The Return of the DA

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"Yes, Dementors," I reply, my eye twitching with my growing annoyance.

"The Dementors want an alliance with us?"

"Yes," I repeat exasperatedly. "As do the Vampire Council, the Banshee Queen, the Goblin…" I am interrupted before I can continue.

"But we're not even a real organization! We can hardly promise them anything in return!" Sirius asserts vehemently.

"That's where you are wrong; we are an organization. We're the DA," I state proudly, ruffling my feathers.

"DA? I refuse to be known as part of Dumbledore's Army," Moody affirms loudly, his magical eye bulging.

"The DA doesn't stand for Dumbledore's Army… it means Defense Association," Harry interjects quickly, much to my relief.

Sybil adds, "Yes, the Defense Association, not Dumbledore's Army… that name just… ar…" Trelawney shivers at the thought. "Dumbledore's Army... that name just fills me with dread. I can't imagine ever wanting to be in anything with Dumbledore as the high and supreme leader. Having him lord over us at Hogwarts is bad enough."

From beside her, Filius nods his head in complete agreement. "At least there we have the School Ministers and Hogwarts herself to keep him in line. Can you imagine what he would be like without them?"

Remus actually shudders. "Actually, I don't think I want to imagine." He shakes his head. "But I think that we are off topic." He turns to address me, "Fawkes, what exactly did the Dementors say?"

I flutter my wings in thought. "Their message just said that they were interested in meeting, preferably on neutral ground. It proposed that we choose the location. I think they are trying to act in good faith."

"Hm… did it say that they wouldn't use their abilities against us?" Luna questions after a moment.

I nod. "Yes, it did mention that they wouldn't use their abilities during the meeting. Had a written oath that they wouldn't."

Harry adds, "But it's not like they can normally help it. They are cursed after all. The way I understand the curse to work, they have to draw forward the negative emotions of people. It's like a magical compulsion."

"So how are they not going to do that to us?" Sirius asks intently.

"They are sending the only one of their kind that is immune to the curse… Matthanias," I reply.

"Matthanias… hope," Luna whispers and all eyes focus on her. "Matthanias means hope," she clarifies. "He is the hope for his people that they can one day be as they were… not monsters that bring forth nightmares and despair, but the empaths they once were… ones that could use emotions and dreams to bring joy and healing."

"The Dementors were once like that?" Moody asks incredulously, his magical eye whirling in excitement.

"Yes," both the Sorting Hat and I answer simply.

Luna nods and explains, "Yes, they were, but they were cursed long ago. At one time they were able to do both… bring joy or despair; it was part of their nature as natural empaths. But they mostly chose to help others; apparently it hurts them just as much to bring forth the bad as it does us." She pauses, thinking how best to explain.

However, Harry picks up the thread of the conversation first. "They were approached by a group of Wizards long ago, ones that wanted the Dementors to use their gifts for evil purposes. When the Dementors refused, they were cursed. They were turned into the creatures you see today, the wretched monsters that literally suck the happiness out of the air," he finishes with a tired voice.

"Just how long ago was this?" Filius questions.

"Around one thousand years ago," the Sorting Hat replies, inserting itself in the discussion.

I continue, "About the time Hogwarts was built. She was very young when it happened, just recently created."

"Was she the one that told you?" Trelawney asks with her normal non-misty voice.

The Hat nods. I respond, "Yes. According to her, the Founders… Salazar and Helga in particular, were working on a counter-curse. But they never figured out how to cure them." I think for a moment. "Their notes on the subject are still intact if you want to look at them."

Harry and Luna look intrigued by the offer, as does Sybil.

Remus, however, looks confused. "Then how do you explain Matthanias?"

"Him... he was a natural occurrence. A fluke of nature, if you will. He is a special case." I sigh heavily.

"He is the first in over a thousand years that is curse-free," the Hat states. "Even they're not sure what exactly happened with him. All they know is that he is free."

The others nod, contemplating this new information.

"So he'll be the one they send," Harry reiterates; he glances at Luna, the wordless exchange passing too quickly for me to decipher.

"Yes," I reply. "They will probably send a few others, but you won't be around them much. You'll mostly be talking with Matthanias."

"A quick question then," Luna says.

I glance at her curiously.

Luna smiles before continuing. "Who are we sending?"

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