Title: Everlasting Memories

Author: Pen Name: Akito Hayama
Real Name: Raphael S.

Pairings: YusukeKeiko YusukeBotan
Other pairs: KuwabaraYukina, KuramaShizuru, HieiMukoro, KoenmaAyame

Genre: Romance/Action/Angst/Adventure/Humor

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho

Summary: There is a new evil that is awakening. It threatens to destroy and take over all of the different worlds. Can Yusuke and the gang stop this evil before it's too late?

Background Info: It is a sequel after the last episode or the ending of the series.

Author's Note:
This fanfic is about the continuation of the series. This fanfic is about the pairs Yusuke/Keiko and Yusuke/Botan. This fanfic does not contain any Keiko bashing or trashing. I like the pair Yusuke and Keiko, because they were an okay and average couple, where Yusuke would be the selfish, arrogant, and with the tough guy facade, while Keiko would be the smart one, caring, and always nagging and worrying about Yusuke. In my opinion, I don't dislike Keiko, but I just think that Botan would be much more suitable and better for Yusuke. Since I think that Botan is secretly in love with Yusuke all along, but did not have the heart and opportunity to tell him. Probably because Yusuke had keiko, Yusuke thinks of Botan as a best friend, and everyone assumes that they were meant to be together. I know and realized that some people thinks that Botan and Yusuke's relationship was just like bestfriends and a sister-brother relationship, but it is actually more than that.

There is actually a lot of evidences and proof that Botan loves Yusuke in the series, one of them was when she cried and almost fell off on her oar when she realized and felt it in her heart when Yusuke died in the battle with Sensui, Keiko did not realize this until Botan accidentally told her. This means that her bond with Yusuke is actually stronger than Keiko's because Keiko did not even realize this, even though Puu transfromed into its phoenix form. Another one was when Yusuke bid goodbye to all them when he decided to go to Makai and accepted Raizen's invitation. Botan was very heartbroken, you can tell because she was crying very hard and much more harder when Yusuke dissappeared into the portal, note that she was the only one who cried when Yusuke left. Even Keiko did not cry that hard, Yusuke went to Keiko before going to Genkai's temple, he went to Keiko's restaurant and ate their even inviting her to eat with him, but Keiko was being her stubborn self and decided to leave, when Yusuke suddenly grabbed her hand, and in a serious look and tone, he proposed to Keiko. Yusuke was very serious at that time, but Keiko just shrugged it off and went up to her room, leaving Yusuke alone, shebleakly agreed to Yusuke's proposal. Yusuke just told her to wait for him for three years. Yusuke just left and waved goodbye to her, never looking back at her in her room. From there, I thought that they were not going to be together and I thought that Botan and Yusuke was probably going to have a relationship, since the first time I saw the anime and saw them both together, I thought right away that they were meant for each other. I mean they were always together, and they were good together, much better than with Keiko. So I support, and hoped that if there is a sequel of YuYu Hakusho, Botan and Yusuke would be together.

I saw a lot of fanfics that regards to Botan and other pairs for her like: BotanxKurama, BotanxHiei, BotanxKoenma, and BotanxYusuke. I will share what I think about these pairings. Please be aware that even though I am a Botan and Yusuke supporter, I am judging the pairings based on the reality in the series: (So please don't be angry with me, these are just my opinion.)

Yes, I think that there is a possibility. However, I think that their relationship are merely friends, not even best friends. Botan never really showed any interest to Kurama in the series, only as a friend and maybe just an acquaintance to Yusuke in his missions and adventures. Besides Botan thinks that Kurama is very cold and never really showed his feelings to others except his bestfriends and his mother. Kurama as well never showed any interest in Botan and just thinks of her as a friend and an assistant to their missions. Kurama only cares about one woman in the whole series, and this woman was her human mother. Even the Youko Kurama cares deeply for Shuichi's mother. I think that Shuichi (Kurama) would probably find love to another woman, but I doubt that it's Botan, it is probably a woman a lot like his mother, caring and loving. Besides I think that Kurama and Shizuru are good for each other, since Shizuru is very caring and loving (ex. to her brother Kuwabara).

It's a possibility. Although, I think that there relationship is more likely just friends. Botan just thinks of Koenma as her boss and friend, and nothing more than that. Botan even sometimes is annoyed by Koenma, who always demands and ask her to do many tasks at once, and she comments that Koenma is a baby who is very afraid of his father, and would do everything to make his father satisfied. Botan was even angry and mad at Koenma a lot of times when he sent Yusuke into dangerous missions that he could get hurt. Botan even compares him to Yusuke, who she thinks is an idiot, but very brave. Since Yusuke was not afraid of Enma (Koenma's father) and even attacked him. Even Koenma admires Yusuke's bravery, and was an inspiration for him to defy his father's orders in killing Yusuke. Koenma, as well treats Botan as a ferry girl and a friend sometimes, but nothing more than that, maybe a sister. It is evident in the series that Koenma is in love with Ayame the ferry girl and her likewise.

