A/N:Hello! Here's my first ever posted Fire Emblem fanfic! It's based on my favorite characters from Fire Emblem, Florina and Erk! Oddly enough, I've included FlorinaxErk as the pairing, despite the fact that there's really no background for it in the game. Still.... Anyway, I've made up most of the characters. So, if you see someone you don't recognize, it's an OC.(Original character)


Pegasus Riders of Ilia's Dark East

She stood on the hill, overlooking Caelin. The summer wind blowing her lavendar hair around her face, her sky blue eyes gazing at the horizon and the setting Sun. Florina had once held her Lance high in the air with victory, but now, she felt that there would be almost none. Florina's Pegasus stood beside her, nudging her arm every now and then. A few feet behind her, Erk stood with his Fire Tome.
"Milady Florina, we must go now." He said. Erk had agreed to escort Florina to Ilia, since everyone said that it would be dangerous to let Florina go alone, as she was prone to danger. Florina still wasn't completely comfortable around men, but she could stand to be around Erk.
"Yes, I....I was just watching the Sun set. It will be the....last time I see it....from Caelin's hills." Florina explained in a voice barely above a whisper. Sadly, she back away from the Sun set and mounted her Pegasus. Erk mounted the Pegasus after her. "Erk.....The winds could make it....difficult to hold on, so.....um..." Florina seemed to have difficulty speaking. "....so wrap your....arms around my waist and hold on tight. I ride bare-back, so there is.....little to hold on to"
Erk seemed uncomfortable doing so, but he did as Florina instructed. Florina pulled on the reigns of the Pegasus and it rushed forward towards the edge of the cliff. At the last second Florina pulled on the reigns again and the Pegasus leapt into the air.
"Erk, w-which....way to Ilia? I have forgotten." Florina said.
Erk nodded to the Northeast. "It's that way." He informed her. "It will take us a a month to get to Ilia, so we will have to stop every now and then"
Florina nodded. Ilia was in a civil war---the West against the East. Pegasus Knights were fighting eachother over territory---The East believed they should rule the West. Right now, all Florina wanted to do was ride the winds as fast as she could. She needed to get to Ilia. No one had told her that there had been a war until Farina had been wounded in it. Why? Why had they refused to tell her?

"Farina," Fiora began. "I must return to the battle now. I hope you become well soon." She stared at her sister, her face was peaceful, her dreams pleasant. Unfortunately, this gave Fiora little comfort. Farina had been in a coma ever since she was stabbed in the head by another Pegasus Knight. "This war is wrong..." Fiora murmured. She forced a smile. "Good bye, Farina." She stood up and headed towards the door. She picked up her Steel Lance and left the hospital. She mounted her Pegasus and rushed back into war, a war that she and her sister had been forced to fight, and now Florina was being dragged into Ilia's business, despite the fact that Florina had left Ilia and vowed her aligance to Caelin and Lyn, the girl that she had known since childhood.
Fiora spun her Lance before diving down from the air and impailing another Pegasus Knight of the East. They called themselves the P.R.I.D.E., standing for "Pegasus Riders of Ilia's Dark East". The Black Fang, seemingly defeated a year ago, had returned and silently taken over Ilia's Eastern side, calling it "Ilia's Dark East". Consisting of a million Pegasus Knights and an unknown shadow controlling them, Ilia's Dark East outnumbered Ilia's West. It seemed hopeless. Completely hopeless.

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