That's right people! I am back with a little one shot for all of you kids at home! Since Lent and Hsu and Chan are gone, I didn't have too many YGO stories left! So I'm creating this one for a little fun. R AND FREAKIN' R!

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"Yugi and Seto. Both of them top duelists. Very skilled, and they compete in everything…

Duel Monsters


Iron Chef…

Actual sports…

Video Games…

But now they fight at the ultimate game. Dodgeball…

Yugi's team entered the stage, and Seto's team entered the same.

Yugi's team: Joey, Tea, Honda, Duke

Seto's team: Malik, Pegasus, Keith, and his favorite whore, Walter." Said the ESPN announcer.

"That's right Bob, Seto and Yugi are gonna go all the way with this game." The other announcer said.

"And we will be reporting it all live, from here. ESPN the OCHO(don't own)"

"And the game has started. The teams both go for the balls, and Malik has one, he winds up and ouch! Down goes Duke!"

"Right in the nuts, Ken!"

"And Honda catches a ball from Keith and Keith is out and Duke is back and OW! He is hit in the nuts again! He is out!"

"Yugi winds up to hit Seto and misses! Seto tries to hit Yugi but Joey jumps in the way and takes the hit."

"That's friendship for you Bob."

"Speaking of friendship, Tea is doing another speech, unfortunately she is hit by Walter and is out"

"But did you see that, her tit like made it bounce back and hit Walter."

"That is the most disturbing display of dodgeball I've ever seen. And it turned me on."

"Right you are Ken.

"Now only Yugi, Honda are left, and Seto, Malik and Pegasus are left on the other side."

"Pegasus is out!"

"That's what you get for painting your nails in the middle of a game."

"Honda catches a ball and Duke is back in and back out for being hit again in the nuts."

"He's gonna need an icepack Bob."

"Now Malik and Honda have hit each other at the same time…it's all down to Yugi and Seto."

"Yugi throws a ball and Seto dodges, Seto throws one back and Yugi does a Matrix dive to dodge it."

"Those are some nice special effects Ken."

"Yugi and Seto both grab two balls, they throw the first two at the same time and collide in mid-air, and the second one hits Yugi and Seto dodged! The game is over!"

"Seto would be the winner of this game but unfortunately neither team had enough players to play, so they were disqualified at the beginning. You need 6 players, each team had 5."

"They were allowed to play because we have nothing better to watch. Anyways we're out of here."

"This is Bob and Ken signing off."

Seto and Yugi shook hands as they know they both gave it their all. The teams were happy except for Duke who got hit again in the nuts by a ball for no reason. Seto said to Yugi: "But you do know, I totally won that game."

"No you didn't!" Yugi yelled and the two began to fight again.

The teams sighed and left the area, wondering what thing they would compete with next.

"Next on ESPN the OCHO, NASCAR Lawn Mower RACIN' Featuring Yugi Moto, and Seto Kaiba!"


Hope you guys liked it, and I thought it was an interesting point of view. If you want a sequel please review!