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Chapter 5

The new day dawned bright and clear and Hibiki was up with the sun. Waking early was a habit he had picked up during his first teaching stint ten years ago, back when it took him awhile to get properly dressed since he was pretending to be a woman at the time. He now didn't really need to wake up this early, but it gave him a chance to think by himself before the craziness of the day took control.

Today's subject of thought, not surprisingly, was Kuzuha. While he had suspected that he might run into her while staying in the district, he had never imagined that they would be teaching at the same school, much less living under the same roof. "My life just keeps throwing me curveballs, doesn't it?" he chuckled to himself…

Breakfast was interesting, to say the least. To say the most would be that utter silence pervaded the room and all attempts at conversation were squashed under the uncertainty in the room. Amawa and Kuzuha sat across from each other at the small table, Kuzuha staring into her rice bowl, Hibiki wondering what to say to break the ice. Ba-chan, being the ever considerate hostess that she is, simply stated, "Ya know, I'd hate to be a tenant who can't pay the rent because they got fired from their newly acquired jobs, now would I?" Needless to say, this statement had all three tenants up and out in less than thirty seconds. "Idiots," she sighed, "I'd never kill them, I need their money…"

Tomorrow would be the beginning of a new school year at Seitow and Hibiki could not have been more unprepared for it. Hurriedly he ran around the teacher's lounge, throwing paper up in the air, searching through trash bins, and overturning rugs merely to find his role book. "Um, sensei?" Kuzuha said from the side of the room, "The role's all done by computer now."

Hibiki ceased his frantic search in light of Kuzuha's revelation. "Domo arigato, Kuzuha-san. I never would have thought about looking there for it," he smiled sheepishly. Kuzuha merely giggled, which made Hibiki feel several different things at once. Why have I not been able to get that smile out of my head? he thought silently to himself. She may never have really left my mind in all these years, but how do I know if she feels the same about me. Besides, she's probably already found someone else by now, he smiled sadly at his last thought, hoping against hope that it wasn't true…

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