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Chapter one

Logan, the lone X-man, was woken up by a loud crash and jumped out of bed to see what had happened. He walked down the dark hallway until he came to Theressa's room, where the door was open. He turned the light on and found that no one was there. Logan began to get worried a little because it was not like Theressa to get up at three in the morning and he had yet to find the source of the crash. Logan's pace was a little faster now he came to the foyer and he saw someone lying on the floor, under a table. There was a vase that had fallen and broken and the flowers and water were everywhere. Logan immediately knew it was Theressa and ran over to see what had happened. When he toughed her arm she screamed and pulled back.

"T, it's me, Logan. It's all right."

"Dad," Theressa said as she threw her arms around Logan's neck and buried her head into his bear shoulder. "I heard him, dad. Even though he's not here anymore, I could have sworn I heard him call my name."

"Who, Theressa?" Logan asked pulling his daughter to her feet. "Who was calling you?"

"Xavier. He kept called me and wouldn't go away. I told him, he was a dream and that he wasn't real and that he was dead but he wouldn't shut up. He kept calling my name and so I got up to find him but I knew he wasn't and isn't here."

"Theressa, what about the vase? Did you mean to break it? Where you sleep walking? What happened?"

"I saw his face in the floor tile and used the vase to get rid of it and then I slipped on the water and fell asleep again."

"Well, let's go back to bed."

"No, please. I'm afraid he'll come back and try to talk to me again." Theressa said this as if she were a 7 year old girl who was afraid of a reoccurring nightmare or the boogieman under her bed.

"All right, how 'bout we go watch some TV?" Theressa nodded her head and the two headed to the game room where the biggest TV in the mansion sat. Theressa sat on the couch and Logan put a movie in and with in the first five minutes of the movie, Theressa was asleep once more.

Later that day, when Theressa had taken Andi, Mian, Knole and Nethogent out for a movie and pizza, Logan was in Xavier's office, now Theressa's office using the phone.

"Hey, Cyke, is Jeannie in?" Logan asked when Scott had said hello.

"Hey, Logan. Hold on one second let me check." Scott said on the other line. There was silence for a while and then a female's voice said, "Hello?"

"Hey, Jeannie, this is Logan. How you doing?"

"I'm good. How about you?"

"I'm good, never been better. You can tell Cyke he doesn't have listen on the other line. I didn't call for a personal call. I called to talk about Theressa." They heard the other line hang up and then Jean said, "What's wrong, is she all right?"

"She's fine except for one thing. Last night she claimed to have heard Xavier call her name. I found her on the floor in the foyer this morning in a puddle of water and a broken vase. She said she had seen Xavier's face in the tile and used the vase to get ride of him. I have no idea what's going on with her Jean. I mean this is the first time it has happened but I wanted to know if you had suffered the same thing. I thought maybe it's something telepaths go threw after someone they are close to dies."

"No, Logan I haven't suffered what she has but maybe it's because she has gained Xavier's powers. I mean, if what you said was true don't you think she would have gone threw the same thing when Chris died?" Jean replied, recalling how Theressa reacted when Chris died.

"Yeah, but I'm worried about her Jeannine. She never acted like this before." Logan put his feet on the desk and leaned back in the chair as he talked to Jean.

"She's never had Xavier in her head either."

"Jean she doesn't have Chuck in her head, only his powers."

"Maybe not."

"What do you mean maybe not?" Logan asked as his feet hit the floor and he leaned on the desk.

"I mean she could have been fighting for Xavier's soul as well."

"So you're saying that Chuck ain't dead?"

"I'm saying Xavier is living inside Theressa."

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