Opening up: Part 1: Drive-bys and ambushes

"Hey, jump in, bro," said Sweet Johnson as he pulled up in a Greenwood. Both CJ and Sweet had their own cars, but most of the time they jacked them, due to the fact that to avoid the Ballas lurking around, waiting to ambush them both, they needed a good escape vehicle.

"Damn Ballas still mucking around our territory." Sweet muttered as CJ clambered into the car, SMGs in both his hands. The turf war between the Grove Street Families and the Ballas hadn't showed any side giving up, despite the fact that over the last few weeks and months, CJ had killed Ryder and Big Smoke, plus several leaders of the Ballas, and pushed them bit by bit out of their turf. But something seemed wary. Their leadership crushed, their turf being assaulted hard, the Ballas still seemed to have a trick in hand. Their numbers never seemed to be slowing down, and CJ had a growing suspicion that they were allying with other rivals, perhaps the Da Nang Boys, long time enemies of CJ's allies, the Triads.

Meanwhile, in Vice City, Tommy Vercetti grabbed an M4 from a room under his mansion and headed off to the main room in the mansion, where several random objects including a VCR, and a few trophies atop a TV lay. Grabbing a Tarbrush Coffee from the fridge, he also took out some fresh muffins that Umberto and his father sent him from Café Robina, whenever he had time to drop in. As he was eating his breakfast, one of his informants, Mark came in.

"Sorry to interrupt on your breakfast Tommy, but I've got some news," he said.

"What is it, Mark?" Tommy asked, looking up from his muffins and taking a gulp of beer.

"Apparently sir, the Colombian Cartel has been making plans to push their SPANK businesses into Vice City. They know you've been leader of the city for six years now. But they want to take a chance. If they succeed, their operations will outlast our own coke pushing. They're organising a deal at the moment with the Haitians this afternoon."

"SPANK, eh? Well I was expecting something like that to happen. Well thanks for the information, Mark. I'm going to have to think of a way to get rid of them and on the way, get our own slice of this drug."

A small group of Ballas readied, waiting with their Tec-9s behind a roadblock of Ranchers was positioned in the alleys providing a fast shortcut to the next street. They were waiting to ambush Sweet and CJ, those two Grove Street assholes who had been taking their turf away from them. They knew CJ and Sweet were used to coming this way back to head towards their house, which they had managed to find out.

The Greenwood trundled along the street. CJ inspected the street closely, checking for the sign of any Ballas. Suddenly, he saw a shirt of the Ballas gang-colour.

"Oh shit," muttered Carl as he readied his SMGs.

Sweet had obviously seen the Ballas as well. He grabbed a Desert Eagle and a MicroSMG from under the seat and as they sped towards the group of Ballas, he temporarily let go of the steering wheel and opened fire. His quick fire managed to blow through the roadblock of Ranchers, blowing one up and sending the Ballas waiting there diving for cover. Not that they found any. Carl's twin SMGs swung into action and quickly blowing the remaining Ranchers, creating a huge explosion. The Greenwood swung to the left, sped into the alley, and rammed the now crippled Ranchers into any surviving Ballas. The sheer speed and force of the Greenwood propelled it through the alley. Carl calmly ejected the almost-spent clips of his SMGs, and chucked them into the back. The Ballas had yet to learn how to ambush properly.

After his breakfast, Tommy hopped into an Infernus parked near his garage, and drove off in the direction of Café Robina. When he arrived there, he headed inside to talk to Umberto.

"Hey, my man! What up Tommy?" Umberto asked as Tommy headed in.

"Hi Umberto. Just want to tell you that those Haitian dickheads are making a deal with the Colombian Cartel today, and I was wondering if I could borrow some of your man to interfere with their deal.

"Sure, man, I'll get Rico and the guys to come."


"Hmm, I was wondering if we could get the Haitians to distrust the Colombians. You think you know where you can find a Cartel gang car?"

"Hey, man, I think I saw one somewhere near that Haitian drug factory we blew up six years ago, man. I think it'll be hard to get that."

"Okay, thanks for the information Umberto, I'll come back to take out the Haitians with the boys later."

Tommy drove to Sunshine Autos, his own car dealership, and parked the Infernus inside one of the garages. He checked inside another one, and got in a sturdy Landstalker SUV. It was nice and sturdy and if he was going to get that car, he would need the toughness. He also grabbed a helmet, just in case he was spotted by the Haitians. Putting the helmet on, he drove off towards the site where he had blown up the Haitian drug factory six years ago. The drug factory was in its ruins as usual, but Tommy spotted a sturdy vehicle with two members of the Cartel guarding it. Slowly, Tommy opened the window, withdrew a PSG-1 sniper rifle from under his seat, and fired two shots.

Tommy made a run for the Cartel Cruiser. Luckily, the door was unlocked, so he grabbed it and sped off. The Haitians nearby noticed the fleeing Cartel Cruiser, and opened fire with their pistols. The small bullets struck the car, but due to the toughness of the Cruisers, they didn't do much damage. Tommy sped off to the Café Robina, where he waited and had lunch with Umberto until the drug deal.

"Okay guys, get in the car," Tommy ordered the three men.

"Okay, amigo, that's fine with me. What the hell are we supposed to kill anyway?" asked one of the men.

"Some Haitians by drive-bys. They're having a drug deal with the Cartel. I want you guys to drive-by the Haitians, but don't touch the Colombians."

The Cruiser eventually pulled up near a dock, where a couple of escape vehicles were. Tommy slowly pulled up near the deal, and hit the throttle. Just as they went by the deal, the Cubans with their MP5s given to them by Tommy opened up on the Haitians, taking out every one of them, their bodies slumping onto the grass. Quickly then, Tommy dived out of the car, opened fire with his M4 and dropped the stunned Cartel members, and then running up towards the money and the SPANK. However, he wasn't quite clear. Turned out there were drivers in the vehicles. They quickly opened fire on Tommy.

"Shit!" Tommy muttered as he dived behind some boxes for cover. Crouching, he slowly aimed for the windows of the cars, and fired. The bullets tore through the glass, shattering it and killing the driver inside. Tommy quickly ran towards the Cartel Cruiser, and pulled out before the police cars came to investigate what had happened. After thanking Umberto and dropping the Cubans off, Tommy drove back to Sunshine Autos, storing his new ride in a garage, and gave himself a sigh of satisfaction, before driving back to Vercetti Estate for a well-deserved drink.