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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Seconds later the screen was lit up again and Butters could see himself on t.v.

Hey, he thought. I'm on t.v.

His classmates turned to him.

"What the hell is this crap?" someone asked.

Kenny, panicked and horrified, stood up, knocking his chair over. Everyone quickly turned to him and watched as he turned the t.v. off.

"Wasn't that you on the screen just now?" Kyle asked.

"N. . .no!" Kenny shouted.

"I was just asking," Kyle said angrily.

"Have you ever wondered," Cartman began over head, "just why Kenny never had a girlfriend? I mean, everyone knows how much he 'loves' girls. We all remember the freshman."

There were a few cheers from the boys in the classroom. Even those across the hall were heard.

"In a way," Cartman went on. "Kenny is a legend. But has anyone actually seen him with a girlfriend. Really?"

People grew quiet.

"Come to think of it. . ." someone said. "Kenny never mentions ever having a girlfriend."

"This, my friends, explains it all," Cartman said over the loud speaker.

The screen lit up again and Kenny turned to see Wendy near by.

On the screen, Kenny and Butters were standing in front of each other and he had taken off his hood.

"It is Kenny," someone volunteered. "And. . ."

"Butters," Stan finished.

Kenny quickly turned the t.v. off.

"Stop that," the teacher scolded.

"This is why Kenny never went out with any girls," came Cartman's voice.

Wendy turned it back on.

Kenny went to turn the screen off again, but Wendy was quicker and she blocked him. She continued to watch along with the rest of the class.

On the screen, Kenny was ready to walk away now, but Butters stopped him. He said something that no one could hear and Kenny agreed and slowly he hugged him. Everyone gasped. The hug had been an affectionate one. Butters smiling face could be seen.

And as they slowly pulled away, they shared a kiss or so it seemed that way.

"Kenny, my fellow classmates," Cartman said, "is gay."

"Oh my god!" a girl exclaimed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"That. . .that's. . ." Wendy began.

Oh, god, Kenny thought.

His head was pounding now and his heart was racing. He wanted to run, but he couldn't find the strength to move.

A hand rested on his shoulder and he turned. Stan was looking at him, concern in his eyes. "You okay?" he asked.

Kenny didn't reply. He looked over Stan's shoulder to where Butters sat. His mouth was wide open. He looked at Kenny and shook his head. "I-it wasn't me," he said softly. "It wasn't my fault." He held his hands in his lap as he lowered his head.

Kenny then looked at Stan again.

Kyle slowly stood up. "Dude," he said. "Your. . ."

Kenny didn't stick around to hear what Kyle wanted to say because he had found the strength to move and so he ran.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cartman grinned as he watched the screen. He leaned back into the principal's comfortable chair. Oh, I wish I could see Kenny's face, he thought. That asshole.

He looked at the screen and watched as the "kiss" played it's self over and over and over again. He was happy that one of the kids in the tech room was willing to help him haul some equipment into the principal's office and that another kid had been easily bought into being a distraction for the secretary and the principal while Cartman and the other kid carried in the stuff.

"Open this door, young man!" came the principal's voice from behind the door. The man's fists pounded on the wooden boundary between them. "Unlock this door right now!"

"Heh heh heh heh heh heh," Cartman replied in a sing-song voice. "Now you all know the truth about Kenny McCormick," Cartman shouted into the microphone that feed into the loud speakers. "And Kenny. . ." Cartman didn't even finish his sentence. A laugh erupted from his lips. "I hate you, Kenny," he said before there was a click.

He removed his fat ass from the chair and walked toward the door. The principal was still pounding on the door, demanding entrance.

He opened the door and stared into the face of a balled man with angry eyes. "You," the man said, "are in deep-"

Before the man could finish, Cartman pushed him, knocking him and his secretary down. That was when Cartman made a break for it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Kenny!" Stan shouted.

"Wait up!" Kyle called.

The entire class headed out into the hall way, close behind Stan and Kyle. Students began to pill out of their classes all over and soon their was a crowd in the hall.

"Everyone back in the classroom!" a few teachers ordered, but no one listened. They were all to busy looking for Kenny who had just suddenly disappeared.

That was it? Stan said to himself. That's what you were upset about? He shook his head. You could've said something, dude. I wouldn't have judged you. I would've expected it of you.

"Stan!" Kyle called. "He went this way!"

Stan ran toward Kyle and followed him down the hall. Cartman soon came into their line of view.

