Italics- Minerva's Thoughts

Darkness had never been so comforting. Minerva remembered having odd dreams, neither happy nor sad. Emotionless dreams but there was someone in her dreams with her. The person was a tall man who had a scared face and a bad eye her wore red robes that seemed to drip, like the red was blood. The dreams were chased away by beautiful blue eyes and a claming voice. Later, after her dreams, she heard frantic voices many male voices and a single calm female. Mom, Dad, Dumbledore, brothers. Minerva soon returned to the world of very bright light. She winced, her eyes felt tender like they were stabbed with needles, but she related more to a hangover feeling. Where the bloody hell am I now? Where was I in the first place…ah shit. I passed out. That thought in her head she groaned, she passed out in front of Dumbledore, her friend, idol, and mentor.

But worse yet, her brothers knew. Being the eldest and having a job, Auror, Marcus would be the worrying brother for a while, but the rest was one whole different story: Min didn't even have to see the boys to describe them; she grew up taking care of the bloody monsters. He was tall and had long black hair, like every other McGonagall, all the boys had dark blue eyes, almost black. Miles is the prankster of the family at 13 years old; he was catching up to "Minerva's Prank Records" as a few of her friends called her record at school. Lately, though, he has been causing nothing but pain. Probably has to do with hitting puberty. Unfortunately for the people he pranks on, they usually wind up in a hospital. Morgan is the Quidditch player, beside Minerva, is a Chaser, like Min. Morgan just needs to learn how to work with the team a bit more and he would be an excellent team player. He was a slender for a boy really, but it helped a bit in Quidditch so he doesn't mind. Also if anyone makes fun of him, he beats the crap out of them, unless Minerva gets to them first. And the last McGonagall boy was Malcolm Jr. Minerva didn't see the point of naming the child Malcolm when that was her fathers name, it got to confusing. Mal, as people called him, was 10 years old. He wasn't a typical little brother, he didn't tag along, somewhat annoying, destroys their bedrooms, etc. But for some reason everyone loved him for those things. Malcolm was a quiet boy who loved his brothers but seemed to like staying with Minerva more.

"She's waking up! Mom, Dad come here!" shouted a cracking voice near her ear. Miles. Minerva felt the bed a bit. It was hers, she was in her room. It was a simple bedroom, dark green walls, and a light green bed. A few bookcases, a nice desk filled with papers for school and such, a few large windows. And a ladder outside the far window to go on top of the roof.

The shuffling of feet hurt her head. Her eyes hurt, her head hurt, and for some reason her chest hurt, pressure on her chest. She couldn't breath right. She made an odd noise in her throat. Everything was blurry. But someone or thing was on her chest.

"Get off her now Malcolm!" Her mother screamed as she knelt by Minerva. Mal slid off her and Minerva could breathe again. Deep breathes, long gasps. Ahhhh, air.

Minerva was a clone of Athena. Tall, black hair and gray eyes, graceful and thin. Athena started asking Minerva questions like what was today's date and other things Minerva recognized as basic questions for a concussion. Her father and Dumbledore were standing by the door talking in low voices. Dumbledore kept looking at Minerva. His sapphire eyes looking through her soul. Minerva had the feeling he knew what happened in her dreams, and who the scar-man was. She sat up in her bed and her mother looked alarmed.

"Are you alright now dear?"

"….my head hurts," Minerva said, pained.

"Have a potion dear,"

Minerva chugged the potion despite the awful taste. But her headache settled into a throb for now. Malcolm was standing by Min's bed anxiously, Marcus was, as Minerva predicted, playing the worried brother part, Miles was standing next to Minerva's' bookshelves, and Morgan was sitting in her desk chair, sleeping. Their father, Malcolm Sr., and Dumbledore were still talking. Both had bags under their eyes, like they didn't sleep at all. Minerva looked out the window and noticed a pinkish hue over the trees behind their house. Huh…wonder how long they've been up…

"… Minerva… Dumbledore used Ligimancy on you," Miles said. So he did know what happened in my dreams…ah crap. "To calm you of course, but it looked like you were having a bloody fit,"

"Oh." Well there's an intelligent answer. Minerva avoided looking at anyone. Say something else dimwit! "Uh Professor…did you see what was…well going on inside my head then? My dreams, so to speak…" Minerva squeaked that out in record time. Father and Dumbledore looked at her, both looking solemn. Something was in Minerva's throat, choking her. She tried to swallow; she didn't like the looks on her normally cheerful family and Professor.

"Yes I did Minerva," The latter of the two said. Her family must already know what was going on because they looked terrified. But there was this look in their eyes that said something like: "Aw bloody hell, what now?"

"So…do you know who that scarred guy is?" Minerva asked, impatient.


A moment of silence.

"Will you tell us?"

"Only you don't know"

"Care to enlighten me?" Minerva said, through gritted teeth. Dumbledore sighed and cleaned his glasses slowly; her parents were standing, silent; her two younger brothers, the conscious ones anyway, were looking scared; Marcus had a serious expression on his face, his wand was out.

"The man you saw is called Rolf Grindelwald, you may know him as The Reaper, Das Reaper. And now he is after you and your family Minerva." Dumbledore has a completely clam expression on his face, that scared Minerva more then Grindelwald.

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