It is very impossible and not likely to happen (sorry B/H fans), but it is the truth in the series. I know the possibility that opposites attract like Yusuke and Keiko, but this pair is never going to happen in reality of the series. Botan is afraid, scared, and terrified of Hiei. She dislikes Hiei and his personality and attitude. Botan is a friendly and cheerful girl, the kind of personality that Hiei despises. Botan doesn't like Hiei at all because of his anti social ways like his rude remarks and his death threats, his warning looks and stares, basically his whole personality. I don't even think that Botan considers Hiei as a friend, more like just an acquaintance of Yusuke. Hiei as well does not like Botan one bit. He hates her happy-go-lucky attitude, cheerful, bubbly, ditzy, and happy personality. This is much more evident when Hiei threatened Botan to kill her, when Botan almost told Yukina that Hiei was his brother, Botan just frozed (funny scene) and talked about something else. The only person that Hiei liked and impressed by their cheerful personality was Yusuke, commenting that even at the face of danger and hopeless situation, he was still cheerful. Hiei only cared about two woman in the series, that was his sister, Yukina, and one of the Makai King (More like Queen) Mukoro. Hiei showed his feelings and the details of his life to Mukoro, he said that she and him are somewhat similar. She was the only woman that Hiei showed his past and shows that he deeply cares for her and her past. Hiei questions about Mukoro's past and her goals in the present, and Mukoro did the same to Hiei. Both of them share a common, similar, and mutual interest and bond. Both wants to know about each others past and their goals in the present. Even in the end of the series where they both lived together, even in the same room (Oooooooohhhhhh!!!! Somethings got to be going on there!!!! hehehehe), Hiei works for Mukoro as to keep humans from entering Makai or putting them back to Ningenkai, and she even said to him that he was free and he could go to Ningenkai, but Hiei just smiled saying, "Right, I'll do that when I want to." Now, from that ending in the series, you know that Hiei does not want to leave her (Mukoro), and that he stayed in Makai sleeping on a tree branch watching the sunset. The only reason that Hiei wants to go to Ningenkai was because of Yukina's gem stone (hiruiseki) and give it back to her and maybe tell her about himself.

It is definitely possible and is very likely to happen. There is a good potential that these two who'd have been together if not for Keiko being Yusuke's childhood friend and Yusuke caring and loving her. I am pretty sure that even though most people think that Botan only cares for Yusuke as a best friend and as a brother. However, It is most likely possible that Botan is secretly in love with Yusuke all along, but the opportunity never presents itself. Botan was always there for Yusuke, and she was always helped him, not only from the missions, but his life. She was responsible for resurecting Yusuke back to life. She helped cheer Yusuke up and helped him on his love life. Like in certain situations when Yusuke and Keiko are together, Botan was always there hiding, like in the dark tournament near the tree where Keiko and Yusuke was talking, Botan was hiding in the bush the whole time. Maybe, at first, Botan treatsYusuke as her bestfriend, then soon developed as a crush, then to the point where she loves him a lot and is very fond of him. She even created a bond much more powerful than the bond of Keiko to Yusuke where she knows when Yusuke died, it had a great impact and effect on her, she almost fell off on her oar, then when she realized that this never happened to her before, she knew that Yusuke died, and this caused her to cry hard compared to Keiko when she knew about Yusuke's death. She liked Yusuke, and knows him a lot, like she knows that even though Yusuke may seem arrogant, selfish, rude, a pervert, and with a tough guy attitude, that there is more of him than meets the eye. She knows that Yusuke is really compassionate, noble, kind-hearted, and loving. She knows that Yusuke just needs someone to love and take care of him. Botan was too late since Yusuke already thinks and realized about Keiko loving him. I think that if Botan just told Yusuke about how she really feels about him and would show how she really feels like when she was always worried about him and when she cried a lot for him, much more that Keiko cried for Yusuke. I think that Yusuke would love and care for Botan, since Yusuke is the kind of guy who is very dense and cynical about things espacially feelings and love. If Botan would reveal her true feelings to Yusuke, then Yusuke would develop his love for her. (My fanfic would base on Botan's hidden feelings and how Yusuke develop feelings for her.) An example about a good evidence that Botan revealed her feelings to Yusuke was when Yusuke lost the Makai tournament and was leaving to go to Raizen's grave and told him what happened. Koenma talked to Yusuke about his crazy idea about settling the three kingdoms from war by using a tournament to decide the future king of all of Makai. He was angry at Yusuke saying that he was complimenting him but lecturing him about his carelessness and stupidity, stating that what if his idea didn't work, Yusuke's respond was that he didn't know how to settle it and decided to host a tournament. If they did not agree then he did know how to work it out. Yusuke was still very cheerfull when he said this and he was even cheerful in the battle between him and Yomi, even at the fact that he lost and did not become the king. He bid goodbye to Koenma saying that they won't probably see each other again for a long time, then he smiled, waved goodbye, and walked off saying that he still has things to take care off in Makai. Koenma looked at him saying, "No matter what the situation is, he is still cheerful." With that remark, Botan stepped in and said, "Yeah, I know, that is why I really like him" (a bit of a pause) "He is an amazing guy." This remark is more than evident to say that Botan really likes Yusuke and even loves him in secrecy. Besides throughout the whole anime series, the only guy that Botan showed a lot of interest, feelings, and thoughts was Yusuke. In my opinion, they would make a great couple and should have been together instead of Keiko and Yusuke.

Well I've talked LONG enough (bonks my head) sorry to keep you guys waiting for the story. I just wanted to share my views about the love story in the anime series and the possible couple. Well, I have to remind you all out there to take it easy on me, since this is my first and hopefully not the last fanfic to write about. I want to recap all of the readers as a preview about my story is much more than my summary, I will try my best to make this fanfic really good and in reality very possible to happen as a sequel to the series Yu Yu Hakusho (I wish........). This fanfic is more than battling a new kind of evil but facing consequences and challenges along the way, there is going to be a lot of good romance scenes, action pack adrenaline, heart throbbing drama or tragedy, and quite so humor or comedy, and the usual adventures. So prepare yourselves for the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!