"Cartman!" Kyle shouted, a rage Stan had never heard from him erupted from his lips with the name. He had both heard and seen Kyle angry as hell, but this was beyond that and the look in his eyes was just murder. "You fucking fat ass son of a fucking bitch"

"Hey!" Cartman shouted angrily.

"You fucking asshole!" Kyle shouted as he picked up speed. In seconds Cartman was on the floor in the fetal position, trying in vain to block Kyle's vicious attack.

"You fucking jew!" Cartman swore as Kyle continued his beating.

Stan heard one last cry from Cartman before he pulled Kyle away. Kyle wouldn't keep still no matter how many times Stan had demanded him to and who could really blame him? It had taken Stan every ounce of his strength not to beat Cartman himself, but someone had to stay sane while Kenny was on the run.

Kyle swore and cursed as if it had been an entire different language.

"Ever heard of the leash laws, Stan?" Cartman asked angrily as he stood, brushing himself off as blood ran down from his nose. He wiped it away with his gloved hand and watched as Kyle struggled to get free from Stan's grasp. He smirked. "Tame your bitch, Stan."

"Shut up, fat boy!" Kyle screamed.

"Or you'll what?" Cartman asked mockingly with a grin plastered on his face.

A growl freed itself from the depths of Kyle's throat.

"I can let him go, Cartman!" Stan warned, watching as something went off in Cartman's eyes. Had it been fear? It must have been fear because he took one step back. But as quickly as it had come, it went away and the angry look in his eyes was back.

"We gotta find Kenny, Kyle," Stan said as he pulled Kyle against him. Kyle continued to struggle to get away. "Kenny!" Stan shouted again. "We have to find him!"

Kyle seemed to relax and Stan allowed his grip to loosen. Kyle pulled away from him and that was when Cartman took another step back. "Don't touch me, you cocksucking jew," he warned.

Kyle glared at him, but to Stan's surprise, Kyle looked away and headed down the hall, but he hadn't gone far when Kenny appeared from around the corner. He looked as if he had been crying, but that was impossible.

Kenny doesn't cry, Stan said to himself. Then again. . .Kenny had done things and felt things today that he hadn't before. At least not around Stan.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It didn't take long for the forming crowd to gather around Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman. People whispered amongst each other, commenting on Kenny and Butters' relationship and Cartman's reasons for doing what he did.

Butters tried looking over the crowd, to see Kenny and the others but he could not. He tried pushing his way through, but he the people wouldn't let him pass. Not even the teachers could penetrate through the still growing crowd.

Butters then decided he'd crawl to get to the other side.

He seemed to think it over before he got down on his knees.

"That w-wasn't so bad," he said when he made it to the other side. He stood and brushed himself off.

"Well, lookey here," Cartman said as he noticed Butters. "Hello, Butters."

"Y-you lied to me, Eric," Butters accused as soon as Cartman had spoken to him. "Y-you said you'd help me get Kenny back. Y-you said-"

"You went to him for help?" Kyle asked as he turned to him.

Butters looked down, a blush growing on his cheeks as he twiddled his fingers. He nodded softly. "He gave me some advice," Butters confessed. "He was the one who said I should flaunt my love for Kenny because he'd be happy and want me back."

"And you listened to him?" Stan asked.

"It sounded like a g-good idea at the time," Butters confided as he rubbed his knuckles together.

Cartman laughed. "Oh, Butters," he said. "You're so. . .you."

"Uh, is that a good thing?" Butters asked.

Cartman laughed again.

"I'm warning you, Cartman," Kyle said as he closed his eye. His hands formed fists at his sides.

"This doesn't involve you, Kyle," Cartman replied.

"But it does involves Kenny," Kyle said, opening his eyes again. "And that's enough for me, goddammit!"

Butters looked up to see Kenny staring at him. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that he was in a world of pain. He felt betrayed, he was angry, he was hurt, and he was feeling it all because of Butters.

The blonde lowered his head again, feeling the sting of tears as he continued to rub his knuckles together. How could he have been so stupid? It should've been obvious to him that Cartman was up to no good, though, he still didn't quite understand exactly what Cartman had done, which made him feel more like an ass. What Butters did know was that it was bad because Kenny was upset and it had been his own fault.

Kyle and Cartman continued yelling at one another, throwing what ever insults they had at each other as if they were playing dodge ball.

"Eno. . .Enough!"

The talking amongst the crowd stopped and so had the yelling between both Kyle and Cartman. Every head in the hall turned to Kenny.

"Stop it already!" he shouted. When he was sure he had gotten everyone's attention he looked straight at Butters and gestured him over.

Butters looked about and then back at Kenny, a single finger against his chest. "M-me?" he asked.

