"It's been three days."

"I know."

"She hasn't said anything to us."

"I know."

"She's not mad at us, is she? I asked her but she wouldn't give me an answer, she just tried to smile."

"I don't know, Momiji."

"Will she be okay?"

Yuki's depressed "I don't know" was cut off by Kyou's punch to the rabbit's head. "Just shut up for a minute, will you? Damned brat!"

Instead of whining as he usually did, Momiji sniffled and looked ahead of them, where Tohru was walking with her friends. She had been much more somber than usual, keeping her gaze down and not speaking except to answer a direct question, but she hadn't spoken to the Sohmas at all, despite their best attempts. In a rare perceptively creative moment, Kyou suggested bringing Kisa over, but Hatori vetoed that idea, worried about the effect it would have on the younger girl if Tohru wouldn't talk to her either. Kisa was already worried enough.

Momiji was more grave than usual as well; his tone was softer and he didn't ramble on. He walked between Kyou and Yuki quietly.

"Tohru! Tohru, are you all right?" he cried, running over to her. However, he kept himself from jumping on her in an overenthusiastic hug, afraid of hurting her further.

She tried to smile, tried to speak, but couldn't accomplish either.

"Tohru?" Momiji asked, looking up at her with teary eyes.

Her great green eyes teared in response and she gathered him to her, snuggling the rabbit against her and crying onto the top of his head.

Hanajima and Uotani hadn't been able to worm what had happened out of her, despite their best efforts, and every plan they made to take her away from the Sohma household was met with vehement resistance, as were guesses that one of the boys or Shigure had done something to her.

Yuki's face darkened even further. Perhaps- perhaps it's time to take Haru's advice.


He knocked on her door after supper that night; instead of her customary "Come in!" he heard footsteps before Tohru's face appeared in the door, wearing a look of uncomfortably sad inquiry.

"Are you angry?"

She shook her head violently.

"Do you want to leave?"

Another shake.

"You can't go on like this. Please- Tohru- kun- say something!" Yuki pled.

Her eyes went wide as she realized he'd said her name, mouth dropping slightly in shock.

When she didn't say anything, Yuki seemed to draw in on himself; his expression closed off, and he turned to leave.

Her voice was faint, but he heard it. "Yuki- kun… wait."

He looked back at her over his shoulder.

"Gomen nasai." Tohru said quietly, brimming eyes raising to meet his hopeful violet ones. "Gomen nasai! I- I didn't mean to make all of you worry-"

He walked back over to her in two swift steps, and she flung her face into his shoulder. He merely stood there as she cried, rubbing her back with one hand.

Neither of them noticed Kyou coming down the stairs, or when he, catching sight of them, turned and went quickly but quietly back the way he'd come.


"Where's Kyou?"

"I dunno, probably sulking somewhere." Yuki said unconcernedly.

"He hasn't been around much lately…" Tohru worriedly mused.

"That's why I'm here!" piped up a cheerful voice. Yuki, Tohru, and Shigure looked up to see Kagura cheerfully smiling at them. "The door was open, so I let myself in. Sorry for the intrusion!"

"You might want to be careful, Kagura, he's been even more ill- tempered than usual lately." Shigure cautioned. "If you want to take your chances, though, I think he's on the roof."

She nodded, but instead of going up to see Kyou directly, she looked at Tohru. "How are you doing?"

The younger girl gave her an almost blinding smile. "I'm fine! How are you, Kagura- san?"

"Things are good." she replied, smiling sweetly. She nodded at Shigure and Yuki before heading up to the roof. The three inside didn't have a long wait before a series of yells and crashes met their ears; Tohru sweatdropped, Shigure sighed about his poor house being constantly smashed up, and Yuki merely took a sip of his tea.


Tohru worriedly gazed up at the ceiling.

"I'm not even going to bother getting it fixed this time." Shigure commented morosely, staring at his paper.

"This is what, the fifth weekend in a row?" inquired Yuki.

"Sixth." corrected Hiro. "More pie."

"Now wait a minute…" Yuki muttered, as Tohru cheerfully cleared away his plate and Kisa shot the sheep an uncomfortable glance.

"She's been worried." Hatsuharu stated. "And she always cleans up what she breaks."

"Not without Tohru- kun's help." Yuki pointed out.

