Another poem about Ryou and the others. This is in Ryou's POV. Enjoy!! Please RR!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.

(Ryou's POV)

How Long is Forever?

I feel so alone…

Do you know that?

In the dark is where I stay

In the dark is where I belong

Do you care?

I don't think so

I feel so alone…

Everyone tried to help

But I brushed them away

I don't want to feel anymore pain…

No more…

It's too much to bear…

I don't want to be hurt again…

No more pain…

No more suffering…

No more torturing…

Who am I to kid?

That was something I knew only exists in my mind

In my dreams

And in my head

The torturing will never stop

No matter how much I wanted it to

I had my chances to escape this torture cell

And to live as freely as I wanted

But I blew them, so here I stand

And here I stay

For eternity…Forever

I wonder one thing everyday

Something I want to know

A question I want the answer to but can't find

How long is forever?

The End

So sad… I'll explain what happened. Bakura was pretending to care for Ryou but betrayed him in the end so Ryou was afraid it would happen again. So he didn't accept any help from his friends meaning Yugi and the others, since in his mind, Ryou thought Yugi or someone else might betray him again like Bakura had. So instead of risking living through the betrayal again, Ryou brushed his closest friends away and now he's on his own. He had his chances and he blew it. Poor Ryou… Please RR!!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.