"I'm sure you'll be fine, Honda- san, the test will be easy." Yuki soothed, only to almost bump into Kyou's back as the other boy stopped abruptly. "What's wrong with you?"

A screech answered him a moment later; a car hadn't stopped soon enough for a red light at the intersection in front of them, and the driver slammed on the brakes. The road was still slick from the afternoon's rain, and the car skidded toward another that had the right- of- way; the driver that had run the red light swerved to avoid a direct collision and hit the other car broadside, sending it into a corner where pedestrians were waiting to cross the street.

For a heartbeat, no one present made any noise; the only sounds came from the wrecked cars.

Yuki felt movement next to him; Tohru's bag hit the ground with a soft thud. He glanced over at her.

People were shouting, now; comforting the wounded, checking the dead. Others were on cell phones, calling emergency numbers. Those who couldn't think of a way to be useful turned to their companions or even strangers, asking about the accident in front of them.

"Did you see what happened?"

"Are the drivers all right?"

"What about the people under the car?"

"Where are the ambulances? I can't even hear them yet!"

"How many dead?"

"How many injured?"

In the midst of all the confusion, Tohru stood stock still; her eyes stared blankly at the wreck and she trembled slightly.

"Honda- san?"

A small noise, such as a hurt animal might make, escaped her and Kyou took an elbow, looking to Yuki.

"We have to get her out of here."

For once he agreed with the baka neko. "Un." he agreed, taking Tohru's other arm and snagging her bag with his free one. "Let's go."


Yuki helped Tohru to her room as Kyou walked in on Shigure without so much as a knock, demanding that he call Hatori.

Tohru woodenly changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed. She could vaguely recognize Yuki- kun's voice outside the door, but couldn't think clearly enough to wonder what he wanted or realize that he sounded extremely worried.

More voices; a few minutes later the door opened and Yuki- kun, Kyou- kun and Shigure- san appeared. Yuki- kun knelt by her bed and took a limp hand, talking to her.

"She's been like this the whole way here; not a word, not a sign that anything we said even registered." Kyou told Shigure quietly. "I even- I even yelled at her, but she didn't so much as blink."

"I called Ha- san." Shigure told him. "All we can do is wait."

They didn't have to wait long. Hatori arrived with alacrity and examined Tohru with his usual efficiency, but the girl didn't seem to notice he was there. Hatori moved her pillow from her head to her feet and sighed as he turned to the other Sohmas, anxiously awaiting his opinion.

"Keep her warm and don't let her move unnecessarily. Have someone with her at all times and make sure you talk to her, but be reassuring- don't upset her." His eyes drifted to Kyou, but the boy didn't bother bristling at the comment.

Shigure went downstairs with Hatori as Yuki asked Kyou if he had Hanajima or Uotani's phone numbers.

"How would I know?" Kyou asked back irritably. "She should have them around here somewhere."

"I don't think we should be going through her things." Yuki reprimanded sharply, but gentled his tone when he turned his attention back to Tohru. "Honda- san, can you tell us Hanajima- san and Uotani- san's phone numbers?"


"Uo- chan and Hana- chan?" Yuki prompted, wincing horribly at using such familiar terms for them.

Tohru's mouth moved, but no sound came out. Yuki leaned forward. "What?"

"Uo- chan… Hana- chan…"

"Their phone numbers?" Yuki reminded her.


Yuki slanted a glance at Kyou, who peered at papers on Tohru's desk before coming up with one. "Here they are."


They arrived a remarkably short time later- they'd left even before Yuki called. Uotani was out of breath, but Hanajima looked unruffled save for the concern in her eyes. "Tohru- kun?"

"Upstairs, in her room. Yuki and Kyou are with her." Shigure told them.

Kyou met Uotani and Hanajima at the door. "Talk to her, but be reassuring; don't leave her unattended, keep her warm and don't let her move unnecessarily."

"Shutup, we know!" Uo said indignantly; Hana glided over to the bed and took up Tohru's hand. "We're here."

"I'm just telling you what the doctor told us." Kyou hissed.

Uo decked him and went over to sit beside Hanajima, who had taken a seat on the side of Tohru's bed. "Hey, Tohru, we're here. Come back to yourself, okay?"


It was a long night. Hanajima could not sleep; something was dreadfully wrong. Something more than Tohru's shocked state and the regular weird vibe around the Sohmas would account for.

No… no, it wasn't that something was already wrong. Something more was going to happen, Hanajima could feel it.

She looked down, only to see movement behind Tohru's eyelids; a moment later, her friend's great green eyes opened.

"Hana- chan…"

Hanajima smoothed the other girl's bangs away from her forehead. "I'm here."

"Hana- chan…" Tohru said again, but her tone had changed; now there was a plea in it. Hanajima opened her arms, and Tohru threw herself into them, suddenly sobbing; Hana kept one arm around her and used the other to stroke Tohru's hair. She didn't say anything, merely rocked her gently and offered silent comfort.

Uotani woke next; seeing them, she too came and wrapped her arms around Tohru.

It had been the same when Kyoko had died… but this time, Uo did not cry.

Tohru cried herself out, and eventually fell asleep on Hana's shoulder; Uo helped the vibe girl lay their friend back down and pressed against her comfortingly, eventually dozing off herself.

Hanajima kept watch over them, trying to pinpoint what this foreboding was.