"Yeah, you," Kenny answered. "Come here."

"Uh, ok," Butters said joyously. Maybe a little too joyously. He hide his smile when Kenny sighed, feeling guilty for being so happy.

Butters stopped in front of him, waiting patiently for Kenny's next command. Kenny stared at him and swallowed hard. "I'm sorry," he whispered. A mummer went through the crowd as Kenny spoke and Cartman scowled. "For being an asshole. I shouldn't have treated you that way and I hope you can forgive me." Kenny's eyes were sad and nervous.

Butters was mesmerized. He had never acted this way in front of people when they were together. He never wanted to be seen in public with him, so why was now so different?

Kenny looked away, a blush growing on his cheeks as he took in the staring crowd. "I understand if you don't want to forgive me after what I-"

"N-no," Butters replied quickly.

Kenny turned to him. He was hopeful that Butters would forgive him.

"I know you didn't mean it," Butters said lightly. "I mean. . ." His voice drifted as looked down, rubbing his knuckles together again.

"Bunch of fags," Cartman commented.

"Shut you fucking mouth, Cartman!" Kyle shouted.

"Yeah, dude," Stan agreed angrily. "Let them figure this out."

Cartman mumbled something under his breath about Kyle being a dirty jew and Stan being a blah, blah, blah. It was the same crap he always said. The same old, tired crap, so it hadn't surprised Kenny, of course. But what did surprised him-amazed him even-had been Stan and Kyle. They had never really showed their concern or care for him so strongly before. He had to admit that it made him feel good and not so worthless like he felt at home sometimes.

"It hurt when you said all that stuff," Butters said. "A-and, well. . .I. . ."

Kenny reached out to touch him, but stopped in mid-air when he realized that everyone was watching. His heart hammered in his chest and for a moment his hand shook. Whispers raced like a breeze across the hall as his shackey hand slowly made contact with Butters' face. What was the use of hiding anymore, anyway? Everyone already knew. It wasn't a secret anymore and at that same moment as he realized that, it was as if a veil of morning dew had lifted off eyes and face leaving a clear view of something he could not see before. The liquid that appeared every morning on his front lawn (so it seemed) had been the mist that blinded him from the love that had always been right in front of him.

Butters seemed a bit surprised by this reaction, but he leaned into Kenny's hand none-the-less with a smile on his face. People gasped left and right.

"I do forgive you, Kenny," Butters replied. "Buh. . .but. . ."

"But what?" Kenny asked. He was afraid of what Butters would say next.

"Y-you have to make it up to me," Butters said. "If you know what I mean." A blush grew deep on his cheeks as he looked up at Kenny cautiously.

Kenny smiled and then without warning, he laughed. "You want to act out Charlie's Angels again, don't you?"

Butters nodded slowly and Kenny laughed again. "Okay," he agreed with a smile.

Butters smiled in return, his eyes shining brighter than the sun. He lunged at Kenny and said a joyous thank you. Kenny placed his arms around him, trying his best to ignore the staring faces.

"FAGS!" Cartman shouted.

"That's it!" Kyle exploded. He stomped toward Cartman, but before his fist connected with Cartman's fat face, Cartman was down. Kyle turned to see Stan beside him.

"I couldn't take much more of him myself," he said simply as he walked away.

A smile broke across Kyle's face as he watched Stan walk away. He turned to Cartman and made a face before he walked away himself.

"You should've said something," Stan said to Kenny as he approached.

Kenny shrugged as Butters let him go.

"Everyone pretty much expects this kinda thing from you, anyway," Kyle added. "So I don't know what the big surprise is."

"You were just as surprised," Stan accused.

"That's because I didn't think it would be Butters who was. . .you know."

"Gay?" Butters asked.

Kyle nodded, feeling a bit ashamed of himself.

"Well, I-it's alright, Kyle," Butters assured. "I don't blame you. Why, I was surprised myself when I saw the video."

Confusion froze over on Kyle's face and Stan's as well, but Stan shook his head and continued to speak. "You know, Kenny," he began, "whether or not you're with a guy or a girl, doesn't matter. Because when it's you. . .it's just. . .you."

Now there was confusion on everyone's face. "What I'm trying to say is that it's normal for you. We see you fucking around with girls and guys in the hall ways. I mean, sure, you haven't had a girlfriend in a while, but that's because you can never keep one. You fool around too much."

There were mumbles of agreement in the crowd and few nodded.

"And there really is no such thing as being gay or straight," Stan continued.

"There isn't?" someone in the crowd asked.

