Glinda thought about Elphaba a lot. Ever since the melting incident Elphaba's death lingered on Glinda's mind. That was her in head, in Glinda's heart Elphie was still alive . . . somewhere. Elphie was alive and well, hiding with Fiyero, the man that Glinda had first loved but then Fiyero hooked up with Elphaba. Elphaba wanted so bad to go up to Glinda and say "Hey look I'm alive," but she knew that she needed to stay in hiding because she knew the Wizard was looking for her. Elphaba and Fiyero were making the best out of hiding, enjoying each others company.

"Yero I love you so much"

"Elph you know I love you too," Fiyero took her in his embrace, "and I always will."

"Yero, how many times have I told you I am sorry for turning you I into a scarecrow? Because I am going to say it again."

"Elph what's the difference, you changed me back. And just for an extra bonus we are together now." Fiyero grinned.

Elphaba loved Fiyero's sense of humor.

"Listen Fiyero I don't need any of your smart ass comments." Fiyero chuckled. He loved playing mind games with Elphaba.

"I know but I love my smart ass remarks. Watching you get aggravated is something that I find extremely sexy"

"Oh Yero"

Fiyero kissed Elphaba and it just felt so good to know that someone cared about her. She didn't dare stop him now.