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New York City never slowed down, never allowed anyone to catch up, you just sort of had to jump right from where you'd left off and be smart enough to set off at a dead run.

Liv went back to work after almost a month-in-a-half hiatus.

She wasn't the same when she returned, she was more sure of herself and a little more comfortable with who she was. The past couldn't be changed, but she had an affect on her future.

Coming in in the middle of the week she jumped right back in to a new SVU case and at exactly the appropriate time.

Their newest vic was a child who'd been beaten by her mother who had just been raped and was in a drunken rage. Liv carried the little girl out to the ambulance all the way reassuring the youngster. At the rig the little girl clung to Olivia and, despite her professional pull to remain at the crime scene, Liv went with the girl to the hospital, determined not to allow what had happened to her or Cammie, to happen to this little girl.

Elliot smiled in spite of the situation;his partner, his best friend, was back.

Cammie went back to school, she started getting better grades and making a friends. True to her promise Liv made sure to call at least every other day, free time was spent having lunch, going to Central Park, and spending time together.

Each woman, though both years apart in age, had found comfort in the other, and struck a new balance in life.

Liv knew she'd always question and always be wary, but she had let go.

Cam wasn't yet able to let go, still too young and still very much wounded, but she was on the right track.

With each new sunrise new hopes are born...

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