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The moon's sweet, soft glow came pouring through the partially open curtains as Kenny turned away from the sleeping body beside him.

Butters. His partner. . .his long time lover.

He stirred for a moment and then fell calm again. Kenny gingerly removed himself form the bed, not wanting to wake him. He reached for his pants and pulled them up as he watched Butters sleep. It still amazed him. Of all the people in South Park, he had ended up with Butters. Butters for Christ sake! But they were one in the same. They understood each other and somewhere a long the line, he couldn't remember where exactly, they had become close, but in a different way then Kyle and Stan. They were nothing more than best friends, like brothers. Though, sometimes to Kenny and Butters the two seemed to have reached another level in their relationship, but they were best friends nothing more. As for Kenny and Butters, their relationship was definitely unique. It had always been different. There was once a point in his life when Kenny saw Butters as just another classmate, but no more. He was special and he couldn't believe he had never seen it before.

Butters stirred again. "K-Kenny," he called in his sleep.

"I'm here," he whispered as he continued to watch him. He had managed to zip his pants when Butters spoke again.

"Don't leave me this time," he said softly.

Kenny stopped. He carefully made his way toward the bed again. He loomed over the sleeping blonde, wondering if he really was asleep. "Don't. . .don't leave me," came his voice again and then he rolled over on his side. Kenny sighed deeply as he smiled. Butters, Butters, Butters. . .

Reaching for his shirt, Kenny wondered what the guys would say to him if they were to ever find out he and Butters were. . .together. . .and well. . . "doing the dirty." If it had been Kyle and Stan or even Kyle and Cartman or Stan and Cartman, whatever, he would've asked how exactly "it" was done with two guys. But there was no need to ask. He knew. He smiled. At least he could say he wasn't a virgin anymore. He'd have to tease Cartman about that. He laughed softly just thinking about it.

He pulled his shirt over his head and quickly put on his shoes. He grabbed his jacket and walked toward the window. He stopped and then turned. Looking back at Butters, his heart swelled and he wondered just how Butters had managed to capture his heart. With one last smile he made his way out of the house from Butters's window.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Shut up, fat boy!" Kyle shouted. "You did not see Wendy's pussy!"

"Hey!" Cartman argued. "I'm big boned. I told you and yes, I did. She showed me."

"Shut the hell up!" Kyle continued. "You better not say a word to Stan. He'll-"

"He'll what, Jew boy?" Cartman asked as a wide grin formed on his face. Kyle returned his smile with a devilish one of his own. Cartman was confused for a moment until he felt a light tapping on his shoulder. He turned only to meet Stan's fist and for a moment everything went black. He could hear Kyle laughing at him as he and Stan walked away. "Stupid Jew," he breathed as he sat himself up. "What the hell are you looking at, dip shit?!" he called as the small freshmen in front of him stared. They ran when they heard the thundering sound of his voice. He stood and wiped himself off of any dust that might've clung to him while he was down. He murmured under his breath about Kyle being a stupid jew until a familiar voice caught his attention.

"Wh-where'd you go last night?"

Cartman turned to see Butters standing beside Kenny at his locker. Kenny didn't seem to really pay much attention to him and he seemed irritated. Last night? Cartman thought. "Hmm." He decided to sneak a better view and so he hide himself behind his math textbook as he proceeded to move forward. He caught sight of a few guys from the math club. Perfect, he thought as he slowly made his way toward the math crowed and pretended to belong as he watched his two "friends."

"I m-missed you this morning?" Butters said.

Kenny sighed heavily as he continued to rummage through his locker.

"A-aren't you going to look at me?" Butters asked. "Did I do something wrong?"

Kenny continued to ignore him.

The corner of Cartman's mouth rose slightly as he watched. Interesting.


"What, Butters?!" came the muffled sound that was Kenny's voice as he pulled himself away from the interest that was his locker. "What?!"

Butters was taken aback by his sudden anger and then he looked down and apologized. "I-I was only trying to-"

Kenny sighed. "I'm sorry," came the muffled sound of his voice again. "But I told you, not in school. People are around."

Butters looked at him as he went back to searching through his locker for a book he could not find. Butters again looked away, disappointed at the fact that Kenny was ashamed of them. It was hard for him, he was ready to come out of the closet, but Kenny. . .he was still afraid of what other people would say. He had no trouble joking about it before, but ever since it had really happened, he was always so uptight about it. Whenever Butters tried to openly talk about their relationship when they weren't alone, he'd freak and Butters didn't quite know how to handle it. He had thought about letting everyone know about them without Kenny's consent, but he could never do something like that to him. He cared too much about him to hurt him in any way, shape, or form.

Kenny finally pulled out a textbook which he had been "looking" for for the past 15 minutes. His heart thudded in his chest. He was happy his hood covered his face. It hide his flushed face from the crowed. He didn't like treating Butters like shit. God, knew the guy had enough of that at home, but he just couldn't talk openly about their relationship. Not now, anyway. Not when everyone was around. Anyone could hear. Anyone. He sighed again for what seemed like the thousandth time that day and turned to Butters.

"I'm sorry," he said softly with a tender gaze. With that Butters smiled he seemed to melt and he nodded joyously as he looked at him. God, he hoped no one he knew was around. "I'll walk you to class, come on." He smiled, though he knew Butters couldn't see it. But he also knew that Butters knew he was smiling. He turned toward the direction of Butters's next class and as he walked, Butters walked beside him, a beam of happiness. He felt Butters's hand brush against his and he smiled again, allowing himself to momentarily hold his hand as they walked side-by-side down the hall.

Cartman watched the couple as they walked down the hall. The math club slowly walked away as the late bell rang. He closed his textbook and grinned from ear to ear, his eyes twinkling with mischief as he watched them.

"This. . . is going to be good."

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