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Summary: A woman learns to confront her past, present and future.

A/N: Yes, so I know I'm very late with this chapter update. I apologize, but honestly real life took precedent over the alternate universe I created here. Sorry.

Chapter Five

Randy made sure Analiese was soundly asleep before heading down the hall to the three-room suite that Paul had rented. Not even bothering to knock, as he knew they were expecting him, he walked in and joined them in the common area of the suite.

"Hey Randy. Good job tonight man," Paul offered up in greeting, watching as Randy sat down in the single-seat chair.

"Thanks Paul," he said, before jumping right into the topic at hand. "So what's up? Why did you guys request my presence at," he paused to check the time on his wristwatch, "…one o'clock in the morning?"

"Analiese and her obvious problem with my wife's family."

Randy blinked tired and yet surprised that Paul came right out and said what was on his mind. Usually Paul would beat around the bush concerning delicate topics like this.

"Okay," he replied, confused. "Well, I don't know what you're looking to hear from me…"

"He needs to know everything you know," Dave clarified, speaking up for the first time since Randy entered the suite.

"Or rather we want to know everything you know," amended Ric, shooting a look at Dave, who just shrugged in response.

Randy scratched his right arm, still looking at the group. "I'd like to help you, but I don't know anything myself," he finally said, mentally adding, at least nothing that's of any use to you right now.

"You mean you actually didn't try and question her about the locker room incident while you were driving back to the hotel," Ric asked, with an astonished look on his face.

"Well, I tried to ask her about it but she just kept bypassing my questions," he admitted, uncomfortably shifting in his seat at their gazes. "You know if I knew something important I'd tell you, so stop with the accusatory looks because it's making me uncomfortable."

Paul, Ric and Dave rolled their eyes, but nonetheless heeded Randy's requests to stop with the looks. They were just surprised, as this was the first time Randy had been unsuccessful in getting answers from someone. Not that he didn't try as they could see how whacked he looked.

"You okay bro?"

Randy's eyes snapped open at Dave's voice. "Unha...yeah…sure," he spoke in between yawns. "I'm just beat from earlier," he answered, leaning forward and pinching the bridge of his nose. "Analiese and I had minor squabble tonight."

"You mean a fight?"

"I wouldn't call it a fight per say, more like a disagreement."

"Well what was your disagreement about?"

"Just…stuff," he answered, now fully looking at Paul, Ric and Dave. "Nothing that you guys would be interested in really."

"You know if you ever need to talk we're here for you right?"

He let his eyes wander to the ceiling in hopes of quenching his urge to spill the beans to them. "I know you guys," he answered, rising to his feet. "And now if you'll excuse me…good night."

Randy vaguely heard them murmur something at him but he was too tired to care. It had been a long day and an equally long evening thanks to Analiese and the guys' minor interrogation session. No, right now all he wanted to do was sink into the inviting folds of the down mattress and go back to sleep.

Thirty seconds later, he was back inside the room, and gladly saw that Analiese was still asleep. Good no more of her episodes tonight…hopefully. He stripped himself of all clothes except for his boxers and a wife beater shirt, and slipped into bed.


It was six o'clock in the morning when Analiese quietly left her hotel room. This was her only chance to train today and she intended on taking full advantage of it.

She rode the elevator down the four flights and headed in the direction of where she last knew the gym to be. She rounded the last corner, only to stop in her tracks at the sight of Shawn Michaels and Chris Irvine entering the gym.

"Damn and I really wanted to train alone too," she muttered, before adjusting her workout bag and entering the gym.

Analiese headed into the change room and put her bag into the locker, before walking back out and heading to the 'Fly' machine. It worked your back muscles and your shoulder and forearm muscles. Shawn and Chris were just exiting the change room when she started her second set of ten repetitions.

"Kitten," she heard Shawn say. "Why are you up exercising this early? Don't you usually train with Evolution?"

Analiese nodded, as Shawn and Chris joined her at the 'Fly' station. "Yeah but I have some things to take care of today," she explained. "And since I won't be joining them later on I decided instead of skipping, I'd train early this morning."

