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This takes place in the first half of the series, about between eps 4 and 10.

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By Rashaka


Get out of my head!


No…no no! I'm not a traitor! I'm not!

You betrayed usssss…

You were going to kill her! I couldn't let it happen!

*You* tried to kill her to stop us... Kusanagi the Traaaiiiitor, you are no differrrrrent.

Shut up! It was your fault! It's all your fault! I'm not like you! I have to protect the Kushinada! You made me that way! I have to protect her!

You were made to serve ussssss….We made you….you belong with us….

You made me the protector of the Kushinada! I serve her— and no one else!

You are one of us, Kussanaaaaaagiiiiii. You cannot deny your nature. Return to your destiiinnnyyyy.

No! I won't let you trap me in that lie again! My destiny is the Kushinada!

You would continue to betraaaaay us? You would chooooose the huuuumansssss?

It was you who betrayed me! You betrayed me when you changed me!

Give us the Kushinaaadaaa….Join your kind…you cannot save the huuumaaans….they will sacrifice her….

I protect the Kushinada! I will protect her from you, and I will protect her from the humans!

You cannnnnot protect her foreverrr…

Shut up you stupid weeds! Get out of my head!

It is our dessstiiinnnyyy…Traitor…we will rule….Kaede Kushinada is alrrreeeaaadddyyy dead…

We will haaaaaave the last Kushinada…You will give her to us…..

You will never have Momiji! I will hunt down every last one of you until there is nothing left for the Kushinada to be protected from! I will kill you ALL!

We have already won…….hahahaaahaaa…. Hhhaaaaahaaaaa….

Stop laughing! Get out of my head!

I jerk my head to the side as I feel Momiji on the move again, and the Aragami's calling fades into a quiet whisper once again. I almost never hear them anymore— but sometimes their compulsions get so strong they push though my blocks and they are all I can hear. But I've been learning to block them more and more; my bond with the world of the Aragami is almost severed.

Soon they will have no longer even have the power to force me to listen to their voices. I just have to be around Momiji more—when I'm around her the Aragami can't seem to reach me. And it's starting to carry over to even when I'm far away. I keep thinking that with her having a blue seed now I should be more susceptible, not less— but the voices, the luring, laughing voices of the monsters I'm so familiar with remain silent in her presence. Its strange—when I was watching Kaede the other Aragami spoke often to me. But Momiji keeps them away, holds them back. Maybe, maybe her power overwhelms that of the mitama, though she obviously does not even realize she's doing it.

Whatever the reason, she is unconsciously teaching me to barricade my mind against the evil. And for that I am grateful; something I've never been before.


Yeah, short huh?