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Paige pursed her lips and shook her head as she glared at the offending sippie cup.

"I guess you give me no choice then," said Prue with a tone of extreme disappointment, but she knew inside that this was just the Halliwell stubbornness in Paige. She handed Piper the cup back and whispered something in her ear which Paige couldn't hear. Piper made some noise in the kitchen before returning with a bottle filled with what appeared to be lukewarm water in her hand. She handed it to Prue before quickly stepping out of striking range in case Paige decided to retaliate physically. Paige's blood was now boiling as she looked at the bottle with a mix of fear, hate and contempt. "That had better be for you Prue," she snarled while trying to escape Prue's grasp. Prue held Paige securely and brought the nipple to Paige's mouth.

"C'mon baby girl." Prue said with her sugary sweet voice. "You got to drink some water or you are going to feel worse than you already are." Paige mulishly shook her head no and refused to give entrance to the nipple. She was going to prove once and for all that she wasn't a baby. Prue gave a small sigh as she tried again this time with reason. "Please Paige. I bet that you would like to get the taste of that medicine out of your mouth plus I bet your throat is hurting from all the coughing. C'mon this will help. I promise." Paige still refused to open her mouth. Prue grew stern with her. "Paige you are trying my patience. Please open your mouth or I will take you to the hospital and they will start an IV to give you fluids. Now which is worse, bottle or hospital?"

Paige evidently decided that the bottle was the lesser of two evils as she opened her mouth the smallest bit to allow the bottle entrance. Prue saw her opening and took it. As Paige grudgingly sucked down the contents of the bottle, Prue gently rocked her and ran her fingers through her hair. By the time the bottle was finished, Paige was fast asleep in Prue's arms. "Wow," said Phoebe as Prue laid Paige down on the couch before taking her sisters into the kitchen. "How did you do that?"

Prue smiled. "That was some of Paige being tired, some of my big sister making little sister go to sleep techniques, and a good portion of UDSP."

"What is UDSP?"

Piper answered this question. "It's something Prue and I worked on before she died. UDSP stands for Undetectable Dreamless Sleeping Potion. It is basically a way to make someone fall asleep without them knowing about it. You just have to put it into their drink or sprinkle it on their food and they are out within minutes. It lasts about four hours but the person usually falls into a natural sleep after it wears off and they never notice a thing."

While Piper was saying this, Phoebe was recalling when she would have nightmares after they became witches and her sisters would give her a glass of water and she'd fall asleep a few minutes later. Seeing Phoebe put the pieces together, Prue was quick to jump in. "Yes, Phoebe. We did use it on you a few times but it was only when we were positive that you wouldn't sleep for the rest of the night unless we did something. You needed your sleep between college, volunteering, the club, and demon-fighting."

"You guys drugged me?"

"We only used UDSP once or twice I promise." Said Prue and Phoebe relaxed knowing Prue always kept her promises. Prue and Piper exchanged a look that conveyed their relief that Phoebe hadn't questioned them further to find out that they had made more than one type of sleeping potion. The UDSP they had indeed only used twice on her but there were others they had used.

Phoebe broke off her thoughts about the potion to look intently at Prue. "So sis. Not that I'm not glad to see you or anything but why are you here?"

Prue took a sip of her coffee, relieved to find that it was leaded, before answering. "I've been watching the situation from 'Up There' and thought that you might like some big sister help seeing as Paige has more than her share of the Halliwell women stubbornness." Prue took another sip of coffee before continuing, "I also know that Paige has to get better and the only way for her to do so is to be taken care of by us."

"When you say taken care of, what do you mean?" asked Piper.

"Basically what you've been doing. Shoving food, water, and medicine down her throat while making sure that she rests and doesn't overdo it. The only thing that was causing you trouble, was the fact that she could orb and you couldn't. With me here she no longer has that option so she will have to put up with us babying her."

Phoebe spoke up, "Is there anything we have to change with what we've been doing?"

"No I don't think so except that you guys do realize that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better."

"Yeah I think we realize that but Paige has got to tell us stuff that she's hiding right now otherwise the Power of Three won't survive because of hidden secrets. I mean we don't know anything about her past and then Phoebe gets a premonition and sees Paige getting abused as a kid. Kind of a shock. The only parents she has ever talked about are the Matthews and even then it's only a sentence or two."

"The virus she has will take about another week to run it's course which means that we," Prue said indicating everyone in the room, "have that long to get her to open up. I think that what you guys are doing, the babying, is a great way to do that. Not only does it show that we love her and will take care of her but it should get her to relax whenever you guys have to do it in the future."

Phoebe got a sad look in her eyes as she realized what Prue was saying. "So you're only here for a week?"

"I have a guarantee of two weeks minimum to make sure that everything gets worked out." Phoebe and Piper's eyes brightened at the thought of two weeks with their oldest sister and their baby sister. Prue checked the clock before saying, "Someone needs to run out and buy diapers before Paige wakes up if we are planning on following through on Piper's threat."

Piper's jaw dropped. "You know about that?"

"Told ya that I was watching." Said Prue amused.

Piper looked at her watch to cover her embarrassment. "Babies R' Us should be open so why don't I go and run over there to grab some stuff?"

"Sounds good," said Phoebe. "I'll come along. I bet they've got some great kids' books." She went and gave Prue a big hug. "I really missed you sis and it's great to have you back."

"I'll see you guys in two hours or so," said Prue as Piper and Phoebe went out the back door and acknowledged the statement with a wave of their hands. Prue stood up, coffee cup in hand, and went back to where Paige was sleeping. She decided to lie down next to her and also get some rest because as soon as Paige woke up to find out what had happened while she was asleep all hell was sure to break loose.

Prue was awoken two and a half hours later by the sound of a camera flash. "Crap," she heard Phoebe say. "I thought I had turned the stupid flash off. Oh well. Hi sleepyhead. You two look really cute together and wait until you see what we bought Paige."

Prue carefully extricated herself from Paige and followed Phoebe into the kitchen where there were several bags blaring Babies R' Us. "Do I want to know what you bought I think is the better question."