I'm sleepy, but don't wanna sleep, so here's a lame story for you peeps to enjoy…

I don't own the characters, they are Joss's,

Set in no particular season, for no particular reason AU as if you were expecting anything else

"Once upon a time, there was a stupid vampire. Yes, this dude was so stupid, that they thought thathe could rid the world of evil." said a very handsome vampire, dressed in silk and leather, he laughed taking a puff off his cigarette.

"He was always trying to do the right thing, save the innocents." the vampire took another puff of smoke. "Little did he know, but he saved the wrong ones…"

The male vampire walked over to the giant glass window, and peered out. He shook his ashes off onto the floor.

"Seems that those innocents didn't consider their savior to be innocent. Biting the hand that feeds them and all. He got dusted by his own little group. They pretended to feel, to love… ha… vampires and humans… they just don't mix" the vampire laughed a deep depressing laugh, almost a sigh.

His fingers touched the cool glass, he traced meaningless symbols on it with the sublimation. "Cuz it all boils down to this… no matter how well humans know a vampire, or how they feel and interact with one…. They still can't totally accept us."

The vampire turned away from the glass, instead pressing his back up against it. "To them, we're animals, pets…. And sometimes experiments…" the vampire crushed his cigarette in anger. He tossed the mess down to the floor, and ground it out with his heel.

"So… they killed him. They figured… well… what if he strikes? What if he becomes that thing? We kill them everyday, he even tells us he's a monster, so they decided to kill him. Sad thing is though….he let them…"

The vampire sighed, and walked over to his cigarette box, lighting another. "And you know why? Because he figured it was for the best. That he'd rather die…. Than cause them the fear. He didn't even blame them for it… not that they could much help it. Like I said, humans… they have the natural fear of us… so" the vampire took a drag, and paused.

Then he walked over, and set his hand on his confidant's shoulder. "That's why I've called you here. You know what you have to do right?" asked the vampire.

"Sure… kill them" Connor said, as he and Spike got their weapons, and headed for the Hyperion… they had some unfinished business to do, and needed to get their inside man ready.

"Think the green guy will sing?" asked the young man. "He will after we're done" Spike smiled…

The weird end to the weird story…

This is not to make sense, nor do I think the Fang Gang would kill Angel, but hey… if they ever did, here's a look at it… dig it… reviews?