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Chapter 6

Harry sat by the window in his room on the second floor of Potter Manor, watching his children playing with borrowed broomsticks on the quidditch pitch. He had just spoken with Albus who told him that they had had no luck in finding anything about how to return. They had been stuck in the past for 5 days now, and he was getting very worried. He missed his wife and friends, and it seemed as if it would be a while before they could return.

Another reason for Harry's worry was that his father, James Potter senior, was to be returning home the next day. He had just spent the past few weeks at camp, and tomorrow he, along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were to be arriving at Potter Manor where they would stay until the return to Hogwarts. Somehow, Albus talked him into attending Hogwarts, to help the current DADA professor, while his elder children would join classes, until their return. After all, there was no need for them to miss school.

He sighed and the glass grew foggy.

"Y' know, if you carry on like that, my great grandchildren are going to get affected too" came a voice from the doorway.

"Oh, it's you. What do want? Fancy destroying more dreams? Sorry, but I'm all out." Replied Harry icily.

"I deserve that"


"Can't you see things from my point of view? I mean, you turn up, out of the blue one day, and tell me that not only am I going to die soon, but my son is too! And, my grandson, you, is going to spend the next 17 years of your life fighting in this war? It's a lot to take in, and I panicked. I'm sorry."


"Would you at least look at me?" pleaded Richard.

Harry turned around and faced him, tears in his eyes, "Who put you up to this? Dumbledore?" he asked.

"No, no-one did really. Your son James, he explained to me a few things, about you." At Harry's spark of interest he said, "He's quite a bold, isn't he? You raised him well." He said, trying to encourage Harry to speak.

"It wasn't me. It was mainly Ginny and my in-laws. I don't have a clue." He replied dejectedly.

"Yeh, sure. That's why James respects you so much. I don't think you realise how much you mean to them. They adore you, your children. They even locked me up in a room, and gave me a good telling off for you" said Richard.

"They did what?" asked Harry, in amazement.

"I know, somehow, I can't see my James doing something like that. He'd rather pull pranks and play quidditch." He grinned. "One heck of a fighter as well. I suppose he gets that from you?"

"He's had to. Learn, I mean. You're not Harry Potter's son and get to be normal. They put up with a lot of crap. Reporters, photographers, psychotic fans. James' first date was splashed across the newspapers!" replied Harry, "they deserve more."

"From what I can tell, they don't want more. Not many fathers can get that sort of attention from their children" replied Richard. "If I were you, I'd just count my blessings"

"I guess you're right. Besides, at least I know that they can handle themselves in a fight. I suppose there are some advantages about being related to me." Harry said.

"James, my James, comes home tomorrow, you know that, right?" asked Richard carefully.

Harry nodded his head and said, "Yes. Merlin, I'm terrified. I can't remember him at all. All I have is the memory of his death, a few photographs, and a trip tolala landwhere I talked to his ghost". At Richards questioning gaze he added, "I died for a few minutes, long story"

"I'm not sure if he should know. Who you are. It would freak him out" began Richard.

For a moment Harry looked hurt, then defeated he replied, "I know. It's too much to take on for a 17 year old. Besides, he'd probably ask what sort of pranks Zonko's sells in my time" he joked sadly. "Don't worry, I won't say anything, and I'll talk to the kids. Might want to come up with a story though. I look too much like him, so does James, my James I mean"

"I know, I was thinking you could be my brother, much younger bother. I haven't seen you since you were a baby, when mum gave you up for adoption. How does that sound?" inquired Richard.

"You've put a lot of thought into this" replied Harry. "It sounds alright. I'll tell the kids. When's your wife, my grandmother getting here. I haven't seen her yet" asked Harry curiously.

"Ahh, well, seeing as I didn't particularly trust you, I sent her away for a few days. She's actually on her way back now. She was staying with the Weasley's. Do you know them? Lovely family. Purebloods."

Harry grinned and replied, "Yes, I've heard of them"

It was later on that evening when everyone was seated around the dining table, that the subject was broached. It had been playing on James' mind for the entire day, "So tell me again, why we have to go to school?"

Harry laughed and replied, "Because, lazybones, you don't want to fall behind in your studies. You're in your NEWT year; you can't afford to miss a few weeks of lessons."

