that, a VERY awkward silence. The two just refused to meet each other eyes. It was about ten minutes before someone actually spoke.

"You know…I rejected Satoshi…." muttered Daisuke.

"But… you two kissed…you said that you would only let the person you loved have your first kiss," stated Dark.

"I didn't kiss him…" Daisuke told Dark with a blush on his face.

"Really? The last time I saw you, you two were getting pretty cuddly."

"He he he."

Daisuke shook his head with amusement. Dark had been jealous. Dark had actually been jealous of Satoshi!

"What's so funny?" Snapped Dark.

He had no clue as though why Daisuke was laughing.

"It's just…you were jealous…" giggled Daisuke.

"I was not," pouted Dark.

"You don't have to be jealous…because I like you…not Satoshi…"

Daisuke leaned forward and crushed his lips with Dark's. The kiss seemed to last forever. Daisuke pulled back slowly and looked at Dark strait in the eye.

"Dark, I love you," Daisuke whispered.

"I love you too," Dark replied.

Daisuke wrapped his arms around Dark in a tight embrace.

"Dark…why didn't you tell me about the drugs…? I want to help…" Daisuke quietly said.

Dark pulled out of Daisuke's hug and looked away. He was ashamed of the things he had done and he didn't want Daisuke to know about them.

"Dark…" Whispered Daisuke.

"Is it why I'm here?" Asked Dark.

Daisuke nodded his head.

"I got careless…" muttered Dark.

"Dark! How can you say that! What if something had happened to you!"


Daisuke felt tears running down his cheeks again.

"Can't you see that you're hurting yourself?" Daisuke asked with tears.

Dark refused to look Daisuke in the eye anymore.

"I-I know!" Exclaimed Dark. "Everything just hurts too much! It hurts Daisuke…"

"How can I make it better?" Asked Daisuke.

"Just be with me forever…" murmured Dark.

"Okay," replied Daisuke.


Daisuke fell out of the chair as the door was opened.

"DAISUKE!" A girly voice called out.

A young woman threw herself on top on the startled red head. The boy was turning blue, due to the fact that the woman was cutting off his oxygen supply.

"…can't…breath…" gasped Daisuke.


"Sorry," the woman giggled.

The woman finally noticed Dark and gave him a smile.

"Hi, I'm Daisuke's aunt!" She exclaimed.

"It's nice to meet you…um…Niwa-san…" muttered Dark.

"NO!" The woman loudly shouted. "Don't call me Niwa-san…it makes me feel old…"

"Er…okay…then…" Dark nervously replied.

"Call me Towa-chan!" She said excitedly.

"I'm Dark…" mumbled Dark.

"Soooo…are you the one that got my precious nephew involved in drugs?" Towa-chan angrily asked.

It was quite frightful how her personality could change so quickly. One minute she was cute and perky, and the next she was angry and scary.

"I didn't take any drugs Auntie, I just found Dark unconscious," stated Daisuke, trying to call down his aunt.

"Then why were you also sent to the hospital?" Asked Towa-chan.

Daisuke blushed. It was an embarrassing subject to talk about.

"Er…well…after I saw Dark…I kind of…fainted…" muttered Daisuke.

"He he he he," giggled Towa-chan.

She had gone back to being perky and cute.

"How did you know I was in Dark's room?" Daisuke asked.

"I got a call that you and your friend were in the hospital. When I went into your room, you weren't there. I asked the nurse what room your friend was in and here you are!" Towa-chan said with a smile.

"Are your parents here yet?" Towa-chan asked Dark.

"They won't come…they never do…" mumbled Dark.

"You've been in the hospital before…for this kind of thing…?" She quietly asked.

"Well…for drugs…never…but I've been in the hospital for other things. Like the time I broke my arm or the time I was hit by a car. They never show up. If I break the law, they just bribe someone to keep it quiet," the purple haired boy stated.

"That's so sad…" said Daisuke as more tears formed in his eyes.

"I'll leave you two alone," muttered Towa-chan, as she left the room.

"Hey…come one, Daisuke…don't cry…" Daisuke told his friend, in an effort to console him.

"Heh…you say that…but you're crying too…" mumbled Daisuke as he buried his face in Dark's hospital gown.

Dark then realized that Daisuke's was right; he was crying. It had been a long time since he had allowed himself to cry.

Satoshi paced in his room. He'd been doing this for the last hour. All he could think about was Daisuke. He still couldn't believe the boy had chosen Dark over him. He'd have to face Daisuke sooner or later, though. They did go to the same school.

"Satoshi-sama, there's someone on the phone for you," Satoshi's maid called through the door.

Satoshi opened the door and headed downstairs. A different maid handed him the phone.

"Who's this?" Satoshi rudely asked.

Everyone was used to him answering that way; it was just…well…Satoshi.

"Um…this is Krad…" the boy at the other end of the line answered slowly.

"What do you want?"

Satoshi also didn't like to waste time. If you called him, you'd better have a good reason; otherwise, he'd just hang up on you.

"Well…I just thought you'd want to know Dark and Daisuke are in the hospital…" muttered Krad.

"WHAT!" Exclaimed Satoshi.

He had just been with the Niwa boy! How much trouble can one boy get into?

"It's true!"

"Who told you this?"

"Um…well Risa called me. She's been calling everyone about it nonstop."

"Bye Krad!"


Satoshi hung up the phone and headed out the door. He had his maids drive him to the hospital. Satoshi kept thinking about all the horrible things that could have happened to Daisuke. When he asked the nurse, she told him he was probably in his friend's room. Satoshi raised an eyebrow at the comment. He didn't like the thought of Dark and Daisuke alone together. The blue haired teen still hadn't given up on Daisuke.

When he reached the door, he heard muffled voices. Satoshi opened the door slightly just in time to see the object of his affection and his rival locked together in a passionate kiss. It was then that Satoshi's hope of wining Daisuke's heart was crushed.


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