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Sun splashed through the holes in the leaves of the trees along the sidewalk as people walked to and from destinations in the warm weather.

Detective Olivia Benson was among the sun-drenched crowd.

She removed her sunglasses as her destination came in to sight, with a relaxed stride she entered a building for foster kids in need of mentors, "Saving Graces" was the name.

"Hi, I'm-"

"Detective Benson, I know", a middle-age woman smiled warmly in greeting. "You're friend Detective Stabler called and said to expect you around this time."

Olivia smiled back, "And you can call me Olivia. Dr. Huang, our precinct psychiatrist thought this would be a therapuetic deal for me, now who'll I be mentoring?"

Behind the desk the woman, Ms. Saltorn, gathered a folder up from her desk and walked around.

"I understand you've been thoroughly investigated and approved for this so we can head back."

The two women walked on past the metal detectors and through the double doors in to the back of the facility. Kid's of all ages ran around while others talked with adults or played games. Brightly colored walls added comfort to the sometimes difficult atmosphere, a series of doors ran down a side hall, Olivia and Ms. Saltorn stopped in front of the first door.

Going in to the room there was a window looking in to a bedroom, a teenager lay on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"What's all this?" Olivia asked curiously.

"We have a watch system for high-risk kids so we need the revolving window like you have at the precinct house." Ms. Saltorn informed her.

"This is Camilla Angelesa, she's 15. Poor kid's been to hell and back, she's under surveillance because of her latest and last visit to Satan."

Olivia turned a quizzical gaze from the girl to the social worker.

"Cammie is the product of a rape, her father was never apprehended either and she has a difficult time dealing with that reality. Her mother, CJ, is a junkie. Cam arrived here about five years ago undernourished and badly beaten. We got her counseling and tried to help her in every way possible, it worked for awhile until her mother showed up...."

Ms. Saltorn trailed off unsure of how to continue.

"I take it her mother was clean and wanted her back.." it was more a statement than a question. Olivia felt a switch in her body flip when the social worker said 'product of rape and her mother's a junkie.'

The social worker nodded, "In this system we have an, I believe damaging, three- strikes program."

"And what's that?" Olivia asked.

"Parents get to have their kids back once, if they screw up that's strike one. Somehow they clean up in one way or another and get their kids back a second time, then strike two and then three. Most parents go through strike one until reality sinks in and they get their acts together for good."

Silence filled the room as Olivia watched Cammie practically burn a hole in the ceiling with her emotionless, penetrating stare.

"And Cammie is back after strike three..."

"Yep. Every time has been a little different, but the same too; beatings, drugs, and neglect."

Liv was growing weary just listening to this, but she knew it was for her own good and that Cammie really needed someone.... someone who might just understand.

As if reading the detectives thoughts Ms. Saltorn continued, "Cammie's had about 10 mentors in four years. No one can get through to her and they become frustrated and give up, more people letting her down unfortunately."

Wanting to speed the process up she asked "Can I go in yet?"

"One last thing, from your persona I can tell your special, but good luck anyway."

With an encouraging, hopeful smile Ms. Saltorn handed Olivia the folder and exited the room

so Olivia took a deep breath and entered Cammie's room.

"Hi Cammie"

"Who're you?" the child kept her gaze away from Olivia's.

"My name's Detective Olivia Benson. You can call me Olivia, or Liv is fine too."

Inside Olivia felt her heart go out to the teen, she wanted so badly to help Cammie, she just hoped she'd be allowed to.

"Oh yeah they told me. You're just another mentor."

"I wanna be your friend, someone you can talk to, someone you can have fun with. I'd like to be able to help you in any way I can, if you'll let me. My boss also won't let me back to work full time if we don't do this." Liv tried the joke method.

Cammie set her jaw stubbornly and sat up to turn her clouded eye's to Liv's, "Whatever."

"I also believe we can help each other" Olivia whispered.......

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