"Weeks?" said Orion shocked. "I thought it would be a few more days, tops."

"Me too." Agreed Harry, "but I talked with Albus earlier, and their having no luck in finding out what happened."

"Well, why don't you have a go?" asked Steven.

"You know me and research. We don't mix. I have the power, but not the brains to use it. I was never any good with the theory work. Do you remember anything your aunt Hermione told you about our school days?" he questioned.

"Only that you never did your homework, and always copied her" replied James cheekily.

Richard observed this playful family banter and smiled. He was glad that at least his grandson would be happy eventually. Harry hadn't told him much about his childhood or time at Hogwarts, instead relaying the bare facts, and skirting around certain issues. He didn't even find out about Halloween 6th year until James told him; Harry just said something happened that made him fight. It disturbed him to think about his family having to go through anything like Harry had. Out of courtesy he hadn't broached the subject with Harry, instead choosing to skirt over the issue, like Harry. He wasn't a good talker; Potter men rarely were. It was the woman' job to do all the emotional stuff, and Richard didn't want to consider the possibility of what he would find out going through Harry's past, even though he was curious about certain things.

"Hey, that was only for a few years. I pulled myself together after my OWL year…….." he trailed off, caught in remembrance of what happened that year.

Richard saw the change in atmosphere, and realised what Harry was referring to;his godfathersdeath. He cleared his throat and said,

"Well, who's for dessert?"

There was a chorus of me's around the table, but Harry declined. Everyone was slightly worried by Harry's sudden change in temperament, and tried to cheer him up,

"Does that mean we can forget our homework all the time as well?" asked Steven.

Harry smiled as he was pulled out of his musings and joined back in with the chat.

"Course, you just explain to your mother and of course Professor Weasley, why you haven't done it" he smirked.

At Stevens wide eyes and dramatic gulp, Richard asked,

"Professor Weasley. A Weasley made it to professor? Wouldn't be Arthur would it? Probably teaching muggle studies."

"Arthur? No, the one who could scare a boggart, Professor Hermione Weasley, nee Granger. I told you about her a few days ago. Well, sort of" said Harry.

"The brainy one, right" replied Richard, trying to remember what Harry had told him when he first arrived.

"Yes, she can be a little scary sometimes. Obsessed with books and learning"

"A little scary?" cried Orion, "she's a bloody nightmare! She gave us a weeks worth of detention just because we accidentally set fire to a text book!"

"You got off easy. She was a lot worse when we were in school. Your uncle Ron mellowed her out." Said Harry.

"I've never heard of the Grangers, they're not purebloods are they?"

Harry froze and replied, "No, they're muggles. Hermione was, is, muggleborn. Do you, er, have a problem with that?" He was nervous; was his grandfather actually a racist?

"Oh, heavens no. I guess that young Arthur was very pleased then? Being related to a muggle and all. He's a strange one is Arthur Weasley. Couldn't meet a nicer fellow, but a few knuts short of a galleon if you know what I mean. I was just talking to him the other day and apparently Molly's pregnant again, another boy. Andrew, his father, is very pleased. Plenty of heirs there. Although Marie, his mother, is a little upset they haven't waited until Arthur was more settled in his job. That's the third Weasley y' know." Richard was very talkative and wanted to know more about his friends. The Weasleys had been friends with him for years and he was curious to know if they survived the war.

"Yes I know. I may be a bit slow on the uptake occasionally", James snorted into his drink, "but, I know what you're doing. You want to know what's become of them." Harry said.

"Maybe" began Richard, "Oh, come on, they are close friends, I just want to know if they're okay, if at least one family is going to come through this war intact."

"You're eating your dinner with 6 Weasley descendants here. Does that answer your question?" asked Harry.

"How does that work out?"

"My wife, their mother, Virginia Alice Weasley, now Potter. The 7th and youngest Weasley." Harry smiled.

"7!" said Richard astonished. "Whoah. And I thought your lot was impressive."

The tension from earlier had disappeared, and the family settled down to finish off their desserts. Afterwards they sat and while James destroyed Harry in a chess game, Richard told the younger children a bed time story and tucked them in.

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