"So what are you doing today anyway?" Chris grinned, "Got a secret rendezvous that no one knows about?"

Analiese rolled her eyes. "Oh no, I've been found out. Don't tell the guys," she dryly answered, before popping Chris on his arm. "I'm just taking care of some business that's all."

"What kind of business?"

Analiese rolled her eyes. "Some family and financial business, Shawn." She didn't understand how two people could be so nosy. "I'm getting ready to go to close on this huge brownstone in Brooklyn Heights."

"Sounds like a huge deal, Kitten."

"That's because it is a huge deal. I've always wanted a huge house to myself and I'm finally about to get it and for a cheap price too," she corrected. "Five hundred grand for a building that really cost 1.5 million dollars."

Chris smiled. "That is a cheap price. Are you hiring movers to help you move your stuff," he asked.

"Most likely. I was thinking about using Moishe's(1). Apparently the company comes highly recommended by my realtor."

Thinking the conversation was over she stood up and went over to the leg press machine. Contrary to what she led the others to believe, she did indeed hit her knee losing some feeling in it.

"And the family business is?"

Analiese turned her eyes to the two men on either side of her. "Didn't I just leave you two on the other side of the gym?" she asked somewhat confused.

Shawn and Chris rolled their eyes at her. "Well, yeah but we couldn't leave our favorite girl, second only after our wives, on the other side of the gym with no one to talk to." said Chris.

Analiese resisted the urge to groan and turned back to her leg presses. Breathe in. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Breathe out. She paused for some water before continuing with her five sets of five leg presses. She needed to rehab that knee back to health quickly before one of the road agents or trainers found out. Moreover, the last thing she needed was to be sidelined for a minor injury.

"Kitten," she heard Shawn say 30 minutes later, breaking the relative silence that had overtaken the group. "You want to maybe grab some grub with me a little later if you're not busy of course?"

Analiese's mouth opened slightly in hesitance. Something that Shawn and Chris noticed. "Please Kitten," begged Shawn. "I've barely spent any time with you in four months."

"Okay Shawnie," she sighed giving in. "Late dinner sound okay with you?"

Shawn nodded in acceptance. "Any particular reason as to why a late dinner though?"

"I'm just not sure of how long it'll take for me to finish everything.," she answered, shrugging. "Plus, I kind of promised D that I'd help him pick out something nice for his daughter."

Shawn smiled before asking, "The one who's the same age as you?"

"Yeah, he seems to think that all 21 year old women think alike when it comes to receiving gifts." She looked down in remembrance for a moment, before popping her head back up again. "It's been fun boys but now I do have to go."

Shawn and Chris watched her jump up after that proclamation. They could see there was more to this story, but it wasn't their place to push her into talking.

"So yeah, the late dinner…it's a done deal right?" Shawn spoke up, just before she neared the exit doors.

Analiese turned back and nodded. "For sure, but if I manage to finish earlier than expected, I'll call you."


12:00 PM - Randy and Analiese's hotel room

"1809 723 0955, is that correct?" Randy asked the phone operator who confirmed that it is indeed the right number. "And this is the most recent number for a Camille Reyes?" The operator once again confirmed the answer to his question, before hanging up.

He had gotten a name and phone number for Analiese's cousin Camille. Luckily enough, she still lived in Puerto Plata and he was willing to bet, on the Reyes' family land too. Randy knew if he were to talk to anyone, first it'd have to be her. She more often than not knew everything surrounding the Reyes family history and if she didn't know, then she'd point you in the direction of someone who did.

Looking at the clock, he saw it was now five minutes later. Making a split-second decision, he picked up his cell and began to dial the unfamiliar digits. Little did he know Camille would not be of any real help.


Somewhere in the mountains of the city of Puerto Plata, a woman by the name of Camille stood at the stove in her family's kitchen chopping up what looked to be ripe bananas to make plátanos(2). It was a breakfast food must have when eating breakfast in this house.

