This is my first ever fanfic!I've spent ages reading fanfiction but never written any before, so go easy on me. I know this story has been done to death, but i just couldn't get this out of my head. I wrote the first chappie during a physics lesson at college (i hate physics!), so it probably isnt brilliant, but bear with me, the story gets better.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any other related stuff....yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea!

Chapter 1

"Daddy, I can't sleep", whined a young black haired girl.

Harry Potter wearily opened his eyes and looked over to the open door of his bedroom where silhouetted against the harsh light from the hall was his 7 year old daughter clutching a stuffed animal.

His red headed wife groaned, "It's your turn, I've got work in the morning!"

"'k Gin" he answered and proceeded to roll out of their king sized bed and padded across the room to their waiting daughter.

"Hey sweetie" he said to her, "lets go downstairs and let mummy sleep".

He took her hand and led her through Potter Manor and into the kitchen. Upon entering the cavernous kitchen, a strange looking creature with wide eyes and bat-like ears appeared with a small pop,

"Is there anything Dobby can get for Harry Potter sir? Anything Harry Potter wants Dobby will get for him, for he is th-"

"No we're fine Dobby" Harry cut in, "Lucy just had some trouble sleeping"

"Does mistress Lucy want some warm coco? How about something to ea-"

"WE'RE FINE DOBBY" interrupted Harry again, "really, go back to bed, when I need you I'll call you" he said to the small house elf.

Tears welled up in Dobby's huge eyes, glistening like diamonds, "Ohh, Dobby has offended Harry Potter, oh the shame! Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby" he frantically looked around to find something to use to hit himself.

"No no no, I just mean this is something I can handle, don't even think about punishing yourself Dobby, that's an order!"

He carried on, "I'll tell you what, tomorrow, I've got the day off, there's still a week before the kids are back at Hogwarts and I've got to run a tonne of errands. You can help me sort out the motley crew for Diagon Alley" he said, trying to console the stricken house elf.

At this, Dobby's eyes brightened from the promise of work, and left happily, muttering to himself about his wonderful master.

Lucy giggled at the strange creature and said "Why does Dobby love you so much Daddy? He's nice to everyone but Uncle Ron said that Dobby acts like the sun shines out of your bloody arse" she asked innocently.

"How many times have I told you not to repeat what Uncle Ron says?" he said sternly, then smiling, "You're a bit of a scamp aren't you? Dobby is so crazy because I tricked his old master into freeing him."

"His old master?"

"Yes, the Malfoy's"

"You mean like Drakey?" she queried.

"Merlin, don't let him hear you call him that. Draco can get worse than your mother when he's offended!" he teased the young girl.

He picked her up and set Lucy onto the counter, and started going through the cupboards in search of some hot chocolate.

"I-am-knackered!" groaned Harry. He had just arrived back home after a 5 hour shopping trip to Diagon Alley for the kids return to school. At 35 years old and with 6 children, Harry Potter was beginning to feel his past. You see Harry was no ordinary wizard. Before he was even born, he was prophesised to destroy the most evil wizard that ever lived. At the age of 1, his parents went into hiding, but unfortunately they were betrayed by someone they thought was their friend, resulting in Voldemort (the evil wizard) finding them. After murdering both his parents Voldemort turned his wand on Harry, but because of some ancient blood magic, and his own power, he survived and Voldemort lost his body, reduced to nothing more than a spirit. Harry spent the next 10 years of his life with his mother's sister and her husband and son, where he was ostracised and treated like a slave. They thought they could stamp the magic out of him.

However, on his 11th birthday he found out the truth of his heritage; he was a wizard, and was whisked away to a world were he was famous, a world where he was awed, a world where he was Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived. There, he met his two best friends, Ron Weasley, a pureblood, and Hermione Granger, a muggle born. All was not well in this new world though. Each year something would happen to Harry; his school life was blighted by trolls and basilisks, acromentula and dementors, death eaters and Voldemort. For 3 years Voldemort tried to get his body back, and then in Harry's fourth year, he finally succeeded, and in doing so, nearly killed Harry. This was the year Harry was first introduced to the cruciatus curse, the torturing curse, something that became very familiar to him in his later years. It was also the year he saw death.

Harry's fifth year changed him. He was no longer a child, he was never a child. Innocence was something he was denied, and in the middle of all the hate and lies that made up his life, Harry saw the closest thing to father he ever had, murdered in front of him. Sirius Black, Harry's godfather and friend. They had two years to know one another, and were ripped apart by Voldemort and his followers. It was at this point that Harry finally learned of the prophecy.

He was plunged into another hell; stuck in the middle of a war, the only person who could bring it to an end. Harry had to choose, would he become murderer or victim?

The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches. Born as the seventh month dies. Born to those who have thrice defied him. And the dark lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.

The summer after his sixth year, Harry found darkness within him. Stuck in a war he didn't want a part of. Fighting for people who didn't care about him; people who turned their backs on him at every opportunity. He was lost. It would take something drastic to pull him back from the edge.

Halloween, sixth year. Voldemort got bored of waiting, bored of hiding. He came out with a bang. He captured Harry, and for 3 days no-one knew what happened. That is, until Voldemort sent Dumbledore a message, showing their saviour being tortured. It caused widespread horror, people who had never even met Harry, who had turned their backs on him or ridiculed him, took a stand. Members of the Order of the Phoenix, an elite fighting force against Voldemort, increased dramatically. People banded together and rescued him. Harry refused to talk about his experience to anyone at first. He didn't want to talk. He wanted to get even. After begging Dumbledore, he began a training regime, taking extra classes, and personally being tutored by Albus himself in occculemency, duelling, animagi and even elemental magic. You see, Voldemort thought he could take the fight out of Harry. After all, that was what usually happens when under torture. For Harry though, it gave him a reason to fight, a reason to keep going.

Harry renewed his dwindling friendships with Ron and Hermione, and even developed some new ones, including Ginny, Ron's sister. It was hesitant at first, but they eventually relaxed and became more at ease with one another. There was never anything more than friendship to their relationship, that is, until the Yule Ball in his seventh year. After spending most of the night dancing in each others arms, they started the first tentative steps into a romantic relationship.

It was months after this that the end of the war was in sight. Easter of Harry's seventh year saw the final battle, which also saw the last of Harry's innocence disappear. He killed. Vampires, werewolves, even daemons which Voldemort had somehow managed to control. In a fierce battle many lost their lives, "mad eye" Moody, Percy Weasley, Cornelius Fudge and Aberforth Dumbledore to name a few. In the end, it came down to Harry and Voldemort. They had a formal Wizards dual, in front of everyone. In an amazing display of raw power, Harry was able to subdue Voldemort, but still had reservations about killing. This was different. This wasn't self defence and Harry knew it. He had set out to kill Voldemort and taking the life of this wizard, no matter how evil, would still be murder. He made to spare Voldemort, and allow him to live; they could find another way to stop him. However Voldemort wanted blood, and he stabbed Harry in the back with a dagger. In what seemed like slow motion, Harry whipped around, and somehow conjured Gryffindor's sword into his right hand and decapitated Voldemort. Harry collapsed and fell into a coma.

He was unconscious for almost 6 weeks, and awoke to find a very different world. People were happy, and felt safe. The cloud that had been hanging over the wizarding world for so long was finally gone, for good. That wasn't the only thing he awoke to. The twinkling eyes of his mentor and friend, the tear-filled amber eyes of his second godfather, and 6 angry redheaded brothers. Ginny was pregnant. They had made love for the first time the night before the battle, and now he was going to be a father. For Harry, that was when his life began. That was when he knew he had a future.