"No," Stan answered, turning to them all.

"Yes, there is!" Cartman protested.

"Shut up, you fat fuck!" Kyle warned.

"But why not?" someone else asked.

"Because when two people are in love, it doesn't matter," Stan replied. "You see, I've learned something today." Stan looked around in the crowd. "Love has no boundaries. It's the only thing that exists that has no real limit. Love restricts no one. It doesn't matter whether a man loves a woman or another man, because when you get down to it, they're still both in love."

People in the audience agreed.

"So why should it matter? If love doesn't care what gender out partner is, why should we?" Now it seemed that everyone was on the same level of understanding and some where really taking to heart Stan's words as they held their partners' hands beside them. "Besides," Stan continued again, "everyone at some time or point in their life goes through some kind of similar experience. Hell, I have. Me and Kyle."

People gasped as they heard Stan confess. Wendy's jaw dropped as soon as she heard it. Kyle was about to say something, but Wendy straightened herself up and raised her hand, stepping forward.

"Me too," she admitted. "With Bebe."

More gasps as the crowd parted to reveal a very surprised Bebe. "It was only a few times," Bebe said shyly.

"That was your special someone?" Kyle asked.

Bebe nodded.

"So then, Stan," Kyle said as he turned to him, "your special someone was. . ."

"You," Stan said with a smile. "Surprise."

Kyle blushed. "Yeah, well. . .I knew that."

Stan laughed. He then turned to the crowd. "Come on, who else?" he asked looking over at everyone. "I know there's more." No one seemed to want to answer, but then Craig raised his hand.

"Uh, well," he began. People turned to him and he nodded toward Tweek. "Tweek and I have. . .been. . .uh, messing around."

"Gah!" came Tweek's reply as he twitched. "You said you wouldn't tell!"

Craig shrugged with a nervous smile.

"Well, as long as we're all being honest," Gregory began. "I might as well admit myself that I too have ben 'messing around.' "

"Gregory?" Wendy asked as she turned, a little surprised to hear him confessing.

"Yes," he said. "Christophe and I have been seeing one another for a while."

"The mole?" someone asked.

"Yes," Gregory replied. "If he were here, I'm sure he'd deny it, but it's the truth."

"Well, if that's the case," Clyde said. "Me too. With. . .god, I hate myself for this. . .Cartman."

"Cartman!" came the loud shout from everyone in the hall way as they turned to him.

"Hey!" he shouted back. "He's lying."

"It was last month," Clyde confessed. "Cartman thought it'd be fun." Clyde shivered as if the memory had disturbed him and maybe it had.

"No wonder Cartman seemed to talk to you a lot more," Kyle realized.

" 'Aye!" Cartman said as he finally stood up. "I am not gay!"

"Oh, shut up, Cartman," Wendy said. "We all know now. So it doesn't matter and did you not hear Stan's beautiful speech?"

"Thanks, Wendy," Stan said, taking the complement.

"No problem," she said with a shrug.

"You're. . .you're all gay!" Cartman shouted. "Clyde is a liar and you're all gay! You're all gay! I'm the only sane one here! I'm the only sane one!"

"You're the only insane one," Kyle corrected.

The crowd laughed and then the principal and his secretary along with a few guidance counselors approached him. "That's enough," the principal said as he took Cartman's arm and dragged him away.

"You're all fags!" Cartman shouted as they dragged him away. "You're all fags!"

"Buh-by the way, Eric!" Butters called. "Thank you! Y-you really did help me in a way!" He waved happily as Cartman screamed.

People talked amongst themselves as the teachers ushered them all back to their own classes, happily talking about the days events.

"So. . ." Kyle began. "You and Butters, huh?"

Kenny nodded with a smile in his eyes.

"Well, then good luck, dude," Stan said as he patted Kenny's arm. "And next time, don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm here for you."

"You sound like a pussy, Stan," Kenny commented with a grin.

"You are what you eat, right?" Stan replied. "That would make you a dick, then."

"You too, I guess," Kenny said as he nodded toward Kyle. "Seeing as you and Kyle over there are kicking boots every night."

"HEY!" Kyle shouted. "Not every night."

Kenny laughed and for the first time all day he felt relieved. Truly relieved and happy.

"W-well, I guess I'm a dick too, then," Butters said shyly.

Kenny laughed. "If you want to be," he said with a nod.

"Let's go, boys," came their teacher's voice from behind them.

They walked, the four of them, back to class as if nothing had happened. Everything seemed to be back to normal, though, they all knew it would never be normal. They did live in South Park after all. It was never normal.

The End

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