The meeting

By Vivi Highwind

Author's note: I will try to update sooner then I have been. Well here ya go. Also this takes place after Spongebob becomes manager in the movie. Read and review.

Narrator: Ahh another peaceful day in Bikini bottom as we watch Spongebob is calling someone for an upcoming meeting.

BRING!! BBBRING!! The phone at Sally's work had been ringing when she picked it up and a that spongy little guy we all know asked in a jippy voice "Is this Plural Rock hotel?"

"Why yes, it is how may I help you?" She responded

"I'd like to reserve a room for the krusty Krab Promotional meeting next Saturday please." Spongebob said in a serious voice

"Yes there are four rooms available."

"Perfect! Book three of them under the name Spongebob Squarepants." Spongebob Responded politely to the clerk

"OK and have a nice day." Sally said before hanging up the phone and Suddenly the phone rang and she heard a tiny squeak at the end and said "I can't hear you talk louder please."

Plankton got out of his chair and went to get a microphone.

"Can you hear me now?" Plankton asked

The clerk responded "Yes I can."

"Ok I want a room please are any available?" Plankton asked

"yes there is one. What name do you want it under?" she asked him

"Plank- I mean Persons Percinton I will be there soon."Plankton Responded then fell off his stool and hit his head

"Ok they are booked thank you for calling and have a nice day." Sally put up the phone and made a big yawn happily because all the rooms were booked and she wouldn't need to pick up the phone any more.

Author's note: I hope ya'll like this fic anyways read and review.