Cyrax and Kitana were having a regular mortal Kombat match when sudenly a guy popped out on the coner of the screen and says "TOATSTY!" but he was not the regular Toasty guy his name was Muffylan. He sabotaged the real Tossty guy by beating him up in a alleyway just around the street and took his clothes and disguise as him,

"Seroiusly what is this nonsense!" Muffylan bickered. "Where is the tickling!"

Kitana and Cyrax looked at each other funny. "What is this guy talking about" they thought and tried to contiue the match but interrupted again by Mufflyan.

"Hey hey hey what did I just say" he bickers agian. "I am getting angry as a fox in a hat"

"Seriously" he adds, to assure them that he was not kidding around.

Confused Kitana just decides to tickle Cyax. "Teeheehehee!" Cyrax laughed in a robotic voice and grew a small ro-boner in his crotch area "Ehehe this is part of my upgrade program said Cyrax

"NONO NO You got it all rwong idiots" Muffylan pointed out angeredly. "Its the girl who gets tickled DUH sherlock where are your pants"

"What is with you" Cyrax said, "We are trying to have a match and you talk about tickling all of a sudden what are you on drugs, seriously hahaha lOL" Cyrax said

"Tickling is no laughing matter" Muffylan told him. "It is very tortures more so than a fatality."

Muffylan then puts Kitana in a chokhold that Kitana tries to struggle out of of but cant because it is to powerful and Muffylan put on the pressure. "You cant escape", he sasy to her sterningly, letting her know there is no escape.,

"Please dont tickle me!" Kitana winks suggestivley, sugesting that she DOES want to be tickled,

"Now get her now Cyrax" Muffylan says to Cyrax.

Cyrax did not understood what Muffy said so he almost fatalities Kitana by trying to stabb her chest with the stabbing thing but Muffylan dodged in time

"WHAT ARE YOU DOIG YOU FREAK OF NATURE I MEANT TICKLE NOT KILLCKLE," he screamed at the naive robot, still hodling Kitana in a headlock and stands up.

"Oh" Cyrax says and starts kneading Kitanas ribs and she starts to giggle a lot

"TEEHEEHEE LOL This tickles oh so much! TEHEEHEE" she cries because it tickles so much.

Muffylan gets a face of disappointment like nobodys business "I mean her feet"

Kitanas feet was a size 1 feet that was beautifull and soft and graceful and and small and delicate and all that neat stuff and were very ticklish,

"No, not my feet! Aneything but that!" Kitana said, wearing nylon stockings.

Cyrax attacked her feet like an uncaged lion and Kitana was laughing like it was 2999 "HAHAHAHA SEALSOUND" she laughed.

Muffylan, "Hehe get her get her! Hehehe" said Muffylan.

SO they tickled Kitanas most ticklish sole scraping it with a toothbrush and feathers and even Cyrax's stabbing thing which really tickled the most to Kitana who orgasmed a lot and she couldnt stand it because it was her feet and she was wearing stalkings of course which accentuates the tickling so she kept laughing and laughing and pumping and pumping and thrust and thrust and thrust until suddenly Kitana morphs into Shang Tsung! That evil dastardly man tricked them the hole time,.

Surprised Muffylan says "AGH IT IS A F/F (Fake/female)" and starts to let go and then suddenly Cyrax notices too and says "Holy HSIT" and out of reflex accidentally hits Shang Tsung and Muffylan with the green net thing and stabs them both with chest stabber thing

"Er whoops" Cyrax says nervously.

"Cyrax wins, FATALITY" calls out the announcer. Cyrax does his win pose anyway and celebrates by partying out with Liu Kang who brings out the strobe light.

"FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP" and they lived happily ever after