I'm bored right now, I've been writing a lot lately, so I thought it was about time I revisit Sadly I'm still waiting for AG to update but since that hasn't happened, I will. I know I said I was leaving but…hmm….how should I put this….I lied.

And who better to bring back than Bob and Ken.

The TV turns on and finds ESPN 8, and announcers Bob and Ken return to air.

"And we're back Bob! You are Bob….right?"

"Yes I am, and you're Ken!"

"Today, we have a special match today. Yugi and Seto face off in bungee jumping."

"And how are going to score that?"

"Simply watch them. Who ever goes lower, and has more style wins the match."

"Isn't that dangerous?

"Damn straight."

"That's not what I meant…"

"Who gives a shit?"

"We are on TV, you know? We can't say that."

"Just shut up, Seto is up."

"Seto nears the cliff."

Silence. Seto nears the cliff, gets ready to jump. He goes for it and lands back on the platform perfectly.

"Seto's score is 9.0 for lowness and 8.2 for style. A very graceful dive. Now it's Yugi's turn."

"Do my eye's deceive me?"


"He's going without the rope!"

"He jumps! He hits the floor and bounces back up defying all laws of gravity!"

"The winner with a perfect score of 10.0 is Yugi!"

"What a match folks!"

Dice comes on to greet the champion and give him his award.

"Did you see that?"

"Dice, just got hit in the nuts with a dodgeball!"

"I can't watch! Go to a commercial"


Hope you guys liked it! I'm just going to go hide these dodgeballs and make sure Dice still has children to pass on!

Oh and AG, please update your stories...pretty please? I'll take your pictures off the internet.

Bob and Ken: Hey! We were watching those!