"Tohru- kun, Tohru- kun!" Momiji cheered excitedly. "Awesome, Yuki!"

The rat blushed.

"I don't mind helping her, I enjoy having the chance to talk with her." Tohru said, coming back in and placing a plate in front of Hiro, who gave it a disdainful look down his nose before digging in. "How long have they been up there?"

"Several hours. Sun's going to set soon; speaking of which, Kisa, Hiro, the rest of you, shouldn't you be getting home?" asked Shigure, peering over the top of his newspaper.

"Oh, trying to get rid of us, are you? Is this a cop- out so you don't have to invite us for supper and to stay the night? How rude! You don't even make the meals, why not invite us, your relatives, to share your table? It's not even a school night so you don't have that excuse!" Hiro shot off.

"Hiro- chan…" Kisa ventured timidly.

He huffed but shut his mouth.

"Oh, it would be wonderful to have all of you for supper!" enthused Tohru, clapping her hands together before realizing, "But I'd have to go to the store to get more food…"

"It's not even your money, why do you begrudge having to go to the store when you'd eventually have to go anyway?" demanded Hiro.

"That's- that's not what I-"

"If you don't want to go to the store, if you don't really want us to stay, all you have to do is say so. Being all modest and humble and embarrassed like that isn't flattering in the least, so you might as well stop it."

"Hiro!" Yuki reprimanded.

"H- Hai!" Tohru said, snapping to attention. "I should go ahead and get what I'll need, then."

"I'll go with you." Yuki announced, getting to his feet.

Hiro was about to say something, but Kisa beat him to it. "Me too."

"I wanna go!" Momiji shouted, bouncing up.

"Is that everyone?"

"We'll stay here." Haru said placidly.

Yuki, Tohru, Momiji and Kisa walked into the front yard, talking amongst themselves, when something came flying off the roof only to land in a crouch in front of them. It shot a frightened look over its shoulder and ran off into the woods.

A moment later a panting Kagura accosted the group. "Where- where'd he go?"

"Kyou?" guessed Yuki. "He'll be long gone by now; you'll have to wait until he gets hungry before he comes back."

"Aw…" The boar's shoulders slumped.

"Kagura- san, why don't you come to the store with us?" Tohru suggested.

"All right." the older girl agreed with a sigh, glancing out over the woods.


Dinner that night passed without incident; but where Haru crawled into Yuki's bed afterward without complaint, and Momiji was prevailed upon to sleep in Kyou's bed instead of Tohru's, Kagura and Kyou were nowhere to be found. Tohru knew where they were, though, and stepped outside so that she could quietly observe what was happening on the rooftop without immediately being spotted.

She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she was able to see what they were doing; Kagura had seized one of Kyou's hands, and was looking at him earnestly as he said something with his head turned away from her.

Tohru smiled and went back inside with the intention of staying awake to ask Kagura about it when she came in; however, her eyelids dropped lower and lower until finally she fell asleep.


"What do you really think of me, Kyou- kun?" Kagura asked, watching the curve of his cheek intently. She might have twisted his head around to see it if he hadn't refrained from protesting when she grabbed his hand.

"I think you need to leave me alone!" he growled.

"Kyou- kun…" she pled, her tone sweet at first but darkening as she twisted his wrist.

"Owowowowowowowow! All right, fine!" He snatched his hand back and glared at her. "I think you're a fool for spending half your life going after the Cat. I think you're an idiot for not finding someone who can give back all that you give to them, for wasting yourself on me. I think you're an embarrassment to me when you yell and make a big deal of things and break stuff, and I think it would be better for everyone concerned if you just left me the hell alone!"

Kagura sat stunned as Kyou went back inside.


"I hear shouting. Is Kagura here again?" Shigure inquired wearily.

"Hai!" Tohru cheerily replied. "She's been coming every weekend!"

"Ah, my poor house will never survive…" the dog moaned.

"Kagura- san has been more restrained than usual lately. When she saw Kyou- kun, she dragged him outside before she started hitting him, and I haven't had to repair anything yet!"

So she can restrain herself. Shigure and Yuki thought together, identical sweatdrops forming on the back of their heads.

The rat got to his feet. "Tohru- kun, I'm going to the secret base. Would you like to come with me?"

"Oh, very much!" she cried, smiling at him; Shigure grinned slyly himself as they walked off hand- in- hand.


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