Her great great-grandmother had taught her great-grandmother how to make it, who taught her grandmother, who taught her mother who taught her and her two sisters how to make it. She tried to show her cousins how do make the food and for the most part, she succeeded. The only person who she was not able to show how to make it was Analiese and that was simply because she seemed to hate plátanos.

She claimed the flavor was what fried cardboard would taste like had someone ever decided to try it. What made her cousin think something like that she didn't know, but she wasn't going to try to push a staple of her heritage onto someone who didn't want to learn it.

"Camille, your Orange(3) phone is ringing. You want me to pick up?" she heard her older sister Magdalene ask.

"No, I'll get it," she answered already wiping her hands off on a towel. Taking the phone from her sister, she took one look at the caller id before smiling and answering the phone.

"Randy," she greeted. "I wasn't expecting a call from you."

On the other end, she imagined a faint blush creep on Randy's face. "Yes, well I called Camille because I had a question for you," he confessed.

Camille frowned though he couldn't see it. "Do you remember the first family reunion I came to two years ago," he asked. "Remember how you told me that story about Analiese at 12 setting fire to a picture of her parents?"

"Yes, I remember. What does this have to do with what you need to ask me though, Randy," she questioned. Camille had a feeling as to where her cousin's boyfriend of three years was going with this, but she just wanted to hear it from him first.

"Yesterday evening, I tried asking Analiese about her parents. Not her adoptive parents though; her birth parents."

Camille winced. She just knew that conversation hadn't gone well. Nonetheless, she said nothing and listened as Randy continued on talking. "I was wondering if you'd consider telling me what you know about your cousin's birth parents," he finally asked her.


Randy sat on the other end in his hotel room, wondering if he should have taken more time to explain to Camille why he wanted to know. It was too quiet on her end, and he almost thought no one was there but he knew better than that. Moreover, he could still hear her lighting breathing on the other hand.

Growing slightly nervous with all the silence, he cleared his throat and tried to call her name. "Camille," he tentatively spoke. "Are you still there?"

It was a few minutes later that he finally heard her soft voice come back over the phone line. "Randy," she regretfully began, "I'm afraid I can't tell you that. I'm sorry."

Randy sighed disappointedly. "Why not Camille," he asked. "I know you know. You know everything. I think you just don't want to tell me."

He heard her let out a breath. "Well you may be right on that account," she spoke in that semi-thick accent of hers. "But that's not totally it. I was only 13 years old when my aunt and uncle adopted Analiese and that was almost 11 years ago. You can't possibly expect me to remember everything I was told about her and her birth parents, which wasn't much by the way."

I think I pissed her off, he thought to himself.

"Well can you at lease point me in the direction of someone who might know," he finally asked her.

"You have to understand, my family is very tight-lipped when it comes to Analiese and her birth parents."

Randy sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Okay so that's a negative too," he confirmed. "At least answer this one question for me then. Was Children's Services the only place to handle your cousin's case? Or did she deal with other independent agencies too?"

Randy wasn't really expecting a helpful answer, but he got one much to his amazement. "She was taken out of her birth parents care after months of home-visits at age 10. She stayed with Children's Services for a year before being placed in one of their independent agencies. That's all I can tell you," she finished.

"Well it's less than I expected to hear from you, but thanks anyway," he replied, before remembering something else. "Also, Camille, I know I'm probably fresh out of favors, but if you could not mention my call to Analiese, it'd be greatly appreciated."

Camille was quiet for a moment before agreeing. "Okay fine. Good luck Randy," she told him, before he heard the line go dead.

Hanging up his end of the line, he turned back to the notepad with the small amount of notes he had written down on it. Though Camille wasn't as big of a help as he had hoped she had given him something to go on. Granted it wasn't much, but it was something and he could work with that.

1: Moishe's Moving System is an actual moving company located at 429 W. 14th Street in Chelsea.

2: Plátanos is a ripe plantain that is often mistaken for a banana.

3: Orange is the name of a pre-paid phone company located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Furthermore it only really works well in the big cities/towns of which Puerto Plata is one of them.