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I will dedicate all my stories and/or poems to someone. True, it's corny, but I think it's appropriate. This story is dedicated to my Aunt Sis, who's always made me smile.

Ten Years Later

a story by Steve Sullivan

A tall man with long, blue hair tied back in a ponytail stepped outside the train. Bright sunlight bombarded his sight, blinding him for a moment as he took in the smell that he'd come to know so many years ago. Has it really been ten years? Amawa Hibiki thought quizzically to himself.

A lot had happened to Amawa during that period of time. He felt that he finally knew what he wanted to do and, more importantly, who he was. It had taken him two school transfers, but they had shown him parts of himself more clearly than ever before. Especially Furikan in Nerima, now there was a place that one can not soon forget. He smiled to himself as he thought back over all the times back in Nerima that had taught him something. I'm here now though, Seitow is the only place for me to teach, and teach right. Hibiki quickened his pace, there was an old friend he needed to meet, and she didn't like to be kept waiting…

An old woman with a kerchief around her head sat in the dining room of Gochiso. He was late, but she could make an exception for him, unlike some people she knew. "Ohayo gozaimasu, Ba-chan!" a voice called from outside the inn.

Hmmm, not bad. He's only five minutes late. Not bad all things considered, the old woman thought to herself. "Well don't just stand there you baka, come in!"

"Fine, Ba-chan, I will, I will," Hibiki said apologetically. Appeasing Ruru was never easy and extremely important when dealing with her. "So, what's been going on Ba-chan? Anything I miss that wasn't in your letters?"

"Not much. I assume you're here for the vacant physical education kyoshi position at Seitow, correct?" Hibiki nodded. "Well the old hag has changed her ways, somewhat," she added the last part in a rather exasperated tone. "I did tell you the she fired the vice-principal a few years ago, right?"

"How could I forget! That was probably one of the happiest days of my life. You never did tell me who she replaced her with though…" Hibiki's voice faded a bit as he pondered who it could be.

"You'll find out soon enough. So, how are you planning to go the job this time, eh? Same as last time?" she snickered; knowing the answer before it came.

"Of course not!" Hibiki said, feeling a bit agitated. "Why would I ever become her again when I can be myself. Unless…" Hibiki's face became downtrodden as he spoke again, "they've still haven't gotten rid of that old policy…"

Ruru smiled. "No, don't be an idiot. The director made sure that policy died a long time ago." Hibiki relaxed a bit. "I meant just barging in there, expecting a job like you did the first time."

"Ah. No, appointments are the way to go that's for sure. That's something that I picked up over the years: never barge in, it creates a bad impression."

"Good, 'cause you have an appointment with the principal and vice-principal today at three."

"What?!" Hibiki nearly shot through the roof, "Why so soon?"

"So you can pay all the back-rent you owe me, of course," Ruru replied casually.

"Isn't there anything else you ever think about Ba-chan?"

"Of course not! The rent is the only thing that keeps an old woman like me going you know!" a playful gleem in her eye as she said this.

Hibiki laughed, knowing what this old woman was really capable of. "So," Hibiki decided for a change in subject, "how's Kuzuha? You never mentioned her in your letters."

Ruru contemplated for a moment. "Now that you mention Kuzuha there is that one thing you ought to know…"

Well, that's my first fanfic story (at least the first chapter), I hoped you liked it! Please R&R!